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IoT Technology in Vehicles

The ever-increasing need to save time and maximize productivity in today’s fast-paced world has transformed almost every industry. And the automotive sector is no exception! Intelligent vehicles using the underlying technology of IoT are simplifying the lives of drivers and car manufacturers. This digital connect-ification attempts to achieve safer roadways to travel, predict equipment malfunction, provide real-time monitoring, offer security cover for safe driving, and enhance in-vehicle infotainment. The future shines bright for intelligent autonomous cars, then why not enjoy the comfort from the driver’s seat with our Automotive IoT apps?

IoT Applications For Automotive – Why Pattem Digital?

Computers on Wheels” are now a reality as we make your vehicles fast friends with our technology. We guarantee convenience and ease of use of IoT in your beloved automotive platforms with our following services:

  • In-car entertainment: IoT features will be embedded into your car infotainment system to offer telematics, entertainment, and in-car navigation. These are cloud-integrated, making the vehicle available on your smartphone and authenticating hands-free infotainment services.
  • Predictive maintenance:  Our IoT connectivity tools/sensors will collect data from your vehicle part’s performance to enable predictive maintenance for engine status, temperature, and speed to prevent part failures before it occurs. Constantly evaluating these performance variables will improve security and reduce the chances of breakdowns.
  • Fleet management: Fleet managers can now take a deep breath! Your IoT-powered vehicles will now carefully monitor and keep track of themselves on busy roads. You can now effortlessly monitor the assets, location, movement, temperature for environment-sensitive cargo, and fleet status in real time.
  • Parking Assistance and Traffic Flow: A tangible daily reality for most citizens living in urban spaces is the lack of parking facilities. With our intelligent parking technology, this problem is instantly solved. Our IoT-based system will alert you about the free and occupied parking spaces via a mobile application. The app updates you in real-time to make the best choice of space according to your convenience. We also offer IoT sensors that predict likely traffic and congestion points for a peaceful driving experience.
  • Cellular Vehicle to Everything (CV2X): This device in IoT automotive connects a Vehicle to everything else (CV2X)- to another vehicle, pedestrians, and infrastructure. We design this unique feature to keep you updated about signal timings, safety alerts to avoid a collision on the road, speed, location, and route to travel ahead.

Get In Touch For IoT Applications for Automotive

Pattem Digital makes intelligent vehicles lead the charge with the potential to transform IoT into a practical reality for everyone. We are happy to help you solve the technical challenges of the intelligent vehicle market. If you require additional information or discuss your prospects with us, contact us at


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