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Demystifying IoT Platforms: Understanding their Functionality and Operation

interconnected mobile apps and Apple watch through which you can get the data on your health status, traffic management and much more. They all run on an IoT platform.

An IoT application development platform can be used to connect with every other IoT application (cloud-based) and other devices to transfer information through various internet transfer protocols. There will be several sensors along with data networks in the picture. The IoT application development platform can connect the data network to different sensor arrangements. Through this, you would get various insights on backend applications. These sensors would generate a great amount of data.

Right from bootstrapped startups to tech giants, many companies are betting on IoT platforms for product development. How many of them are way beyond the league?

Exploring Top IoT Application Development Platforms

An IoT application development platform can be used to connect with every other IoT application (cloud-based) and other devices to transfer information through various internet transfer protocols. There will be several sensors along with data networks in the picture. The IoT application development platform can connect the data network to different sensor arrangements. Through this, you would get various insights on backend applications. These sensors would generate a great amount of data.

Right from bootstrapped startups to tech giants, many companies are betting on IoT development platform. How many of them are way beyond the league?

Let’s have a look at the top platforms for IoT application development platform:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT

aws iot development platform core is nothing but a managed cloud platform offering permission to connect a number of devices in an easy and secure manner. You have the freedom to interact with any kind of cloud applications along with various devices.What should you be knowing about AWS? What are its core features? Pattem Digital can explain about this IoT development platform. With AWS IoT, you can get the support of billions of devices and receive many more messages. You would also be able to process as well as route your messages to AWS endpoints in a more reliable manner. Amazon has spread its wings across various niches including entertainment, cloud, and retail. When Amazon announced the AWS IoT platform, people were certain that the quality of products would be above-the-par. They have kept up to the expectations of people.

Here are a few features of AWS IoT development platform:

Registry to recognize various devices, Software development kit for different devices, Number of Device Shadows, More secured Device Gateway, Inbound message evaluation with rules engine, Amazon predicts that its IoT platform would make life easier for developers. With the help of different sensors, they can connect to, various applications right from automobiles to home appliances.

AWS IoT has now partnered with different hardware manufacturers like Texas Instruments, Intel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom. They are creating starter kits that are more compatible with their IoT platform.

Google Cloud Platform

Google is ruling our world! It has even left its mark on the cloud platform. The uniqueness of Google is its ability to manage large amounts of data with Cloud IoT Core. You would get advanced analytics with the help of Cloud Data Studio and Google’s Big Query.

Here are a few features of the Google Cloud platform:

  • Speed up the business processes
  • Increase the rate your devices work
  • Use cloud services to minimize the cost
  • Partner with different ecosystem

ThingWorx IoT application development platform

Thingworx iot application development platform is one of the leading IoT platforms in 2019. This employs various features such as:

  • Easier connectivity of more devices to different platforms
  • Take away the complexity from IoT application development
  • Sharing the platform among various developers to ensure faster development
  • Integrating your device with machine learning tools to automate complex big data analytics solutions
  • Deployment of embedded, cloud or on-premise IoT solutions

Microsoft Azure IoT development platform

The Azure Internet of Things (IoT) is a wide collection of Microsoft-related cloud services with which you would be able to connect and manage a wide number of IoT assets. If we should put it in a nutshell, your IoT solution would consist of more The Azure Internet of Things (IoT) is nothing but a long range of Microsoft cloud services. Pattem Digital is here to tell you about it. than one IoT device with an ability to communicate with many back-end services that the cloud hosts. You would be able to build and secure more IoT apps in a secure manner.

With a decade long Microsoft enterprise experience, you can know that Azure is the best option for any kinds of enterprises and organisations. The industry size doesn’t matter over here. Azure IoT has control over any kinds of tools, devices, security features and data analytics that can take care of the IoT goals. Microsoft is focusing on bringing more IoT products.

Microsoft Azure iot development platform is inventing new businesses, reducing waste through AI and Machine learning and improving the productivity of businesses invariably. Some of the features of this IoT application development platform include device shadowing, identity registry, a set of the rules engine and monitoring the information. To process a large amount of information the sensors generate, Azure IoT suite combines with Azure Stream Analytics.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is rushing in terms of its popularity among developers. This IoT application development platform has been backed up by IBM’s hybrid cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) development platform. With Watson IoT, you can deploy more IoT applications. These are the added perks to those who use IBM Watson:

  • Device Management
  • More secure communication
  • Data Exchange on real-time
  • Easier storage of data
  • Supported by weather data service and data sensor

Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

Cisco’s IoT development platform is meant for mobile operators specialized in offering Data and voice connectivity, IP session control, SIM lifecycle management, and customized reporting and billing.

They provide real-time visibility with a more advanced approach along with more updates from network-level right from transport, user, core, access, and cloud.

Cisco has collaborated with the National Farmers’ Federation in Australia to provide more IoT solutions in agriculture.


Samsung ARTIK is nothing but an integrated IoT platform providing you with the fastest way to provide an interoperable, intelligent and secure IoT platform. You can unify a number of software,This inter-operable, intelligent and secure IoT platform can help you go a long way. Get to know about Samsung ARTIK from Pattem Digital. hardware, security, cloud and other partner ecosystems in a single offering. You can make use of simple, open and enterprise-grade SDKs and APIs. You can let third-party apps, services or devices interact with any kind of device.

With Samsung ARTIK modules and tools, any business can bring innovation into picture through new IoT platforms in the market. With the new kind of revenue streams, you can grow your business in a better way. This platform can offer businesses with a number of benefits in terms of IoT. You can take utter advantage of its features compared to any other platforms.

Artik has also offered a number of options for every kind of business. Samsung Electronics introduced Artik, an end-to-end IoT platform to support next-generation services and products. Samsung Artik provides proper security for your products. With more services such as Cloud, Artik Module, Security and ecosystem, Samsung Artik can provide more security features to products. The special features include cloud, security, and modules to ensure versatility and simple-to-use features.

Universal of Things- IoT development platform

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s IoT platform is offering clients with more scalability to help them solve several problems. The platform is known to offer support to deploy locally or on the cloud. They are being used in the automobile industry or smart cities.

Here are a few services this platform offers:

More secure finances:  HPE takes care of Data monetization of many companies in-and-around the world.

Data Analytics:  You collect data, analyze it and let your business expand.

Application Designer and Marketplace: There are many built-in applications to help you create more IoT services.

Platform Architecture: The platform provides a single point and vendor to enable managing Machine-to-machine (M2M) devices.

Salesforce IoT Cloud

This IoT development platform is designed primarily to maintain customer engagement levels. This has been powered by Thunder. The platform helps you to create more sales, marketing, services, and app-related opportunities. Salesforce is leveraging IoT to its maximum capability to ensure more productivity.

Mindsphere- Siemens

This is one of the best solutions if you are moving on to Platform as a Service (PaaS) to develop more applications. This cost-friendly application can offer cloud-based solutions to help you connect with all the devices. The company is quite serious while dealing with all the cloud storage data. The data is also confidential and comes under DIN ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

There are many options such as local connectivity and open interfaces.


This open-source IoT platform acts as a middleware to hasten up the IoT solutions deployment process. The cloud enablement software allows you to connect various devices, transport-agnostic link and add a feature specific platform.

Some of the features of this IoT application development platform are:

  • Reduced market time
  • Reduced development cost
  • Customization options for business apps
  • Handling millions of devices
  • Direct hardware integration


With the high-stream technological development in recent times, things have changed in this world for the better. The world is moving in an every faster manner with a stream Carriot is here to offer everyone with the best ever IoT application development platform experience in the market. Pattem Digital can talk to you about it.of technologies such as IoT taking over the market. Carriots would be offering you with an high-end Internet of Things(IoT) platform with a design to solve every requirement of the industry belonging to today and tomorrow. Innovations can happen every time at any place.

Carriots are here to support you throughout the process. With Carriots, you can handle both machines to machine as well as digital twin projects. Using this IoT platform, you can easily build and host many IoT applications. The level of popularity is high since you would be able to integrate with a large number of applications.

Carriots helps you to build and host several applications in the Internet of Things. This PaaS platform is growing in terms of its popularity among the users. You can easily integrate with other applications. We use Machine to Machine development technology over here.

It offers various functionalities such as:

  • Device management
  • Custom alarms and control panel
  • SDK application engine
  • API key management
  • Data export feature
  • Better customer hierarchy level

Datav- Bsquare

BSquare has launched Datav recently. It is a hybrid platform application to help you manage all your services. The company has tied up with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Google. It consists of several services to predict the issues taking place in all your ecosystem.

DataV also helps you to predict failure by increasing the uptime, enabling adaptive diagnostics, managing IoT devices, and improving the efficiency level through condition-based maintenance, asset utilization, and optimization.

Oracle Integrated Cloud

Oracle offers businesses with better big data analysis meant for IoT data. There are various features in this IoT development platform such as endpoint management, device virtualization along with high speed messaging. The added advantage is the analytics platform to manage IoT applications. With this, users would be able to receive direct notifications on their devices. The products are integrated seamlessly, faster in approach, providing you with real-time insights. They are quite secure to use.


Mocana is an IoT platform whose aim is to provide more security to different Industrial IoT solutions and clouds. It offers IoT services to more than 100 companies. This full-stack platform is of military-grade, offering high speed and performance.

Unleashing the Power of IoT with Pattem Digital: Your Trusted Development Partner

Businesses are flying high on the technology front. They need top class platforms to support their vision and mission. Every platform has its own pros. In AWS, you get to recognize different devices and involve inbound messaging. Cisco can offer you with real-time visibility. Google is famous for its minimal cost and faster processes. Salesforce promises more productivity through sales, marketing and other opportunities. Siemens offers you efficient cloud storage facilities. Carriots supports device management and offers a better customer hierarchy level. Still feeling cloudy about which platform to choose? Consult with us at Pattem Digital, the best iot app development company.

We have a team of renowned IoT App developers who can help us with your business requirements. We are thriving to make this world a better place with our IoT application development services. From documentation to maintenance, we are your kin. If you want to build amazing IoT application development services, don’t wait anymore! We are there to support you!

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