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The Dynamic Transformation of Game Development at Its Peak

Smartphones and tablets are becoming everyday stuff similar to home PCs. Owing to this factor, there are so many openings in the field of the game industry. Ever since Super Mario was launched back in 1981 by the name “Jumpman”  (Mario was never always Mario), there came an era for the first set of game lovers. Now, the gaming industry is transformed by AR/VR-related technologies where we can experience whatever we play. The game producers are now moving on to projects in MMOs and multiverses. They have taken complete advantage of decentralization and asset provenance features in technologies such as Blockchain. There are also many free game development software tools available in the market.

Let’s see what steps are behind the screen and what technologies are currently trending.

The Inner Workings: Navigating the Software Processes in Game Development

The value of the global gaming industry has a mammoth value of 128.5 Billion by the year 2020. The mobile industry occupies 50% percent of the share in the market. With augmented reality and virtual reality in play, the best game development software technology is developing at a faster pace. There is a lot of team effort before the audience gets to chillax with the game behind the screen.

Some of the best game development software processes are here:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production


This is the stage when you idealize the concept. You should focus on not mixing up with the crowd. With a unique strategy and straightforward research, you can conceptualize the game and take it forward. In this stage, you take care of SRS Document, Art-pipeline set-up, test plan, and flow & wireframe Doc. Then the upper management listens to your ideas and finalizes it.

This involves two phases:

  • Concept Analysis
  • Design

Concept Analysis:

You can define concept analysis as the way you segregate a concept into simple factors while promoting clarity. It is the phase where you understand if there was mutual respect or not. Have you ever thought of using free game development software? Which one to choose? Pattem Digital can help.If your researcher is going to recognize the lack of proper clarity in the concept so far, he or she has to take steps to rectify it before proceeding any further. It would set apart the stage for you if you are well versed with the concepts so far. In this phase, you get to work on the outline of the game. Despite the natural changes that ought to happen with concept analysis, there have been a lot of speculations about how it has to be done. You can test it when you put it in front of a potential audience. Conceptual analysis is undergoing a huge revival in recent days. It has seen the ups and downs of how it can be dealt with by the people. You get to work with the subject matter experts, game designers, and instructional designers. The end of this phase is when you produce the production document. When you are yet to involve in concept analysis.


While talking about the design phase, which is most commonly known as the pre-production phase, you have a fair share of how you focus on the planning stage of your project on the basis of your idea and concept. What are the factors you should consider while designing your game? Let Pattem Digital give you an insight.The final stage where you build your master-mind game involving the processes of pre-production could also be called fondly as the proof of concept. You should understand that this stage is extremely crucial while you go about designing your game with little exceptions. With Design, you need to be very particular about the details. The design document is something your game development team can make use of. It is only here that you get to work with the programmers, actual artists and sound engineers While testing, the game is bound to go through a lot of processes and development stages. This is one of the most important parts of the game development process. It is here you uncover all the bugs in the program, check if there are any inconsistent narrative structures and artwork and test the entire gameplay. This is where the mood boards are used to avoid the “I’ll know it when I see it” curse and create the best pictures that your mind envisions.


Before we proceed to the development phase, a working prototype is made to check how the game performs. We then look into the changes that have to be made. We take care of creating the art assets such as animation, virtual effects, visual effects, optimization, and review.

It consists of 5 stages:

  • Development:

Everybody starts their work at this point. Development is the place where you begin to work on the core idea of your product. With Development, you start building the vital aspects of what holds your product. This is where the actual work starts. You get to the program, create In-game content and balance every aspect of the game. During the development phase, you can execute your strategy and go about it easily. You get to give a structure to your idea and create a proper architecture. At Pattem Digital, we make use of the most advanced programming languages and techniques to make this phase a success. We ensure that development takes place in a smoother manner. With the development stage, you get to figure out how you would develop your project, which development stage the project is, and much more.

  • Programming:

In this phase, you choose the programming language that would suit you better. Choosing the right programming language is as vital as choosing the right strategy and design. In this phase, you develop the proof of concept to tech features, game settings, and controls are appealing enough. When you choose the right programming language or framework, 90% of your task is done! Scroll down to have a look at the best game development software tools in the market. This is where you understand the importance of programming language. You would get to realize how vital it was to choose the right coding language. When you choose the programming language, you need to 200% sure why you have chosen that programming language. It can be Unity3D or JAVA. You just need to understand when and why you choose that language. That would have a huge impact.

  • In-game content creation:

With a computer and video gaming, you would be considering potential tricks involving the highly perturbed development nowadays in terms of aptitude. It can also involve information sharing which is an integral part of the involvement of information technology (IT). Many young people, including business professionals, have started using content creation as a primary tool to convey their messages. It can be in the form of presentations or charts. They are proficient in conveyingbest game development software the message in a simple manner. The same fact would apply to game designing as well. Your content would play a primary role in extracting your user interest. Hence you need to involve the right content to generate more noise in the market through your games. While you go about developing game content, you might require the combo of technical and aesthetic experts who can put across the content in the right manner. With faster game development, you can reduce your time like never before.  You can also go about chunking down the unnecessary costs involved in the production of the game when you define your content more professionally. In this phase, you get to create all types of content from arts, sounds, models, missions, dialogues, and much more. The gaming content could be either 2D or 3D. Nowadays, automated content creation is trending along with computer-aided design tools. The content of your game determines how you interact with the game.

  • Testing:

Game testing is also another branch of the software development cycle where you need to take care of the quality aspects of your video games. With game testing, the major feature involved best game development softwarewould be the documentation of all the bugs after discovering it effectively. There are many methods like playtesting where you play the game by checking non-functioning features like levels of difficulty, fun features, balance, and much more. Here only a selected group of people would play the unfinished game versions in a more structured manner. With interactive entertainment software testing, you work along with high-end technical knowledge that requires expertise in computing, analytics with critical evaluation skillset. You also need a lot of patience. By going through all this, you can ensure that you build the game in a proper manner. Our testers would report every bug directly to the development team. Here, every initial plan would get implemented once the entire process is bug-free. There are two kinds of testing primarily:- Alpha and Beta. The Alpha stage is limited to only a few of the invited users. The Beta stage is where the game is open to the public. Anybody can test the game.

  • Launch:

Launching the game would be an ultimate challenge for any of the game developers. The game launch has to happen at an extremely careful phase where you have ensured that every vital feature are covered. best game development softwareWhen you are going to involve the game launch, it has to happen at an extremely convenient manner. You might need expert support to ensure that your game launch doesn’t take much time or effort. Any game development company would be able to help you with this pursuit in the right manner. Building a game and launching it might require more effort for you. It might not be the same when an outsourced product development company is involved. You get to build it at a faster pace. Then it would be ready for a super launch. They can make sure that you deliver the right game at the right time. Once the production phase is done, the game is ready to reach the audience through the App Store or Play store. The game would be open for everyone to use. Once the game is launched, we move over to the post-production phase. The launch stage is the heart and bloodline of any game that is present.


The production end-time might not be as clear as to how it all started at the beginning. It is a complex process that stresses many days, months, and years. Your team would have worked extremely best game development softwarehard for a long time. They could also have toiled hard for months, and perhaps even years. Sometimes, the project might not take off well. Sometimes it might work extremely well. But by using the best game development software, your game development company would ensure that you are always on the right lead. During the post-production phase, you might focus more on the evaluation, fixation, and improvisation of the game. The post-production stage might cover up to 20-30% of the overall time you take to finish your project. This could even exceed depending on how complex your project is. While you go about building your game, you should remember that the post-production phase is extremely important, especially when you are building multi-player games. The process might even get dragged on. This is the phase where the updates and supports are entirely taken care of. We check the game regularly and update it regularly with no excuses. We also ensure that third-party SDK’s integrations take place with final game deliverables.

You have to use the right game development platform to build the best user experience. Take a look at the top 10 best game development software tools:


Unity is one of the best game development engines available in the market. The specialty is it offers both 2D and 3D cross-platform mobile game development experience. With this, you can port different games on Android, iOS, and Windows. Unity is in support of major 3D applications such as 3ds Max, Maya, CINEMA 4D, Blender and much more. With Unity 4.3, we can handle all the native 2D capabilities, 2D physics along with other supporting sprites. The design capabilities are vast here. This is also one among the most widely used tools in the world. Many major games such as Temple Run and Kerbal Space program are created using Unity.

Unreal Engine:

Unreal Engine 4, the successor of UDK, is a game development engine released by Epic Games. This toolkit includes more options for mobile and PC along with console game development. UE4 consists of the best graphical capabilities such as a particle system to tackle a scene with million particles and advanced dynamic lighting. This is the best option for 3D game developers. We can get accustomed to a more user-friendly Blueprint system.

This tool is known for its higher capabilities and versatility to develop the best, high-quality games of any size. This is also the most preferred choice of Game developers. Are you a PubG fan? This is the platform the developers used along with C++, Java, JavaScript and Unreal Engine 4 to create the world of Erangel and Yasnaya Polyana!

Corona SDK:

This cross-platform, 2D game development tool is used for game development in Apple TV and Android TV. This leverages Lua in place of its scripting language, a popular one among many game developers owing to its shorter learning curve. This is available in Mac and Windows OS. This comes over with 500 APIs with a wide range of functionalities including networking and animation. While we test Corona in real-time, we can conceptualize, code and validate the code through real-time testing. This platform is quite inexpensive compared to other platforms. There is also a free plan to help every developer. Community-wide support is also available. This is the best choice for 3D game developers.


This is a free AAA game engine that can match up well for Android, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and iOS. This is based upon CryEngine, which is a game development tool by Crytek. By making use of cross-platform functionality, Lumberyard would provide you with several tools to create high-quality games. Some of the best features are C++ source code, integration with Twitch API and AWS Cloud, Audiokinetic’s feature-rich sound engine and networking. The graphics are created with several rendering, terrain, character and authoring tools for creating photo-quality 3D environments. By using native integration, developers can indulge social gaming features including Twitch ChatPlay, Meta stream, and JoinIn.

Pricing is one of the best advantages in Lumberyard. They would not include any royalties or license fees along with the game. You only have to pay for AWS Cloud to allow online multiplayer games, which is one of the perks due to its faster development and deployment process. It is worth the amount you pay!


This is a 2D game development kit meant for Android, iOS, Blackberry mobile phones, Linux and OS X. Since it is an open-source tool, it consists of proper documentation along with well-heeded community support. If you are creating games with low MB (Say 1.5 MB), then it is found to be efficient. It makes use of OpenGL if you are looking forward to optimizing and render more 2D games. This tool has become widely popular owing to its unlimited capabilities in the 2-D domain.


This 2D game development platform would allow more users to build simplified games without any reference code. The user interface is so simple that you can build a game by dragging and dropping the design elements. Thus, you can create your own game within a very short period. Some of the most popular games like ColorSwitch, SKY and The Line Zen are built using BuiltBox. This platform can be used for both Android and iOS. Although slightly expensive, it is more efficient in terms of simplicity.

Fusion (Clickteam):

This platform provides you with all the features you need to build an event-based game. Fusion is extremely easy to operate. You need not spend hours looking for some options. You can get natural fillings from the interface itself. It also does not demand any prior knowledge of programming languages. You can make use of the tutorials, visual programming options, a graphic editor with a development studio, proper copyright, a stronger development community, and easier prototyping. The free version is available initially. You can also opt for the full version.

GameMaker: Studio:

Yoyo Games have launched this 2D game creation platform on their own. This is a special platform meant for 2D game development. This platform is quite simple to use. This is the best, to begin with, if you are new to the game development world. The added cookies are its drag-and-drop methodologies and learning its language (quite similar to C). This offers junior developers with beginner-friendly experience.

You get full support 2D Spine animations, integrated In-app purchases, easier configurations, different shaders, real-time analytics, in-game activities, and Steam, and Git integration.

Marmalade SDK:

This is a multiplatform game-making tool where you use C++ code to build a game. The main concept in this platform is “write once, run anywhere”. This platform includes several libraries, tools, and code examples for simplifying the programming, testing, and deployment of various applications on multiple platforms. It is also fully supportive of 2D and 3D game development. Its pros include open architecture, open-source of important components, quicker conversion, and using Android optimizations inside the original codebase. Developers can enjoy even better features including a code-checker meant for the ARM platform, test simulator, unique support, a set of open APIs, and supporting specific capabilities meant for iOS and Android. The processing speed and memory are above average here.


MonoGame toolkit would enable you to build multiple platform games. The class architecture is quite the same as XNA 4 API. The project can run on any .Net or C# languages. If you are already familiar with the game development processes, then working on this would not be difficult for you. There are plenty of tutorials and guides to guide you on kickstarting your first-eve project. Platforms involve shaders that are written in a different set of languages. That’s the reason MonoGame developed MGFX for creating its shaders. The program holds the same structure similar to Microsoft FX files and text format meant for easier editing.

Concluding the Journey Through Game Development’s Marvels

Game engines are constantly evolving, and staying abreast of marketing trends is essential to create truly remarkable games. If you’re seeking free game development software tools, it’s crucial to select the best ones to enhance your ability to create memorable gaming experiences.

Look no further for the finest game development services, as Pattem Digital is here to cater to your needs. As a game development company, we offer cornerstone technology and comprehensive services that ensure your game development requirements are met with excellence. Contact us today to explore our range of game development services from our esteemed game development company. We are here to bring your gaming vision to life.

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