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One application for everything banking!

Banking, check. Wallet, check. Expense tracker, check. Home loan, check. Move over the countless apps you need to download of all your banks.


'One app for all your bank accounts'


Follow us on the entire journey of redefining the banking application as we know it.


Join us as we time travel to find how the best banking apps of the future would look and work. Here is a culmination of months of our efforts, expertise, and experience with leading financial services and trends. We have envisioned the future of banking.

Can over a dozen apps work as one? Can we unite the best features of all the different apps in a single mobile banking app? The banking apps of tomorrow will be easy to use and intuitive. A seamless customer experience awaits the users.


We used the closed card sorting technique to understand users’ preferences for different banking features. We then ranked these features in order of the priorities assigned by the users.

We asked the users to rank the features as ‘Most Important’, ‘Important’, ‘Not Important’, and ‘Not Required’


Curious to know which features made the cut? Here are the 8 most features ranked as per the users.

  • One dashboard for all bank accounts
  • Recent transactions history
  • Share and split bills with others
  • Spend analyzer
  • Quick money transfer with pre-selected mode of transfer based on the amount
  • Investment details and analysis Personalised offers AI support

One dashboard for all your accounts

Add all your bank accounts in one app! Quickly add an existing bank account using your phone number. Use the unified interface to seamlessly navigate to any specific bank account.

Loaded with all your favorite features!

Transaction history: See all your recent transactions

Share & split: Split bills easily with your friends

Spend analyzer: Know your spending pattern

Smart selection: Let the transfer amount decide the payment option

Presenting a smart new way of money transfer!

Type the amount while the app auto-selects the payment mode

Small bills will be transferred instantly using UPI

Big bill transfers would be done using your preferred secured mode of transfer

All your investment details in one place!

The app will be your one-stop destination for all your investments

Start a new investment with just a few taps on the app

Use the app to track all your investments including their returns

Meet Your Personal Assistant

Meet your personal assistant that will do all your hard work. The app will have a dedicated personal AI chatbot at your beck and call.

Say goodbye to tedious forms and bank on your personal assistant. It will simplify every application filing and monitoring for you. Need Support? Just ask it of your assistant. Need to schedule a transfer? Ask your assistant to note the reminder.

Say “Hi!” to your App Buddy

Get instant service and a gratifying banking experience

Meet your personal financial AI assistant that will create and approve all your proposals using big data-based predictive analytics

Get instant Support and speak to consultants using chats or video calls

You can even check your real-time credit score with a tap

Personalized Offers

A digital banking AI assistant that will offer the users personalized promotions

Financial UI will choose the most important services for the users at the opportune time

Predictive analytics will help users derive the maximum personalization using financial status, behavioral patterns, geolocational data, etc.

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