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Introduction to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages framework

You might ask anyone, “What do you mean by Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?”. Well,  Google AMP framework can be defined as an open-source initiative with a thorough aim towards improving all your web browsing experience. This can go on to happen when you end up by decreasing your page load times. You could have noticed that faster web browsing looks favorable to all audiences, but website users would have to choose a stripped-down website format with Accelerated mobile pages.

Wondering what’s the purpose behind them. Let’s say you want to look for a new recipe when guests pay a surprise visit. What would you do? You have the liberty to wait and wait and wait… or just carry out a simple dish without any surprise factor involved. Or, when you want to view any news urgently and the website loading time is down, you would shift to other websites. Here comes the AMP framework as a savior! Even when your data speed is low, you can view the important news in the form of carousels. Through this, websites can go on to quickly serve the content you need. You would be able to view your AMP demo within Google’s search results itself. With accelerated mobile pages, you can provide a wholesome experience to your website audience.

With the press industry always trying to keep up with the latest trends, switching over to AMP is of prime importance. This way, you would easily be able to outrank all your competitors. With a faster webpage that is going to display all the necessary details, you have direct access to connect with all your audience.

Hence it is time for you to switch over to AMP for providing your audience with a thorough website experience. With an AMP web page, your audience would get a clear glimpse of the information they have been looking for. This would put a user-friendly experience on the table for all the users using accelerated mobile pages.

Why Is AMP Important?

AMP is of extreme importance since it helps every web page to load quite fastly. This can go on to improve your usability factors. You have the choice to convince all your visitors for staying longer on the website. They would be all set to engage with the content you provide. It doesn’t possess any out-of-the-world logic.important factors of amp With a faster loading time, you would be able to enjoy exemplary engagement. This could even reduce your bounce rate as well as improve your mobile ranking. When you reduce the bounce rate, you can cover almost all the SEO factors. This would also lead to a better ranking on Google.

AMP does not have the capability to improve user engagement. It is not going to make your website content entertaining or useful. While you are going to have a less load time of 1.5 seconds (As per Hubspot standards) with boring content, it is not going to boost your SERP. Your bounce rate would be high as usual. Hence the secret sauce to letting AMP work on your website would be to involve splendid content with faster loading time.

AMP can go about making all your website visitors ecstatic. This would have a great impact on Google. This is what is going to provide higher rankings, pave way for more traffic as well as increase your overall revenue. But installing AMP alone would not increase your SERP.

What are the Important Factors of AMP?

With AMP, the open-source initiative, you can improve your website browsing experience while you decrease the page loading times. Apart from building more stripped-down formatted mobile pages, AMP has dozens of advantages to offer to the website audience. The overall experience would be much better than you expected with Accelerated mobile pages for WordPress.

What are the benefits AMP provides for your website audience?

Accelerated mobile pages for WordPress have dozens of benefits that you can leverage efficiently. It has the potential to improve the way you have been looking at a particular website. Speaking about its core benefits, you need to remember certain factors which you cannot deny at any point in time. What are they? Let’s explore more.

Increase in SEO Ranking and Website Traffic

The best ever way through which every website owner would be readily able to attract better traffic is by improving the overall browsing experience. AMP would be directly focusing on lightweight content. important factors of ampAMP has a set of standards to help every website owner increase the website experience like never before. You can also go about increasing the time your website visitors would prefer to stay online. This would impact your SEO ranking and website traffic in the more effective way possible. When you build a website with AMP as a supporting standard, you can be sure to attract more number of visitors, only if the content is appealing. There is not much difference between a website with a faster loading time and great content and a website with 1.5 second loading time and boring content. All it takes is an exceptional website developer and a content creator to show their magic on the website.

Your web page loading time would have a major impact on your website SEO. Since Google is behind this initiative, AMP pages should be your priority at any cost. All this would have a positive impact on your search engine results pages (SERP) and SEO. Websites like the Times of India have started using AMP to engage their audience.

Reduce the Bounce Rate and improve the On-site time

With faster-loading pages, your website visitors would stay on your webpage for a longer period. There is a Google study stating that visitors tend to abandon over 53% of websites if the mobile site is going to consume more time than usual. Many brands have started implementing AMP for unforgetful customer experience, faster loading times, and offering the best product visualizations. This has gone very well with all the users. They have started admiring those websites like never before. This is evident with a drop in the website.

Increase your Ad views

The potential to increase your Ad views is one among many reasons why we can choose to go on with AMP. The ad viewability rate should be higher than usual. Every publisher would be able to monetize all your websites. Many websites have started using AMP as the backbone for faster website experience and user engagement. They were able to increase the revenue of the website.

Get a Higher Click-Through Rate

The secret behind high-end click-through rates lies in featuring your website on Google Search Top Stories Carousel. When a user is going to search for the right content on all their mobile devices, they can see the carousel appearing at the top of the featured list. This would go on to provide better click-through rates for all your website visitors. The average click-through rate would increase anywhere between 25%-100% when you use AMP. Not just the click-through rate, but the bounce rate would also reduce eventually when you use AMP for your website. But along with AMP, your website should go hand-in-hand with the right content.

How do AMP and Non-AMP Mobile websites differ?

The primary difference between any AMP and non-AMP page is that the AMP page does not possess more stuff to enhance any complex UX. Each and everything would be stripped down as per necessity. With a Non-AMP website, the loading time might be higher than ever. AMP pages are preferred more owing to their speed, reliability, and user experience.

How can Pattem Digital offer AMP development services?

Pattem Digital is well-equipped to provide AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) development services. With our expert team of developers, we have the knowledge and experience to create high-performing and optimized AMP websites and applications. Our commitment to staying updated with the latest technologies and industry trends allows us to deliver cutting-edge solutions. By leveraging the power of AMP, we ensure faster loading times, improved user experience, and increased visibility in search engine results. Trust Pattem Digital for all your AMP development services and witness the transformative impact on your online presence.

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