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Boost your business with intelligent data-based decisions

Take your customer experience to the next level with personalized services based on deep insights. It is challenging to read through the heap of data available with companies nowadays unless you have access to Big Data analytics companies.

We offer Big Data analytics solutions that will help you get valuable insight into the various emerging market trends, explore new markets, create new revenue streams, boost your performance, and do more using informed business decisions.

We offer a variety of Big Data services, including:

Apache Hadoop

Hadoop lets you use open-source technology to create high-speed data. We help companies of all sizes harness the power of Big Data. Get access to high-speed processing using parallel distributed computing solutions. Start processing more data at a much faster rate and use it to your advantage.

Apache Cassandra

Leverage the power of an immensely scalable and distributed open-source NoSQL database. We offer world-class scalable solutions that will help you easily handle a vast volume of data. Boost the performance and emulate some of the best companies like Apple, Netflix, and Instagram by choosing Apache Cassandra.

Apache Hive

We can help you integrate the scale, power, and efficiency offered by one of the most in-demand technologies for SQL inquiries. Please leave it to us to seamlessly integrate your Hive solution with servers using JDBC interfaces. We can help you perform queries with speed and utmost ease.

Apache Spark web services

Developers use Apache Spark around the world to develop powerful apps. Get access to a quick, flexible, and advantageous processing system with a horde of web development APIs.

Apache Pig

With Apache Pig, you get access to one of the best open-source technology for data analysis. Use it along with Hadoop to offer exemplary programs for mappers and reducers. We will bring you highly-optimized solutions that take up fewer lines of code.

Scala Development Services

Get access to a programming language that offers you the best of two worlds – object-oriented and functional languages. We will build your best concurrent scalable solutions that are used by the likes of Swiss Bank and Twitter.

Apache Kafka Solutions

Join the league of the best companies like AirBnB and LinkedIn using Apache Kafka. This distributed streaming platform is truly open source. Get access to a forum that has a high threshold and can easily handle all your Big Data requirements.

We offer state-of-the-art Big Data technologies and analytical solutions to a wide variety of companies across the globe. Companies consider Big Data pivotal to their future strategy. There is no need to search for the best big data analytics companies here as we at Pattem help companies with our Big Data Analytics tools and technologies.

Why choose Pattem Digital As a Big Data Analytics Service?

Being counted as one of the top big data companies in Bangalore, we offer a wide array of benefits, including:

  • Customer lifecycle value generation: Use customer behaviors, purchase patterns, feedback, engagement, and other insights to boost the value you generate from a customer for your business.
  • Better retention rate: We can help you offer a unified customer experience across all channels that, in turn, provides you with a better retention rate.
  • Use cross-sell or upsell to your advantage: We can help you improve your profitability using cross-sell and upsell.
  • Get ahead of your competition: Big Data can bring you a unique competitive advantage over others.

Contact us for all your Big Data Services.

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