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Pattem Digital offers economical Apache Kafka development to build your real-time data pipelines. We know the intricacies of this distributed streaming data platform and use it to provide scalable, reliable, and blazingly fast solutions.

Know more about Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka uses 4 APIs. Each stream of the record is called a Topic.

  • Producer API: This API publishes a stream of records to multiple Kafka topics.
  • Consumer API: It offers subscriptions to more than just one topic and processes the stream of connected records.
  • Streams API: It lets the application get an input stream from a topic while producing an output stream to another.
  • Connector API lets the other Producer and Consumer APIs connect Kafka topics to data applications.

How can Apache Kafka boost your Business?

Need a highly scalable solution to create and manage your data pipelines easily? Look no further than Apache Kafka. It is durable, replicates data, and offers support for multiple subscribers. Scaling up is a breeze with Apache Kafka, leading to minimal downtime issues.

Apache Kafka’s data storage capabilities let it offer you top-notch performance even when dealing with large chunks of data. You can also use it with Apache Spark and Apache Storm for live data analysis and streaming.

Why should Pattem Digital as your Apache Kafka Development Company?

Companies around the world use our Kafka development services. We use the open-source messaging system to offer you the following advantages.

  • Simplified software implementation
  • Impeccable quality standards for Kafka implementation
  • On-call support
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Disruption methodologies that will help you win the market share

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