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Offshore Software Development During Covid

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Facilitating ODC Setup during COVID-19: India’s Support and Solutions

India has always had a harmonious pact when dealing with Offshore Software development. As of now, many American companies such as Google, IBM, and Uber are providing all their resources to Indians for combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources do not confine themselves to donating medical kits. They are also actively providing a free e-learning platform, increasing ventilator production, and donating a number of face masks. Indian companies have taken up a vow to revive their market post this pandemic and get back into action. It is the absolute necessity of every Indian company as well as MNCs to get their business flourishing in terms of software development outsourcing. To keep themselves up and running, much-outsourced product developments or Offshore software development companies have taken up the task of setting up ODCs in India for companies that have their headquarters elsewhere. During these crucial times, this is going to act as a cost burster and keep everyone on the right track since India is well known for software development outsourcing.

Unveiling the Appeal: Indian ODCs as a Reason for Startup Companies and Entrepreneurs

Offshore development has grown in real-time. It is no more an alien term to anyone. Be it a startup with a disruptive idea or an MNC that has already established itself as a giant in the industry, every company has its own requirements that need the best execution. Hence startup companies and entrepreneurs can make it happen if they are dependent on the right team of offshore development companies. India abounds with them. Many companies are seriously Offshore development in India has played a great role in impacting every sector from retail to e-commerce. Pattem Digital can explain about it.considering the idea of outsourcing their software development requirements to developing countries like India for the purpose of saving costs and improving all the possibilities of operational efficiencies.  A number of companies are dependent on staff augmentation models for making all their processes agile. They also have the liberty to add more staff when they need to the project. But this is not always advisable since in the long run, it might lead to serious threats to the cost. With long-term operational plans in the picture, offshore development centers would be the right choice for all companies. The Indian startups are no more dilly-dallying about starting their offshore software development center. They are firm about their decision to start their offshore development center in India since the cost of labor is extremely low over here unlike other places across the globe. Since it requires a lot of effort to build a business from scratch in a strange and without being familiar with the geographic conditions and other such factors, it is always advisable to go for offshore development models. This is the reason why businesses have to focus on creating their offshore development center in India. In India, there is no dearth of talented people. The majority of the folks are highly skilled. Also, the cost and regulations are extremely low while we compare to any developed or developing nations. Hence India has a lot of potential among any other nation globally for offshore development processes.

Models used in Offshore Development Center (ODC)

There are a number of Offshore Development models across the globe. Likewise, India allows companies to follow a number of Offshore Development center models. These three are the most commonly used yet more crucial business models coming under ODC:

  • Fixed Cost Model
  • Dedicated Team Model
  • Hourly/Material and Time Calculated Model

Fixed Cost Model

This Model is one of the most simple yet most beneficial models. It is extremely ideal for every small-to-medium business. With the offshore development costs being fixed, you can get rid of all the additional services or hidden costs. This model is extremely relevant for all SMBs since they offer a fixed budget. Every organization would feel quite the same by keeping themselves away from any additional capital investment required in their software development journey. The price is also finalized. Every company has the liberty to predict if the software development processes are going on well. With strict deadlines, you can get your task done without any fuss. An excessive amount of supervision is not needed over here.

Dedicated Team Model

With this team-oriented model, you can leverage every resource related to technology, platforms, and architecture. A dedicated virtual ODC center model would be assigned to a single project at a particular time. This is the right model if you want to develop any complex or huge-volume project. This is more suitable for long-term projects. This might go well when the project lasts for quite a long time. This model adds more value to business projects. With large retention rates, the productivity flow is also high. You can get the modifications done fastly and ensure high-end productivity.

Time and Material (T&M) Model

This model is on the basis of “As you use, you pay”. We use the Time and Material (T&M) Model while the total work scope, as well as the duration of the project, would be uncertain. This would go well when you cannot estimate when the project would end. This model might not be a suitable option for every offshore development process. When the volume of your work is going to fluctuate, this model would do. With hourly rates, transparent processes, and flexible needs, this model is the right choice for uncertain projects.

How cost-effective is ODC in India during COVID-19?

When there is more demand and fewer resources, Offshore Development comes into the picture. During COVID-19, it is well known that we live in unpredictable times. We cannot quite be sure when everything would turn back to normal. In such cases, it is always better to choose the most cost-effective solution for your business. ODC would be the right choice. When companies are coming back to India with their ODC requirements, they can be sure that they have made the right choice. India has a lot of scope with regard to the Offshore Software Development Center. They can cut down your cost to half of what you have been spending so far. You can choose the developer, designer, technical writer, or UI/UX strategist you need. This is going to allow you to build your own team and finish your projects without any fuss. This is the reason why many companies are choosing Offshore Development centers as a part of their processes.

How to set up an ODC in India?

Setting up your ODC in India isn’t an arduous task when you have the right team to guide you. Manually, you need to understand what the government regulations would be pointing out. You should Understanding the requirements of the company should be the first step of success for any ODC company in India. Pattem Digital can help you out.understand the way the country operates and the mindset of the people over there. Next, you should understand the geographical and climatic conditions of the country. Once you are done with all this, you should hire the right Offshore Development company to get your requirements done. All this would help you out in the long run.  Choosing the best Offshore Development company could be a challenge if you are new to this process. They Should be someone whom you can trust with all your heart. They should be familiar with all the processes and with the right set of policies and team spirit. If they go well with all these requirements, then you can choose them as your Offshore development partner. They would be able to help you across your time in the particular project. Remember, choosing the right Offshore development center is as important as investing the right amount of time in the project as you delve deeper into it further.

Selecting Pattem Digital as your partner for offshore development

Pattem Digital has the ability to take care of your Offshore Software Development requirements like never before. From documentation to maintenance, you can handle everything without any hurdles. That’s the reason why we are deemed the best Offshore Software Development Company in India by our clients. Contact us if you are looking for a superior level of service. We are always here to support you.

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