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Welcome to a hyper-connected world where physical devices connect to the internet using the Internet of Things (IoT). We are helping companies bolster their productivity and revolutionize their business models by using cutting-edge IoT development services.

Check out our IoT Application Development services.

IoT Apps For Wearable

We offer unique wearable IoT solutions that will help you interact with your users. Ask us to create your next IoT app for Apple Watch, Android watches, Fitbit, and any other wearable device on your mind. Make an app that becomes an indispensable part of your user’s life. As a prominent feature of our IoT app development company, we can help you create healthcare apps, augmented reality apps and even gaming apps.

IoT Apps For Retail

We help retailers—big and small—leverage the power of IoT application development platforms. Our tracking tools like RFID can alert you when you need to stock up again. Our Bluetooth beacons can help you give a personalized shopping experience to your users. Walk over to the POS system or the vending machine software we’ve installed that will redefine shopping at your store. Our mobile payment solutions will make the checkout a breezy affair. We offer digital signage, tracking, inventory management, beacons, and more IoT development solutions for retailers from across the world.

IoT Apps For Healthcare

We offer highly accurate IoT apps for healthcare that boost prognosis and help in redefining healthcare. Our healthcare solutions include heart rate monitoring apps, remote monitoring apps with live alerts, and wellness apps. We can help you provide affordable health care using Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD) and effective ways to remotely track your patients. Use our apps to get instant details about the medical history of your patients or track their health in real-time.

IoT Apps For Automotive

We can help you redefine mobility as we know it. Get a connected car monitoring system laced with technologies like smart driving assistance, cloud-based infotainment, emergency alerts, live fleet management, safety monitors, etc. We can offer you live tracking solutions for location, fuel, and traffic in your route. Our predictive maintenance and safety measures include car’s health monitoring solutions, automatic fault detection, smart alerts, automated maintenance, service scheduling, Seatbelt alerts, speeding control, lane change controls, and more.

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Pattem Digital brings you the power of Offshore Development Centers within your reach. We can help you gather a pool of talented resources for your projects using our reputed staff augmentation services. Reach out to us with any requirement and we will gladly assist you towards achieving excellence.

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