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How Java and Android join to build a stunning solution?

Every Android app development company has been using Java since the day it was introduced to the world. Every day, we are wowed by how different Android apps change the way we work, we operate and we transform. Yes, as you are thinking, Java is the primary technology behind Android. Owing to its larger community support containing more developers who are Java geeks, along with, simple-to-use architecture and code versatility, Android and Java act as thick buddies for a long time.

Android app development is quite complex. Compiling the program in real-time is not all about it. It has a lot to do with programming and other techniques. You need not understand the technology completely to create apps that stand out. To start with your Android journey, you need to have a sound knowledge of what Android is all about. Only then, you would be able to crack the important aspects of this technology in a proactive manner. This would help you to build apps that matter to your users in real-time.

Why should companies opt for Android frameworks?

Building an application could be extremely time-consuming. It might also be prone to a lot of errors. Hence companies should opt for the Android framework that suits their requirements well if they want to get their work done quickly. But choosing the right Android framework is the challenge. You should  have a chat with your developers before you go about choosing any Android application framework. These people are experts who would be able to rebuild all your ideas through the suggestion of the exact Android framework that should be put in use. You need to consult the best-outsourced product development companies to get a clear idea. You need the support of android application framework with their components.

Unraveling the Elite Android App Development Frameworks of Today

Here are the top Android frameworks you need to keep in mind:-


If you are going to develop more Android apps, you can bring every advantage of Kotlin to your mind. Kotlin has greater efficiency while presenting a familiar development tool. This can improve the productivity Compared to Java, Kotlin is highly efficient. Why? Pattem Digital is here to tell about it.of the developer. Kotlin is the best compiler. It was built in 2018 to match the cons of Java. It provides better integration options with existing frameworks and libraries. Kotlin also provides you with a flawless run-time performance. Compatible with JDK 6: Kotlin is very much compatible with JDK 6 and Android build system. This way, you can ensure that Kotlin is supported in Android Studio. Interoperability with Java: They interoperate with Java at all levels. They allow you to use every Android library in a Kotlin app. This contains annotation processing, dagger work and data binding in the loop. Time to compile: Kotlin can support better incremental compilation. When there is some extra overhead for clean builds, you can use incremental builds which might be faster with Java. Easy to operate: For a Java developer, getting started with Kotlin is very easy. The automated Java to Kotlin converter included in the Kotlin plugin helps with the first steps. Better Footprint: The runtime library of Kotlin is really compact. We can reduce it by using ProGuard. The real-time application with Kotlin is going to add only a few numbers of methods, which could be less than 100k to the .apk file size.

Compiling time: Kotlin is in support of more efficient incremental compilation. It might have a few additional overheads, but the incremental build is very fast compared to Java.

Android Studio:

This is one of the most common Android frameworks. That’s when Kotlin was introduced in 2018. This framework offers you with Gradle-based build support, quicker fixes and Android-based refactoring. What should you be knowing about Android studio? Pattem Digital can let you know well.They are preferred for the following reasons such as Lint tools meant to enhance usability, performance, compatibility improvement and other factors. By providing support towards Android Wear apps, you can ensure that you deliver the right solution to the people. Android Studio can also let you use Google cloud built-in support. By integrating with Google App Engine and Firebase Cloud Messaging, you are going to leave way for more efficient solutions. By enabling Android Emulator to run and fix errors in the Android Studio, you are going to make sure that all your problems are fixed. With Android Studio, you can create more applications in a faster manner. Since it supports Google cloud, you also get in-built support. Android Studio should let you explore more options in terms of coding, development and coming up with innovative app solutions. With Android Studio, it is going to become more simple for you to develop the apps that you desire. You would not need to involve the right set of android development team to get this thing rolling.

RxJava and RxAndroid:

This specific implementation containing the reactive programming for Java and Android has been widely influenced by different functional programming. It would be in favor of function composition, paving the way to avoidance of global state along with the side effects. You can easily compose asynchronous and event-based programs with RxJava.

RxAndroid is a part belonging to the family of RxJava. RxAndroid library would add a few classes of RxJava. This would make writing reactive components in Android applications quite easy and simple.


This app has been in use a lot more nowadays compared to previous times. Xamarin apps would contain more standard, native interface controls. The apps would behave in a way that the users preferred. There are a number of benefits involving Xamarin app development for native performance. Let Pattem Digital explain.With Xamarin-built Apps, you can access complete functionalities behind the device and the platform. You can also enable platform-specific capabilities such as Android Multi-window mode and ARKit. These apps enable hardware acceleration when you compile it for native performance. You can’t make it happen when you interpret code at run time. Hence this platform is quite comfortable to work with. It accentuates your output and quality. Looking forward to Xamarin solutions? You need to know where and how to use it in real-time. It is time for you to hire the best Xamarin development team to make sure that everything is taken care of. This team can get to understand what you require and where they need to put the right efforts while building the app solution with Xamarin. This would provide you with more insights on how to leverage it to the maximum. When you make the best use of your Xamarin solution, you would be benefitted like never before in your business history.

Corona SDK:

This free, cross-platform framework is used mainly to create apps and games meant for mobile and desktop systems. We can make use of the powerful yet simple Lua scripting language with more than 1000 built-in APIs along with a large plugins selection with Native extensions.

With Corona, you can make your app ideas breathe. You would be able to monitor your projects at an instant on various devices with Live Builds.


With NativeScript, you can create more aesthetically appealing, cross-platform apps. You can make use of popular web skills such as Angular, CSS and JavaScript. This open-source framework would give you direct access to each and every native platform API with components directly from JavaScript, Angular and TypeScript. With NativeScript, you can gain proper code reuse options between your website and mobile.


With Unity, as mentioned on their website, you can give life to your company’s vision. With the help of Unity’s 3D development platform, you can empower your business with what you need to create, monetize and operate. With unity’s robust architecture and ecosystem supported by a dynamic community, you can reach your targets in a shorter period.


This open-source UI software development kit was developed by Google. We can develop more applications using Android, Windows, iOS, Google Fuchsia, Linux and the website. This platform ensures faster development, more flexible and expressive UI backed up by native performance. You can compile the Flutter code with native ARM machine code by leveraging Dart’s native compilers. Flutter would provide you with full native performance on both Android and iOS.


This free, open-source framework comes under the license of MIT. It is basically a hybrid platform. With this, you get a whole library containing gestures, components and tools. You can develop more progressive native mobile apps and web apps using a single codebase. With premier plugins, you can build user-friendly features such as Bluetooth, fingerprint authentication and health kit with a single set of the codebase. With Ionic, you can optimize performance. The apps you create with Ionic perform in an extremely sophisticated manner. There are 4 million apps built by nearly 5 million developers across the world.


Cordova is a free, open source, hybrid Android framework. This would allow developers to build multiple apps with the help of a single code base such as Appcelerator Titanium. Cordova is nothing but a free, hybrid Android framework which is also open sourced. Pattem Digital can explain you about it clearly.This hybrid framework would help you to build standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Cordova acts as a connecting dot between the web and mobile app. Cordova would also be able to access more native device APIs. You can develop more online apps and get offline support too. This platform is more suitable for desktop apps. You can build more powerful apps in a shorter span of time. With Cordova, you are going to build the best ever solution that you have been looking forward to for years. It would serve the purpose for building the right mobile app solutions with your team members. Your customers would get benefited directly with the impeccable app you are going to offer them. They would be delighted with the quality of the app you are all set to offer them. With Cordova, everything is going to get sorted out without any hurdles. It would stand by you throughout your mobile app development process. You just need to enable the right team support and efforts.

Pattem Digital: The Pristine Choice for Your Android Development Needs

Pattem Digital is renowned for providing expert guidance in selecting the ideal Android application framework platform. If you find yourself unsure or confused about which Android framework to choose, our team is here to help. We will provide you with valuable insights and ideas on how to proceed effectively.

Curious about us? We are a leading Android app development company, with a team of professionals with extensive expertise and a diverse skill set in Android app development. Feel free to reach out to our team for any assistance or guidance you need in Android app development. We are dedicated to supporting and advising you at any stage, covering various Android application frameworks and their components.

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