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What if planning your next vacay was as easy as swiping left or right

Get ready to go places by just swiping your fingers. We’ve taken away all the inconvenience of travelling to an unknown land with our app.


Follow us on a journey of a lifetime as we create the future of travel.

Can planning a vacation be so relaxing?

The ease of swiping on apps boosts user engagement. Swipe to select your favourite place, things to do, and plan your days. Make plans and live them to perfection on your vacation.

Choose when, where, how, & how much in a few swipes

Plan your vacation, choose your location, explore your accommodation and do it all in a few minutes.

Planned to perfection

Create your itinerary of places you want to explore and things you need to do. All from your app. Travel worry-free after you land with the help of your app as personal assistant.

Find the best deals and book your flight tickets

Select your preferences, find matching flights and book them at the best rates directly from our app. We will email a copy of your hotel and flight tickets and save them offline for you.

The app is your local guide

Need help speaking the local dialect or starting a conversation with the locals? Just open the app and it will translate the signboards, texts, and conversations for you.

Travel like a local with your AR map

Explore the city in new light with the help of an interactive local map. See guiding markers on your route and get additional information about landmarks.

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