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IoT creating an impact: Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Agriculture

Internet Of Things
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Unveiling the IoT Landscape: Exploring the Prologue of a Connected World

IoT App development is growing at an exponential rate. From identifying the vehicle you are travelling to reading your heartbeat and suggesting you with health tips,

IoT has become your kit and kin! It can be found in almost every industry from E-commerce to entertainment. But, how did this revolution take place? How did IoT enter the lives of ordinary people from R&D labs? The IoT is not a new-age term. It has been in and around the market for the past 20 years. This term was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999 while he was trying to push the idea of RFID to his upper management at Proctor and Gamble.

It caught the attention of people in the year 2010 when news started circulating that Google’s StreetView service had stored tons of WiFi data belonging to the people. Soon, the Chinese government made IoT a part of their strategic plan. Gartner invented the most famous “hype-cycle for emerging technologies”. Slowly, more smart apps started making way into our office rooms, and later to our bedrooms, kitchen and even restrooms. Thus began the incredible fusion of IoT with our daily lives.

As Techcrunch wisely quotes, “At this stage, there’s no putting the [Internet of Things] genie back in the bottle”, there is no looking back for this era of IoT.

IoT has had an impact on different industries. For instance, IoT solutions in the automotive industry have made an instinct mark in proving a better experience for bike and car riders.

Driving Transformation Across Industries: The Impact of IoT in Various Sectors

A few industries are blazing high with IoT by their side. It has played an eminent role in different industries, the most prominent among them being Pharmaceutical, automotive and agriculture. Let’s explore more on how these industries are flourishing with IoT:

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry:

With IoT App development, you gain better control over the drug manufacturing process, predictive maintenance of more advanced equipment and improved supply chain management. Do you need support on IoT for healthcare and pharmaceutical industry? Pattem Digital is here to support.When the need arises for 24×7 real-time status monitoring opportunity, IoT can take care of that entirely without any manual needs.

We can monitor the condition of cancer patients more accurately in the earlier stage using the Internet of Things in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The sensors present can help you avoid critical issues, minimize downtime and ensure safer practices. Waste reduction and data acquisition have become simplified. Whenever there is any leakage of toxic substances, the system can send out a warning. Right from shipment to transit to delivery, the IoT software development can stand by you.

You would require to delve in-depth when you are building an app for healthcare or pharmaceutical industry. It might require a lot of efforts from your side when you want to create an efficiently functioning app, since this domain deals a lot with the people. It might be a difficult task for you single handedly without the support of IoT software development companies. You need to capably leverage their services. That would leave a huge impact in the market in the upcoming days. You would be remembered by your app users forever.

Bringing IoT’s Impact to Light Across a Range of Industries:

Mayo Clinic and GE Ventures have paired up to launch Vitruvian Networks. This independent platform company has a commitment to speed up and provide more access to the cell and gene therapies with IoT as their right hand. They are relying on advanced, cloud-based software and manufacturing systems. The IoT solutions in pharmaceutical industry go well with data analytics and business analytics solutions.

Automotive industry:

While implementing the Internet of Things in the automotive industry, there are more pros than cons for businesses using IoT. With connected vehicle technology, pedestrians can safely reach home without any chances of mishaps.IoT Application development has a lot of future scope in the Automotive industry. Let Pattem Digital take you through this. Self-driving cars can take you to places via Google maps when there is no need for you to drive. You can understand how much traffic is present in each area.

Not too long back, there was a time when only 40% of the world’s population lived in the urban area. Now, nearly 80% of the world’s population is living in urban areas. Hence it is time for automotive businesses to adopt innovative and robust IoT App development solutions in the automotive industry. With features such as connected smart cars, fleet management where we leverage the vehicle’s data collection, user analytics and in-cloud data management with vehicle telematics to inform you about the roads and accidents, you are set to drive the IoT era safely and securely!

What’s more? You can stream your favourite songs using your Spotify playlists while you are driving on a public transport system. IoT application development solutions in the automotive industry are going to bring a whole new era for travel lovers, offering them a more blissful and safe driving experience.

Real-time use case in the automotive industry:

Ford is known for its heavy investments in “data and analytics platforms”. In the investor day meeting, they noted that today’s car consists of 1,500 individual data elements. This could sometimes be sent at a rate of 50 times in a second. While driving for an hour, an average car would generate around 25 GB of data. With Big Data and IoT, they are making efficient use of this data with IoT software development.


The new age of IoT Application in Agriculture Industry has gotten rid of mundane, outdated systems acting as the barrier. We are agreeing that organic methods are of top-notch yield. There are a lot of IoT Applications meant for IoT in Agriculture. Pattem Digital can explain more on it.But nature can play a crooked role in the world of farmers. IoT in Agriculture can safeguard farmers from age-old practices that have tied them apart.

The buzzword in the world of agriculture is “Precision agriculture”. With this approach involving IoT for Agriculture, you can yield more crops and reduce your operational costs. There is a prediction that by 2020, IoT devices in the agriculture industry is set to touch 75 million. This industry is set to triple up by 2025 and would reach $15.3 billion. Further, we can assess and monitor the crop health, irrigation facilities with the help of agriculture drones.

With smart apps, farmers can get more accurate data on their dashboard. This is one of the main advantages of using IoT for Agriculture. When you are thinking about IoT for agriculture, you need to remember that it has to be more useful for its target users like farmers and other members from the agricultural industry. With IoT, you are going to develop the best ever solution for the farmers.

Real-time use case in Agriculture:

Many governments around the world have started viewing the potential of IoT seriously. The global population is set to soar high up to 9.6 billion by 2050. To feed more people, we need IoT. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has turned a 7000-acre farm present at the Beltsville Area Research Facility into a complete testbed for IoT and AI technology. This is to help farmers collect information rapidly and fastly.

Transforming Industries with IoT: Pattem Digital’s Impact Across Various Sectors

With IoT in the automotive market, the pharmaceutical industry and agriculture, it is going to be a great journey in increasing the productivity of your business.

Pattem Digital, the best Iot app development company is set to change the way your field involves. With IoT, you can build products that would succeed. We have our set of passionate developers, always on their heed to help you build attractive solutions. We align with your vision to provide cutting-edge solutions.

We can develop a clear roadmap to ensure that your business is moving astride in the right pathway. By developing strategic partnerships with the top industry players, we have got you covered in the right direction. If you have any queries, feel free to drop us a mail or message. We would be delighted to hear from you!

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