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Pattem Digital offers open-source IoT platforms that can help benefit retail companies. We implement tracking tools like RFID tags that can help you replenish your shelves and use Bluetooth beacons to offer a personalized shopping experience.

Set up digital signages to attract crowds, help shoppers navigate the barrage of product discounts and offers. We can help you woo your users and be a part of their buying decision. Imagine more sales and repeat users because of personalised recommendations. We can offer you POS systems, vending machine software solutions, and mobile payment solutions you need to get ahead in the game.

We build end to end IoT apps for retail

Internet of Things retail applications can help you reduce shoplifting and save a ton of money. It can improve your efficiency and help you be spot-on with your inventory management. Our solutions can help you solidify your stance against online e-commerce sites and help you regain lost grounds to regain market share. You can increase your customer foothold using modern technological upgradations. We can offer you a comprehensive end to end solution that includes secure payment methods and smart inventory processing. Our offerings include:

  • Interactive digital signage solutions
  • Mobile shopping integration
  • Customised digital tracking
  • Sensor-based inventory tracking
  • Smart inventory monitoring
  • IoT beacons

Use RFID tags and other emerging technologies for smart inventory tracking. Get up to 100% accurate information on your current inventory status to avoid thefts, stock-outs, and boost your sales margin in return. We offer you some of the most cutting edge IoT solutions.

Let’s get started

Are you searching for good retail IoT solutions but don’t know who to approach? We look forward to having a fruitful discussion with you on how we can enhance your profitability with our IoT apps for retails. Get the conversation started by writing to us at today.


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