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What is Staff augmentation: Why should you consider it?

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Unraveling the Duel: Staff Augmentation vs. Managed Services

Are you looking forward to building your prominence over the market with your dashing products? Staff augmentation is here to serve the purpose. Staff augmentation vs Managed services- which one would suit your business model? Every business has to clearly understand what these two are and how to choose the right model. Statista states that the IT outsourcing market would reach upto $481.27 billion by 2022. A survey states that 59 percent of IT services have moved on from the traditional break-fix model to a managed service model. These are some of the highlights of what is  Staff augmentation and what is the difference between Staff augmentation and Managed services. Both have their set of positives and negatives.

Let’s explore more on Staff augmentation vs Managed services.

Why do you need a Staff augmentation model?

Imagine you have to build a product. You are set to launch it a month later. Your team is working day and night with a cup of coffee. They experience burn out and ultimately get stressed out owing to their tight schedule.Staff augmentation model You would also need expert advice and people whom you can rely upon to accompany your product journey. With the right staff augmentation model, you can set forth your business standards. They would be working along with you on a number of projects without any hassle. This team would support you throughout the calendar. You can get all the necessary support from them to build your product in the best ever manner. With the staff augmentation model, you are all set to offer people the solution that they have been looking for. If staff augmentation is your cup of tea, you need to look for businesses such as Pattem Digital who can support you to build the best products. They should be trustworthy individuals with a sense of commitment. Building a product itself is a mammoth task. With the way this market revolves, you cannot shillyshally your tasks. To get it done in time, staff augmentation is the need of the hour.

The Powerhouse Advantage: Benefits of the Staff Augmentation Model

It is a daily happening where the company seeking for particular assistance in non-profile areas would encounter a situation where they have to decide between staff augmentation or managed services. Anybody who has been working on strict deadlines with neck-level financial investments would understand why they need the stuffed team. If your team is lacking that Midas touch in the form of professionalism, it would complicate your routine.

By providing the difficult and time-taking task to a team of 3 or 5 members, you are not going to make it up to the end. This has been a common phenomenon where companies seek some assistance externally. This stage just happens for every company. The most common way to accomplish any external mode of service is through outsourcing. This is often accompanied by out staffing.

The most popular approach taken up by companies is outsourcing. This often comes up with outstaffing. IT outsourcing practices provide you with the entire delegation of particular components in the development process.

Some may argue that outsourcing would be a risky idea due to the client company’s low control level. This is not always true, especially when the outsourced product development company is quite flexible and communication-centric.

The outsourced services might range from coding to testing to design. If the company does not have internal resources to deal with this factor, then outsourcing your project might be the best decision. If the project is very complicated, then you might need to go for staff augmentation or managed services. Both might seem more similar to each other. But each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s explore more on Staff augmentation vs managed services.

What are the benefits of Staff Augmentation services?

This method is a simple hiring technique where one developer is involved to manage the entire team into the office. The broken bridge between hiring and staff augmentationbenefits of Staff Augmentation service is the availability of temporary resources. You might ask why you need not hire a few more people to complete the project permanently. The reason is simple. Staff augmentation offers you with a number of benefits when you are working and collaborating with your team members. When you involve Staff augmentation, you need to know the strength and weakness of your team members, You need not think about it much when you are outsourcing your services elsewhere.  Any staff augmentation service providers would ensure that they offer the best support in all aspects. They would always be with your team members to support you through thick and thin. You can get your work done by ensuring that you communicate your requirements with your team members in a more conveying manner. Once the project gets over, your team would not require any more members. The requirement of highly-qualified professionals to get your tasks done or to make tweaks in your tasks is a must. These are the positive traits of Staff Augmentation:

Cost-effective solutions:

Why should you pay to get the work done by the additional workers? If you require them only for a shorter phase of time, you can invest that same amount of time and energy on some other resources. If you are going to pay no full-time wages, that would reflect on your annual revenue. In short- with staff augmentation, you pay only for what you do.

Flexible approach:

Flexibility is more vital than power. To be adaptive is the best feature when you want to reach the top of your business arena. This is important when you want to improve your team intensity with the augmented staff.


When you develop a project, with staff augmentation, it is vital to take full control of your project. The work of the project manager is to check which project is allocated to whom, who takes care of the minor tasks and who is minding the critical tasks. This way, you get complete control over the main product.

Less Risk:

With complete outsourcing options, you are completely responsible for the development process of the project. You get to monitor the status of the project until the end of the project. When you augment your staff, you are doing the same as you do with the project. When the situation is intact, you can reduce the risks involved in the project. You can improve the situation in-hand smartly.

Though there might be a few disadvantages such as less cost, more time and incredible expenses. If you have a lot of flaws regarding the company processes, you might encounter more expenses when it comes to staff augmentation. This will backfire the in-house team and overall company workflow.

Hence you should be very careful while you are choosing the staff augmentation company.

What is the Managed Services model?

The managed services model has been in practice for quite a while. Many businesses have started opting for this model owing to its efficiency and customer-friendly approach. People have Managed Services modelstarted using it because of its cost-cutting benefits and other such vital points. With a managed services model, you gain permanent control, greater business adaptation and feedback techniques. Here is the definition to Managed Services, as per Wikipedia: – “Managed services is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis certain processes and functions intended to improve operations and cut expenses. It is an alternative to the break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model where the service provider performs on-demand services and bills the customer only for the work done.” When the client company is not only going to source the system maintenance, it would entirely delegate the control of the app. Right from support, maintenance, monitoring, understanding the business KPIs and reports, you can manage every service.

Exploring the Pitfalls: Dissecting the Cons of the Managed Services Model

It has its drawbacks, including the reliability of the vendor, the quality of the services, expensive costing and compensation management. It is not as easy as it seems. You need to put extra efforts to set it straight. Depending on the kind of your project, you can choose if you want to go for

With managed services by your side, you can build products that your audience would love to accept. To pick the best business model, you need to consult with the right product outsourced company. Any standard company would be able to guide you in an expert manner on which services would choose you.

The Perfect Fit: Choosing the Ideal Model for Your Business Requirements

Making the right choice needs expertise. Only an expert team would help businesses handle the situation in an able manner.

With Staff augmentation and managed services, you can complete your projects quickly and effectively. These are one among the well-known ways to build your end-user trust.

Embrace the Opportunity: Get Thrilled About Staff Augmentation!

With Staff Augmentation, you get to work on exciting projects. You never face any delays or issues. You get to complete the projects in a shorter period. You experience the best teams, best mindset and best market approaches.

With Pattem Digital by your side, you are set to build products that your end-user would love to interact with.

We offer you endless IT staff augmentation services, from documentation to product maintenance. We are set to expand our horizons widely towards various parts of the world.

If you are looking forward to outsourcing your project, you have approached the right company. We would be able to help you at every point in time.

Let us know if you are looking forward to any of our services. We would be glad to help!

Also, if you are a developer or if you know anybody with a wide sense approach towards working on different projects belonging to fortune 500 companies or disruptive startups, we would be more than happy to have you as a part of our team.

All you need to do is to reach out to us. We are here to guide you on further processes!

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