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Come one step closer to knowing your users with our user research services. We can help you understand your user’s needs, know their pain points and assist you to meet their goals with the most intuitive offerings.

We bring a scientific approach to help you understand the age-old question of what users actually want. We are home to a state-of-the-art user lab that brings you the following solutions.

Why is hiring UX research companies so crucial for your success?

UX research services helps solve problems. When you’re launching a new product, you don’t want your users to be dissatisfied with the whole experience. 77% of the users don’t use a new app that they install on their phones in just 72 hours. We as a UX research company consider the best approach for visual design, content, and information hierarchy and helps you alleviate user problems. We are one of the best user experience research companies that work with real users to get real feedback and improve product offerings.

Check out the UX research services that we have to offer you as a part of our user experience research.

Usability testing

Test the waters early on with your product. Eliminate the friction or pain points in the initial rounds of testing. We are experts at both qualitative and quantitative testing. Are you curious to know how users react in the outside environment? Try our remote testing. We can also help you with extensive in-lab interviews, field research, contextual inquiries and more.

Expert Reviews

Meet the experts who will save your time and money. We offer heuristic evaluation (also known as expert reviews) to help you gain a unique perspective about user experience from the most seasoned user experts. Our experts can help you identify the design flaws, improve your conversion rate, and offer a consistently appealing user experience.

Eye Tracking Services

We can help you boost your user experience with our eye tracking services. We use live viewing, storytelling, heat maps, and interactive gameplay to track the user’s gaze. Once you know what captivates their attention, you can improve the design of your website, apps, kiosks, and games for the maximum impact.

Competitive Benchmarking

Let’s see how your products are faring against your competitors or industry leaders. It is important for you to monitor the performance gap between your products and others out there. We can help you catch-up and embrace the industry’s best practices with our benchmarking services.

Partner with Pattem Digital

Get access to a wide pool of talent with Pattem Digital’s Offshore Development Center. Recruit some of the brightest minds working on user experience design research in the industry on a per-project basis. We can help you with resources, software, and applications to get ahead of the game.

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