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13 Best Fitbit App Features That Every Customers Expect

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FitBit App Development: Embracing the Cutting-Edge Bindass Trend of Fitness Innovation

The fitness industry has come a long way from being a costly affair with actors and supermodels spending thousands to get those strong abs. Nowadays, everyone wants to look fit. More than fitness, being health conscious is on the rise among everyone. The study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that one in two people in the U.S. is suffering from one chronic health condition such as heart disease, hypertension, cancer, and obesity. About one in four adults have more than two chronic health conditions. Nobody wants to spend more bucks on hospitals and medical check-ups. As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Thus arrived the dawn of Fitbit-compatible apps!

Are Fitbit apps pocket squanderers? Nay!

The best fitbit compatible apps are known for their credibility in motivating people to stay fit and healthy. They have a multitude of features to put a common man’s life in order. Are they an expensive affair? Not really. Some of them would cost around a few dollars but it is worth your spending.

Are Fitbit App development solutions confined to smart wearables?

They do not come along exclusively with smart wearables anymore. They are available as plugins, app features, and extensions. When you use the chatting app “Hike”, you can track the number fitbit app featuresof steps you have walked in a day and keep track of it. With the same dashboard, you can compare it with your friends and one up yourself! You can connect your smart swim goggles to the app and calculate your real-time metrics.

Keeping track of your interval and rest time, stroke rate and count and the number of calories burned would allow you to understand your swimming abilities. Fitbit App development would keep going on in the trending arena for a long time. You just need to use it at your convenience and ensure that you are on the right track with it. When apps like Cult. fit have made their way to the user’s zone, you need to understand how efficient it is.

With the aid of your Fitbit app, you can easily build solutions that would overtake the premises of the app developers. It would let you build the best solutions pertaining to your audience. Hence it is not just confined to smart wearables but spreads its branches across many other forms.

13 Best Fitbit App Features That Your Fitbit Apps should contain?

1. It acts as Health coaching, for dietitians and nutritionists

“Did you run more than 10 miles? What should you be eating next?” Your Fitbit app can answer that for you. When you plan your day, your Fitbit app would inform you of those extra calories you have to burn today, what nutritious food items your body needs, and the strict diet routine you need to follow. This would help you to stay fit and smart all day.

2. Corporate Wellness

Being a part of the corporate gives you the privilege to enjoy more. When you are part of a large working community, you have chances to get charged with health benefits. Companies can roll down wellness programs for their employees. With the Fitbit app, they can monitor how well employees interact with these programs. From customizing the content according to individual employees to monitoring their reports, the Fitbit apps can wear different hats. Thus Fitbit apps have a lot of scope in the corporate atmosphere.

3. Yoga

Yoga can pacify your mind and retain your memory power. That’s just one of the many reasons why you should start with Yoga. This Indian-originated practice has been around since the times fitbit app featuresof Kings and queens. It is widely practiced by people around the world. When you start with your Yoga routine, you are going to feel fresh and enthusiastic during your initial days.

After that, a laziness slug might pop up. To avoid that, you can use your activity tracker to make Yoga a part of your life. Yoga is an art with India as its origin. There are many people across the globe who have benefitted a lot from Yoga.  With Yoga, you are going to find a way towards a blissful life. You would get tremendous energy to pursue what you have been wanting to for a long time.

If you are a Yoga enthusiast, then this feature is going to be a hot cake. Your customers would also love it, equally as you do. Being a Yoga lover, it is important for you to understand what suits your audience more. They might not expect you to develop A-Z features but they might look for a few crucial ones. Identify them to impress your app audience soon.

4. Activity tracking

How long have you been sitting under your monitor? Are you spending enough time on meditation? Your Fitbit App can monitor all these precisely. When you move away from your routine, your activity tracker can notify you. Let it be jogging, swimming, walking or cycling, you can track these activities without any hassle.

5. Sleep tracking

Are you sleeping enough hours? Is your brain active? You can keep track of your z hours with the sleep tracker feature on your Fitbit app. How many hours did you sleep deeply? fitbit app featuresAt which point of time were you half asleep? With your sleep tracker, you can get updates on it. While you are betting on a sleep tracker, you should know that it is going to allow you to wear it when you are in sleep mode in real.

Fitbit is the best choice when you wear a watch and try to understand your sleeping pattern. You get a more in-depth idea about your sleep routine. With this Fitbit app feature, you can easily monitor your sleeping track and get insights on when you are in deep, light, or REM sleep. This would provide you with more actionable insights during morning hours.

To improve your sleeping pattern and track it, it is always great to leverage a Fitbit App. You would get all the benefits out of it. Ensure that you are on the right sleeping track when you wear a Fitbit app and sleep. By knowing the average hours you spend sleeping, you can make time to improvise your sleeping habits.

6. Gamified goals and accomplishments

How about gamifying your entire fitness activities using Fitbit App development? Everybody loves that pat on our back. By making your daily routine interactive and engaging, you are going to enjoy it, rather than following your routine as a duty. Would it not be nice to see your name in the Hall of achievements in running a marathon? Your Fitbit app can offer that pleasure to you.

7. Fitness tracking

How fit are you? Are you underweight? What should you do to improve your physical structure? We use the fitness tracker to learn all these factors. Getting to know about your fitness level can help you maintain your diet and work towards your goal strongly and steadily. There would not be any fuss in your routine with the right fitness app by your side.

8. Heartbeat and Blood pressure tracking

Your heartbeat can speak a lot about your health status. As per medical professionals, it is normal to have a heartbeat of 60-100. By monitoring your heartbeat, you are going tofitbit app features stay precautious of any health-related issues. The Fitbit-compatible apps are going to help you out with this aspect. While you are taking care of the Heartbeat and Blood pressure, you need to understand how to keep yourself healthy.

You can focus on building a rapport with your health by involving in healthy habits. A healthy mind would translate to a healthy body. Hence you need to ensure that you always follow much healthier habits that would lead you to a great life. Having a strong body is all about following great habits. Your Heartbeat and Blood pressure tracking feature can support you with this.

You would be on the safe stage of your health ladder when you are involving this feature. You can always stay fit, healthy, and physically strong, which would also lead to mental well-being. This feature is a must-have to lead a comfortable and poignant life as an adult. It would let you never worry again about increased heartbeat and blood pressure tracking.

9. Personalized health monitoring

Healthcare does not come under the realm of one-size-fits-all. Everyone needs a personalized trainer or digital app to let them stay fit and healthy. The best fitbit compatible apps will help them stay intact with their day-to-day health and fitness maintenance routine.

10. Idle time reminder

“Hey! You there? You have been sitting here holding that Rubix cube aimlessly for the past 10 minutes. It’s time for you to wake up and keep moving. Why don’t you wake up from the couch?”- With love, your Fitbit compatible Apps. Yes, it can vibrate, snooze and let you wake up from your chair and stroll down the lane.

11. Consultancy with doctors

Did you get sick? Want to connect to the best doctors? Your Fitbit App can do that for you, at a click. No more waiting down the line! All you need to do is to connect with the doctors and listen to what they say. If you are not able to book appointments with your doctors immediately, you can immediately contact them.


Since EHR and EMR were introduced, you could see how they simplified the maintenance of the medical record. With no paperback involved, they made medical records accessible at a tap. Companies like Apple and Google are making it accessible to all people, who are obviously using the best FitBit apps in the market.

13. Calendar and reminders

A routine is the rule breaker or rule-maker. By scheduling your routine, you can track the activities and keep moving towards your goals slowly and steadily. With your calendar and reminders, you would know where you stand and how you can make changes to your lifestyle. Your Fitbit app should help you hold on to your responsibilities with a calendar and reminders.

How Pattem Digital is the right fit for Fitbit App development solutions?

At Pattem Digital, we offer a comprehensive solution for your Fitbit-compatible app development needs. Our streamlined processes eliminate complexity and enable the creation of exceptional apps. As a leading Fitbit app development company we have round-the-clock availability, and are always here to address your Fitbit app requirements. We are passionate about harnessing new and disruptive technologies to create wonders in the world. As technology enthusiasts dedicated to serving our clients, we assemble the right team, work diligently on your requirements, and ensure successful product outsourcing. If you have any specific Fitbit app development requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to assisting you every step of the way.

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