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Get the best Apache Pig development solutions

Use Apache Pig, an open-source technology rapidly becoming the most sought-after high-level data analysis language. It is used with Hadoop and offers simplified solutions for writing mappers and reducer programs.

Apache Pig is the brainchild of Yahoo Research, and it was founded in 2006 so that researchers could build and run MapReduce jobs on large data sets. It is a  high-level programming platform that is based on Apache Hadoop.

Why choose Apache Pig?

This Pig open-source development platform differs from SQL because it uses lazy evolution and follows a nested relational model. Other subtle differences include its ability to store data anywhere in the pipeline and its usage of extract, transform, and load (ETL).

The major components of Apache Pig are its compiler and the scripting language called Pig Latin. Pig Latin is a language aimed at parallel processing, and pig Latin applications include bespoke processing tasks written in either Java, JavaScript, or Python.

Get access to the following advantages by using Pig programming:

  • Quick deployment
  • Reducing your line of codes
  • Allows you to build your functions
  • Highly optimized solutions
  • Lets you focus on the logic
  • Enjoy all the features of Hadoop, like parallelization

Why choose Pattem Digital As Apache Pig Services?

Pattem Digital is globally recognized as the center for significant data excellence. We offer top-notch Pig open-source development solutions to a globally diversified clientele. We bring you answers in the form of innovative software solutions. Gain access to the following advantages by choosing Pattem Digital.

  • Simplified implementation
  • Reduction of complexities
  • Quick maintenance and Support
  • Impeccable quality standards
  • Innovative technologies

Contact the best in the business for Apache Pig Services

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