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What is a chatbot?

Why do we use chatbots for businesses? How has it changed the way we have been handling our day-to-day activities? These are some questions to which you might be seeking an answer. Let us take you through it.

A Chatbot is nothing but a service that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. You have the freedom to interact with this while leveraging a chat interface. You can notice that a Chatbot can be pretty functional and solve any business problem without human intervention. Any engaged site visitor would be able to convert into any purchasing activity.

You can use Chatbot development tools to perform many automated actions. With Chatbots, you can initiate and respond to any user requests.

How do Chatbots Work?

There are two kinds of Chatbot tools: Linguistic, rule-based chatbots, or machine learning, otherwise known as AI chatbot models. 

Where are Chatbots Used?

We have been using Chatbots at various places that are familiar to us. Let’s take a few examples:

  • E-commerce Chatbots: This would enable us to buy different goods and services.
  • Watcher Chatbots: This can alert everyone to handle specific events such as flight delays and scheduled meetings. 
  • Banking and trading Chatbots: This handles your financial services such as invoices, bank statements, and ledgers.
  • Workflow Chatbots: This can automate your entire HR, sales, admin, and operations-related tasks.
  • IoT Chatbots: This can help us connect smart cars, homes, and devices.
  • Personal Assistant Chatbots/Virtual Assistants: This can let you manage schedules, communications, and other individual tasks. Virtual Assistants can help you to conduct studies, and they can create the best user experience.
  • Sales Bot: This would allow you to find the target audience and close more deals.
  • Customer Support: This app comes into the picture whenever customers have any queries related to the products. It can solve customer queries efficiently.
  • Messaging Bot: These chatbots can be used on websites.
  • Voice-Based Chatbots: With voice-based chatbots, you can interact through human voice and accept verbal commands. More organizations have started adopting them.

In addition, Chatbots leverage technologies such as Microsoft BOT framework, Amazon Lex, Google Dialog Flow, and IBM Watson services. Pattem Digital leverages it to provide the best Chatbot development service.

Why Choose Pattem Digital as your Chatbot development company in India?

We are industry experts in creating the most revered Chatbot development services in the market. We handle everything from documentation to maintenance. Email us at, and we will be happy to work as your Chatbot app development company on your requirements. Contact us if you need more support from our Chatbot service providers.

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