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What is IoT Technology & It’s Advantages

Internet Of Things
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Unlocking the Potential of IoT application development

The Internet of Things has been one of the most celebrated technologies in the world, thanks to its smart connectivity features. Nowadays we are leveraging the utmost benefits of smart refrigerators, television and what not? Before we understand What is IoT technology is, it is important to understand Automation. Automation is the process by which we use control systems for operations like in the railway department, Aircraft, etc. IoT is the way of smart connectivity through which all these objects are interconnected. Similarly, data accumulation will change with the expansion in technology use, how we use the information, and connect with buyers will likewise need to change. It’s essential that we begin our journey of getting ready for the significant changes that IoT will unavoidably bring.

The best IoT application development company can accentuate all your requirements and build solutions that would matter a lot to the world. If the right IoT application development company is going to support all your endeavors, you need to make sure that you are on the right track. Building IoT apps that are going to redefine your future is more important in these current times. We would be there by your side from the time you start your documentation process to the time you start your app’s maintenance process.

Exploring the Major Applications of IoT Services

Are you thinking about What is Internet of Things applications what are the uses of?  There are numerous uses of IoT Services, Supply chain management is one such area where it is impossible to take risks. A minor slip up might cause a huge loss for the organization. It is vital that they incorporate the best practices and technology available in the market to ensure smoother inventory, quality, and demand tracking methods. Customer management: Let’s say that Diwali is fast approaching.Wholesale manufacturers and Retailers will have aIoT applications has reached a top place in industries such as retail and food. Contact us if you need any support. huge demand for crackers, garments and sweets. Each and every year, the trend keeps changing. The manufacturers are supposed to keep up with the fast-paced trend and ensure that they are ready to face the ever brewing market, but what if the required stock is unavailable and the customer leaves dissatisfied? IoT can let you predict the business along with customer requirements efficiently by leveraging the data and statistics. Inventory management during festivals: It could be Anarkali or Patiala, each year garment manufacturers have to update their inventory based on demand planning.

If a particular stock is in demand and most preferred by the customers, then they should ensure that those goods are available. What would we be able to do if they are found to be damaged, or in excess or in extremely low quantity? Any Diwali would be incomplete without distributing sweets. On the basis of customer preference, retailers would efficiently keep track of the delicacies that are in demand. With all these factors in mind, they should give the order to the wholesalers and plan their inventory accordingly. There is a common solution for all these factors- the Internet of Things.

Environmental management:

Firecracker industry comes along with its own set of risks. Temperature, noise and pollution control measures are a must to ensure safe Diwali.  Safeguarding the environment is extremely crucial. With major sensors and IoT solutions, you can control the overall temperature, pollution and noise level. It is possible to successfully mitigate all the risk factors as well as improve your entire working conditions in many industries such as the firecracker industry with the aid of IoT services.

Textile manufacturing:

Demand tracking on the basis of customer mindset as well as inventory management will get automated. This would lead on to smoother processing for textile manufacturers.

RFID tags:

By using predictive analysis with IoT, we would be able to track all the requirements and give the required orders to the manufacturers in the right manner. RFID based Inventory Management systems can save manufacturers from loss, damage or theft of raw materials or finished goods. If at all any materials are damaged or attempted to be stolen, then the intimation will be sent automatically to the production manager.

Food processing:

Quality assurance would always play a formidable role in the food industry. You should always look forward to optimizing your entire farm-to-table process by adapting the right temperature and atmosphere for the food. With IoT, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers will be able to plan your demands based on your requirements and ensure food quality to the maximum.

Oil  & Gas industry:

This industry is just one real-time example of the potential of IoT. The game is set to begin! Right from Electronics to Oil & Gas industry, IoT finds its own applications from the procure-to-pay processes to supply the demand with IoT development.

Core Business operations:

Gartner wisely estimates that the majority of the new business processes as well as systems would be adopting some of the other elements of IoT by 2020. McKinsey & Co. predicts that by the end of 2025, the IoT is expected to have an economic impact from $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion in a year. Out of this, Mckinsey informs that B2B applications would capture almost 70% of the total value with IoT development.

Other applications:

There are many applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) for supply chain management like smart thermostats, integrated appliances and smart gadgets that are capable of communicating information with the host.

Advantages of IoT solutions

IoT development is known to increase the productivity, efficiency and ROI of your business. Manufacturers can also adopt customizable, on-demand app development to match their business needs. IoT development can increase the efficiency, productivity, and business ROI. Let Pattem Digital help you leverage every advantages.Forrester reports predicting that over 58% to 77% of the organizations surveyed by them consider locating objects, personnel and containers as the topmost fundamental functions performed by the IoT solutions.

The ability to collect and enable transparency in the supply chain is known to improve the customer experience and supply chain optimization. While the goods are in transit, the size, style and products along with other pivotal details including temperature and humidity of the goods that are being transported can be predicted. Sensors can also predict the time of delivery of the goods by locating them.

The main advantage of automated data capture is to provide real-time visibility and transparency of goods. This will ensure avoiding the manual errors that humans are prone to make. Here are the major 5 reasons why IoT development is the need of the hour:-

1. Transparent Business processes

Consumers of the previous age were not as curious as Millennials or Gen-Z. With the arrival of new-gen, businesses are expected to showcase where their products come from, how and where they are stored. IoT has all these answers at a glance for brands. This will improve customer trust as well as brand value.

2. Improved quality of Maintenance

While you can notice that a piece of equipment or something which involves a delivery truck goes on to experience a breakdown, the recurring loss is going to be inevitable. One of the major factors which machines are going to rely upo would be the life cycle and lifetime of these machines. Using smart sensors, the overall machine failure can be easily prevented. Instead of adapting to the standard preventative maintenance schedule, the sensors can collect the necessary data which would go on to predict all the issues leading to a huge financial crisis. This will save businesses and improve their overall profitability.

3. More Accurate Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is an area on which the efficiency and productivity of your supply chain team depend on. Enabling IoT for applications such as Supply Chain Management will ensure an increase in information quality and quantity. RFID enabled Asset tracking methodologies have found a place to be one of the most fast-growing trends in the current industry. Every business would have the ability to track all the inefficiency related to the processes which may even remain unnoticed.  This will, in turn, increase the profit of the business.

4. Efficiency in Inventory Management

Inventory management is an area where IoT plays a huge role. The manufacturers will be able to analyze different materials and products available and make the right decisions based on their stock. With IoT, businesses can improve the decision making and accuracy involved in inventory management.

5. Increased ROI

Asset theft along with material loss are well known to have incurred heavy losses on every business. There is a famous study shown by Hiscox which states that every employee theft has so far resulted in over a loss of around $1.13 million as of 2016 for the U.S. We should know that it is quite simple to always prevent such major issues by enabling IoT for the Supply chain.

Thus IoT plays a huge role in optimizing and improving the efficiency of supply chain management practices.

Simplify and Elevate Your IoT Development with Pattem Digital

For all of your IoT development needs, choose Pattem Digital as your dependable iot app development company. Our goal is to simplify your business requirements and confidently lead you into the world of smart networking. We are dedicated to assisting you at every stage of the process and have a thorough understanding of IoT services.

Our staff is available to offer continuous support whenever you require help strategizing, designing, or executing IoT solutions. Let’s investigate your special needs and set out on a successful journey together. You can rely on Pattem Digital to provide seamless and all-inclusive IoT development services that support your company’s objectives.

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