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An Actionable Guide To UX Design Process


Initiate a UX Revolution by Learning the Amazing Power of an Elegant Design Methodology

A user’s expectations are empty when they first see your product, with no idea of the experience that awaits them. They are looking forward to a remarkable, useful, and indispensable creation that will reverberate with them like a cosmic collision. You can leave an everlasting impression on the industry by starting a flawless UX design process. You can keep users anticipating something by keeping them engaged and adopting adaptation and an agile approach. Your app must overcome temporal limitations in the constantly changing environment, where change is the only constant. Thus, the critical significance of a flawless UX design procedure becomes clear, ensuring that your product not only survives but also shines in the modern marketplace’s harsh competition.

What do you mean by the UX Design process?

Let’s put it out in layman’s terms. The User Experience Design process determines how your user would interact with your product while they are exploring it. It is the method by which you solve the problemuser experience design process of your user through your product structure and design. Now let’s move on to the most widely accepted official definition of UX Design: A UX designer would take care of the complete process where they integrate or acquire a product, with more aspects in the loop such as design, branding, function, and usability. A UX Designer would help you create real solutions that help you fix your place in the market.  If you are a UX Designer, you need to understand how it plays a huge role in sustaining the market condition for so long. Being a UX Designer, you need to come across a number of factors that would make you a brilliant person on your workfront. As Dieter Rams of Braun notes, “Good designers make something intelligible and memorable. Great designers make something memorable and meaningful.” Your design has to be more realistic in approach.

With the aid of the User-Centered Design Process, you can stay confident that your activities are user-based.

How did the term “UX Design” originate?

The user experience design process (User Experience Design process) is when you form the skeleton of your product. Clueless about who coined this cool them? It was Don Norman, the director of the design lab, previously working as the user experience architect of Apple. He is the best-selling author of the book, “The Design of Everyday Things”.

He is famous for this quote, which Wikipedia has added to his page:

“Good design is a lot harder to notice than poor design, in part because good designs fit our needs so well that the design is invisible.”

UX Design is a combination of many other factors like feel, effectiveness, efficiency, fun along with psychological aspects like comfort and fun, etc. Every product is above what they are known as “products”.The user experience design process (UX Design process) They add emotions to your user. Adding the right emotion is what lets your product win. Again, it is not about the happy emotion, but the “correct” emotion. One big name that snaps in our minds when we speak about UX Design is Apple. If you have read “Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography”, you would know how chauvinistic Steve Jobs was about design. While designing his first product, he even wanted the box and inner layer of the chip to look beautiful. He led his team to believe that product users are the indestructible kings in the market. That’s one of the major reasons why Apple has stood out in the test of time. If you can invoke the right chords with your user, then your user experience design process is a blockbuster hit! This is one of the specialties of Pattem Digital. We help your users to build a rapport with yourself and the products without forgoing the basic design principles that we have to apply. This way, you would never have any expectations that are incomplete without due understanding.

How does the UX Design Process work?

While creating any product, you would have to answer any product-related questions like what are the specifications, what would be its shape, would you feel comfortable? Is it rotatable? What is its size?Ux design Is it kids friendly? What steps have you taken to improve its resistivity? To analyze all these aspects, you move on to the research phase. After researching all this, you have to return to the iteration phase, where you rewind your research phase, and check if everything is up to the mark.

Besides, the User Experience Design company should work towards evoking the right emotions in the audience. Getting your users hooked to those mobile games or to pacify your users after those long working hours would require a team effort. It is not a simple process to let your users feel the way you want them to feel. That sometimes requires out-of-the-box thinking. Creating those relatable products would be a reality check only with a proper user experience design process. After your initial analysis, you have to test the product to see if it has any bugs or faults. It is a huge process. Using the user experience design process, you are sowing seeds for better user experience with your impressive product design.

Discovering the Core Characteristics of a World-Class UX Design Firm

  • Collaborate with stakeholders, product engineers, managers, content strategists, other designers, researchers, and team leads throughout the conceptualization to launch phase.
  • Ensure that you document complete interaction models along with UI specifications.
  • Consider the feedback from the rest of the designers and work on improvising.
  • Take up broader, concept-based ideas. Develop them into valuable, user-oriented vision.
  • Design experiences and workflows with a simple and neat approach.
  • Make contributions to high-level decisions while working with the product team.
  • Create various design concepts with the use of prototypes, wireframes, and storyboards.
  • Partner with your marketing team effectively to generate brand and style strategies. Work on reaching your target markets together.

Besides, the UX Design company should work towards evoking the right emotions in the audience. Getting your users hooked to those mobile games or to pacify your users after those long working hours would require a team effort. It is not a simple process to let your users feel the way you want them to feel. That sometimes require out-of-the-box thinking. Creating those relatable products would be a reality check only with a proper user experience design process.

What are some real-time applications of UX Design?

UX Design has helped many businesses to excel invariably to improve their functionalities. For E-Commerce websites, UX Design is everything. Their website is their weapon to fast track their audience’s interest in a more subtle way. They need to sustain their website users like never before. To accomplish this, UX Design is the perfect solution since your users would find it more pragmatic to use your product or website. applications of UX DesignNot only the E-Commerce industry, that game-changing user experience design process is slowly latching its way into many unusual areas like automobiles, fashion, and the entertainment industry. That’s a healthy trend we need to celebrate!

Let’s take the example of healthcare apps. The majority of the users, aging from 60-70 in the rural and cosmopolitan cities would be new to the technology front. They would not be experts in using the app or website. They might need extra guidance on operating the app and understanding its functionalities. If this is the problem statement, a tutorial or interactive guides would come handy. Your users can leverage them to understand how to operate the product.

Other industries such as Agriculture, Aerospace, Food, and Education are utilizing UX Design to the best. Let’s see a few applications where these industries are reaping the benefits of the UX Design process.


Tech companies keep introducing many new smart apps for the betterment of farmers. They can carry out farming in the most economical way possible. Combined with technologies such as Blockchain, the area of app development is booming in the landscape of farmers. But with complex design and unfriendly functionalities, the app is more likely to repel away your users.

Since many of the farmers in countries such as India are not much educated, they would face difficulties while using the app. To avoid all this, a well-strategized UX Design would be the foreground to bring productivity into the lives of the farmers. They can enjoy an uninterrupted service that would match up with the daily needs of the farmers.


When we are mentioning about the food industry, that would let you remember apps such as Swiggy or Zomato. They act as a bridge between the restaurants and their customers. To ensure that the delivery cycle is convenient and less time-consuming for both users and the restaurant owners, the UX design of the food delivery apps plays a crucial role.

Another study states that for the food industry, SEO is the best method to improve traffic. If that has to take place, then your website has to be up-to-the-mark, engaging and interactive. With a well-planned User experience design process, you are sure to achieve this feat!

The user experience would be above the par if you implement the methodologies perfectly. Thanks for all that! Now we can contact our favorite restaurants and munch on those delicacies within a short period.


The education industry is still at the beam of introducing the internet to enlighten the students on various topics. Not everything can be learned theoretically. Some concepts would require you to visualize the concept and get a clear understanding. Your user experience design process would play a major role in providing a pleasing effect to your user.

To bring this into the sense of reality, businesses can introduce E-learning apps that would help the users to learn everything by working on real-time, practical projects. This would kindle the interest level in the students. Implementing gamified learning would have a tremendous amount of user benefits. In most cases, the app users would be ranging from children aged between 5 to 18.

Why product companies use UX Design?

No UX Design process is complete without considering the user perception. Without user input, your product design is as good as nothing. Losing the market and audience trust would cause severe downstream of your product story. product companies use UX DesignYou should accompany the user journey like a trustworthy friend from the start to the end. To make it happen, the only solution for the UX Design company is to channelize the complete process uniformly. The Japanese term “Kaizen” would explain UX Design better. It is the way by which you improve constantly for the betterment of your product. Instead of waiting for the right solution, you can present an elegant solution that supplies your user demands. Then you can work on improving the way your product revolves around in the market. Improvement is a life-time process. Your product should keep evolving with the race of time and people’s choice. WIthout syncing with the current trends, your product is not likely to reach the top spot. Hence product companies can opt for the UX Design process if they wish to upscale their product to a higher level.

Why do you need UX Design?

UX Design is all about satisfying the demands of your user. With this, you can identify your design requirements by conducting the workshop and get a clear makeover on the prototype of your product. With all this in mind, you can test the waters with your user research team and develop appealing solutions. UX Design Statistics state that each $1 you invest in UX would fetch you a return in between $2 and $100. This is an undeniable proof of the popularity of UX Design. In current days, UX Design is the best way to implement changes in your product model. If you want your product to make a lot of noise, UX Design processes are inevitable to apply.

With a killer User experience design, you can produce memorable products your users would never wish to forget for their lifetime. They would be 200% satisfied in quality, price and usability range. They can get a clear sense of your brand credibility which would improve the trust level.

Business size doesn’t matter nowadays when you need UX Design. If you are a startup dreaming of introducing a disruptive product or an MNC not compromising on the quality of products, then moving on to UX Design would be the smartest move. UX Design is all about impressing your users and customers with your graceful products.

How is Pattem Digital unique in UX Design?

User experience design might seem like a complicated role. It is a combo of multiple roles like developer, designer, strategist and content creator. You need to be an all-rounder to get a proactive idea about what you are doing.UX Design process. You should have skill sets that you would love to flaunt like psychological analysis, problem-solving, cognitive mind with an analytical approach. Any job role would demand you to give your best. UX Design is no exception. You have to be that curious individual who idolizes learning opportunities. You should have that hunger to win and strive harder to win. These characteristics describe our team at Pattem Digital faultlessly. We are that team of individuals aiming to hit the center of the dartboard by implementing state-of-the-art technology and unmatchable research work. Being a UX Designer, you just need to skyrocket your user experience to an unimaginable level. We take exceptional effort to ensure that this happens. Coming from a design background, we make sure that we implement our sound knowledge in the design process. Starting from the ideation process to determining the low fidelity and high fidelity prototype to focusing on the visual design side, we execute it flawlessly to make your product a huge commercial hit. We do not leave any step incomplete to fetch that impeccable experience you can offer your user.

By introducing your product to the market, you would have a certain set of expectations from your users on the way they react and interact with your product. Sometimes, like Newton’s third law, you might have to face equal and opposite reaction for the effort you invested.

The equal reaction is fine.

But the opposite reaction is a big no!

Every business would want its users to cherish their products.

Businesses should not feel satisfying the users as a huge burden. They should enjoy the entire process tirelessly.

At Pattem Digital, we can let that happen without leaving any stone unturned. Your users would be happy by the way you have designed the product, respond enthusiastically and spread a positive word of mouth. What more is needed to ensure that your product is on the right side of the realm?

Putting users at the center of all design choices

We design products, services, processes and journeys that sell in the real-time markets. By saying real-time, we mean the current market scenario that keeps changing at a faster pace. The preference of users keeps moving forward, rather than retrospecting.UX Design ideas Being entirely aware of this process is the core point of our strength. We walk that extra mile to make sure that our customers are satisfied, just like you want your customers to feel happy about your product. Right from the ideation phase to visual design, we stand by you. We take meticulous efforts to brainstorm the best strategies for organizing your content in the right form. A clean layout, that your users can interpret directly is adequately demanded. The flexibility is in-demand nowadays for any website or product due to future requirements that might arise.

With Interactive Prototype, you can visualize what you dreamt, ensure that the hypothesis of the product you are set to test is up-to-the-par and validate the idea that is on your mind in practical terms without depending on the theoretical aspects alone.

Our user-centric design approach is enough to get your users hooked! We follow the design-first strategy where the design is relatable, cool and interactive. We create multiple personas, research extensively and understand the perspective and requirements of your user

Employing Pattem Digital’s UX Design Services to Strengthen Your Product Ideas

Pattem Digital is the steadfast ally that ambitious enterprises looking for growth need. We specialize in providing excellent UX design services and real-time assistance for product firms. excellent UX design services

We have the knowledge to support your success whether you’re a forward-thinking inventor with a ground-breaking product concept or a global giant aiming to provide an exceptional user experience.  We welcome you with open arms and offer guidance and help, even if you are interested in UX design and want to broaden your knowledge. We cordially encourage you to go on a transforming journey with us using our vast array of more than 100+ services. Get in touch with us right away to discuss your UX design needs over a leisurely beer or cup of coffee.


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