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Reduce loading time and boost your revenues

The content publishers of across the world find it tough to ensure that the visitors don’t drop off by the time their web page loads. Nearly 40% of mobile users don’t wait for the page to load and navigate away from the page. We can show you how you can create highly optimised mobile pages so that you can retain these users.

AMP is an open source initiative that makes the content accessible irrelevant of the operating systems or form factor. Pattem Digital creates accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that have helped companies curb down their page load time instantly. We have some of the best AMP developers in the industry.

Use AMP to improve the site visitors

Pattem Digital uses the best practices of AMP to drastically improve your viewership. We know how vital it is for you to lower your website’s waiting time. We can help you reduce that without compromising on the quality of the website. We can help you develop customized solutions to attain this objective. Using AMP doesn’t require additional build processes to be built over a usual HTML website. This allows AMP to be easily deployed. Since the pages load much faster than your original web pages, it is imperative to use AMP to boost the loading speed of your website.

Why choose us as your AMP development company?

We can bring you the following advantages of using AMP:

  • Lower the loading time: Use AMP to lower the loading time to  boost your user engagement and see a reduced drop-off from your visitors
  • Accessible on all devices: AMP is accessible on all devices and pages irrespective of form or phone’s operating system
  • Boost your SEO: Move over customizing each web page for different operating systems. The mobile friendliness of AMPs get you faster load times and improved SEO rankings
  • Get AMP stamp on search results: The search results of AMP Websites with AMP are stamped on the seal of AMP which makes it a preferred choice for users
  • Boost your ROI: AMP can help you boost your ROI as publishers can post ads without increasing the web page’s load time or meddling with the UI.

Contact us for implementing AMP

Work with the best accelerated mobile pages development company. Let’s collaborate to implement AMP on your website to boost your SEO, ROI and to improve your viewership. Write to us at and we will set up a free consultation session to discuss your requirements.


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