We build and craft mobile apps for all the major mobile app development platforms. From Android to iPhones and smart wearables, we build apps that are consistently ranked on the top of the charts. We help companies reach a wider audience with their apps. Our apps are thoughtfully designed after conducting competitor analysis, positioning, and customer feedback.

Check out our mobile app development services:

iOS App Development

We are an expert iOS app development company with many popular apps under our belt. We put painstaking efforts in understanding your requirements and work rigorously to create your app. All our apps are designed to meet the user needs and built using the best UI practices. You can be assured of the usability, performance, and functionality being top-notch. We will even tell you the secrets of successfully listing your app on the App Store and optimizing it further.

Android App Development

What makes us the best Android app development company for you? We are experts at building rich native Android apps. Our apps have consistently garnered great ratings and reviews. We use cutting-edge tools to build custom apps, Android UX, widgets, etc. All our apps undergo an extensive round of testing before they are listed on the Play Store.

Mobile Hybrid App

Get your hands on the next-gen app that will amaze everyone. Using PhoneGap/Cordova and Ionic frameworks, we will create a cross-functional app for you. We have built many hybrid mobile apps. Our apps can easily be integrated across any mobile platform. We will offer you a customized framework at economical pricing to help you build hybrid social, enterprise and eCommerce apps.

Xamarin App Development

We create apps that work great on different platforms. We have built many successful Xamarin-based apps (with custom UI controls) for companies in different industries. You can also customize our Xamarin apps with free and paid add-ons. We use rapid app development technique along with non-redundant coding, design, and testing to build your apps in record time.

Fitbit App Development

Get a fully functional Fitbit app that stands out from the competition. We have developers who understand the nuances of Fitbit app creation. Our apps work seamlessly with any Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Choose from tracking, footstep calculator, calorie monitor, heart-rate monitor and other popular types of apps for yourself.

Virtual Reality Box App

No, virtual reality apps will not cost you a fortune to make. Get access to virtual reality (VR) apps that will offer an extraordinary experience to your users at competitive prices. Do you need to have a good brand recall? Try our VR app. We create VR apps for all major VR devices including Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and HTC Vive.

Windows App Development

We can help you reach out to more users with our Windows app development. Meet users across a plethora of devices including desktop, laptop, and mobile. You can improve your brand awareness, boost your sales, and form stronger tie-ups with your users who have Window devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Stop your users from navigating away from the page even before it loads using accelerated mobile pages (AMP). We can help you create highly optimised mobile pages that will help you gain SEO rankings, improve your click-throughs and even bring in more revenue.

Apple Watch App Development

Rule the small device that is slowly becoming a must-have gadget for people. We can help you create Watchkit apps that meet the most stringent Apple Watch guidelines. We bring you the best practices of Apple Watch app creation from the expert hands of seasoned Apple Watch app developers.

Rule the small devices with Pattem Digital

Join hands with an innovative mobile application development company. We can help you set up economical Offshore Development Centers if you need access to the best minds working on mobile development. Recruit a well-qualified team for a single project or hire them on your payroll. We can help you set up an ODC model that will work the best for you.

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