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Build Operate Transfer- Taking you Offshore!

BOT Engagement Model lets you reap the benefits of IT outsourcing. What if it also curbs your costs and fits perfectly into your pre-existing processes without overlapping the existing quality? We understand that you are intrigued to know if it can solve your business problem to incubate a project in an offshore destination. Let’s wrap some more around the BOT model in Software outsourcing to find out

What is the BOT model in software and how it works? 

Build Operate Transfer is a business arrangement whereby you can hand over your business project to an offshore provider who takes the responsibility of building and operating it for a pre-defined period of time until it reaches the desired maturity for full transfer into a captive centre owned by you. Here take a look at the three phases explained:

Build: It is the initial phase of building the blocks of your business where your outsourcing partner takes a microscopic look at your business goals for the application of BOT model. Based on this, a well-crafted infrastructure is set up with all the technical requirements, office space, legal administration and human resources needed to kickstart the project aligning to your choice of offshore country. 

Operate: Now, the project that is ready to fly is operated on behalf of you by the Build Operate Transfer service providers to develop desired products. Often this is carried out by regular communications with adequate project-related reportings. They take care of everything from maintenance, support to providing HR and professional training to team members until a dynamic operational team starts working in full swing. 

Transfer: At this stage, your foreign subsidiary is legally transferred to you by the outsourcing firm. A transfer of all the assets takes place when you are ready to take the complete operation into your own hands or when the contract has expired.

You can count on Pattem Digital for these BOT Model benefits: 

  • Eliminates the lengthy, error-prone process of the initial set up including knowledge of the business environment, work culture, local laws, talent hunt that you otherwise should have gone through. 
  • Our BOT management cuts down the initial-upfront investments of setting up an offshore subsidiary by about half of the normal cost. 
  • We help in bringing the product faster on to the market frontlines as your offshore branch will function in a different time zone fastening a presence 24/7.
  • We promise a higher chance of successful functioning due to the presence of legal, HR and other professionals from the overseas country.   
  • Our BOT services are often praised for the less risk it produces with operating in a foreign space. Since, we understand the challenges of the operating country and are better prepared to face the possible problems that might arise.

Shall we talk about your project? 

Pattem Digital’s specialists in BOT development are powered with refined ideologies of setting up perfect bot services with in house knowledge of the offshore country. We are committed to working towards developing a world-class team with excellent operation skills before the complete transfer of ownership. Let us help you do wonders in remote business development. Write to us at for a robust Build Operate Transfer consulting and strategy.


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