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Exceptional Scala Development Services

Pattem Digital is at the forefront of Scala development in India. We work with small and big companies alike and bring them the opportunity to use Scala to their advantage. We are your best folly in scaling up with Scala.

Why choose Scala?

Scala is an acronym for ‘Scalable language’. Use a language that grows with you and your requirements. Join the ranks of some of the biggest companies in the world today like LinkedIn and Twitter which rely on Scala.

Enjoy the Pattem Digital Advantage Of Scala Development Services

Join hands with us and use the various advantages of our Scala development services, like:

  • Object-oriented and functional coding paradigms: Scala is an object-oriented language that supports multiple inheritances. The true advantage lies in the way you write code in Scala. It also supports nested and higher-order functions.
  • Fewer lines of code: We create concise and functional codes that perform the same tasks as Java but with fewer lines of code.
  • Common platform: Both Java and Scale run on Java Virtual Machine(JVM). By sharing a common platform with Java, Java programs can easily be converted to Scala.
  • Java compatibility and interoperability: Working with Scala is easy because you don’t have to start from scratch. We can help you keep your Java libraries and leverage the advantages of JVM when you migrate to Scala.
  • Easy to use functional, advanced features: While every language has a learning curve, it is relatively easier to use Scala. Since it builds on the functionality of Java, we can offer advanced features that your developers will easily use.

Our Scala offerings

Check out a few of the ways in which we can use our Scala development services for you.

  • Android Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Concurrency and Distributed Data Processing
  • Scala web development applications (front-end and back-end)
  • Messaging apps
  • Use it with Hadoop to create maps/Reduce programs
  • Big Data
  • Data analysis
  • Data Streaming with Akka
  • Parallel Batch Processing
  • AWS Lambda expression
  • Ad hoc scripting in REPL

Work with Pattem Digital

We present to you an opportunity to follow the big stars of the internet world by using our Scala web development services. Write to us at and we will show you different applications of Scala for your business. We also offer experienced Scala developers to companies worldwide. Contact us for all your Scala staffing needs.