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Unleashing AEM CQ6: Pattem Digital’s Automotive Industry Assistance

The businesses engaged have certain challenges specific to the AEM Automotive industry. In the year 2020, creating a website for this sector turned out to be a difficult undertaking. To engage viewers, it was necessary to have a website that could efficiently display flashy vehicles and blazing-fast bikes. Although AEM CQ6 has been a popular option for this use, other platforms can also accommodate such needs. However, AEM CQ6 has numerous benefits over competing CMS platforms. As a Bangalore-based provider of AEM CQ6 development services, we have a thorough understanding of the technology and the problems it solves for particular industries.

Advantages of using AEM CQ6

AEM allows every business to easily and dynamically manage different digital assets with document management solutions such as community connection portals and social engagementAdvantages of using AEM CQ6 options. Needless to say, you can manage various user-generated content under one spot. Nowadays, businesses crave nothing much other than their online presence. Creating your online presence is as important as naming a just-born baby. It is an important source of revenue for every business where they can attract every customer, retain their existing customers, and strike a balance between their brand value and business. Gone are those days when you could get away by creating a text-based website. It has to be visually appealing, enticing, and interactive. It should showcase your product as to how you would build it. There are various ways to make this happen. You can use various content formats such as images, video documents, infographics, and much more to keep informing your customers and maintain a perfect bond with your stakeholders, partners, and vendors.

Enhancing Success: The Amazing Benefits of AEM for the Automobile Industry

The automobile industry does require a creative strand to represent its products in a picture-perfect manner. With the teamwork and collaboration tuned in, you get to work with your team members in unity. You can deliver excellent media collections to various users across several channels. Nowadays, many automobile product makers understand what AEM is all about. You get 4 modules over here:- Assets, Forms, Sites, Mobile, and Community. This is what makes AEM as one of the topmost CMS platforms where you can create high-quality websites, mobile apps, and forms that can produce more traffic.

These modules are something you need to sneak-peek at:


Using a single platform, you can build and manage your website with a responsive design. You can operate from a single location and manage several websites simultaneously in various languages. You can optimize different shopping carts as well as deliver an extremely virtual experience on other devices when you have the option to manage and launch marketing campaigns from a particular location.


Using a mono-code basis, you can create deliverable apps on different platforms. When you leverage in-built analytics, you can analyze your app quickly and make the best out of review metrics. No more dithering and tethering when you want to migrate the content. You can tweak your content on a single dashboard.

Asset Management

Using the Asset Management feature, you can customize your asset variations and integrate it with Creative Cloud when you want to create the best-ever workflows. You can manage your assets from Cloud, deliver a personalized experience to your client and easily assign tags and metadata for various assets.


Device and location-based user experience matter the most. You can access various easy-to-access forms through which you can enjoy a memorable experience based on your location and device. This will allow you to produce an extremely engaging form completion process. With automated workflows, you can merge your data with the already present system.


With Communities, you can interact with many customers and developers. This is going to happen at a particular platform. You can optimize your engagement level through content recommendations from different communities. Enterprise customers can leverage the maximum potential of Aem Automative Software Development since it is considered among the best CMS platforms available in the market. You can integrate all the essential digital marketing and content management functions under a single umbrella.

What key benefits does AEM hold for the Automotive industry?

The Automotive industry is full of surprises. It keeps evolving regularly with the shift in time. From Bullock carts to Self-driving cars, we have traveled too far.

In-built DAM:

AEM consists of Digital Asset Management (DAM) for letting you store your content and go on to manage all your visual assets on the cloud platform. This will enable all your teammates to easily access their project files from various locations. The central storage is going to improve your work efficiency far and beyond.

Integration of Creative Cloud:

When you want to bridge the gap between DAM and the Digital Marketing requirements of your business, you need to integrate the system with the creative cloud. Your workflows can get simplified easily. This high-quality content is going to remain synced up with your company.

Well-structured Search:

AEM can let you add more tags and metadata when you have files uploaded to your cloud platform. This can give you extremely easy access to your media. Not much time is spent looking for the right media. This is going to make all your future searches quite faster. Your team efficiency is going to be on the rise.

Manage your tasks effectively:

Being a part of the AEM Automobile industry, you might need to work with different team members remotely. AEM can offer you individual spaces to work on various projects. Your dashboard is going to remain clear. When every team member has a different role to play, you get to collaborate with various groups. With many features, such as annotations and comments, you can work in harmony by assessing their feedback, which translates to the best-ever workflow.

Conversion of Visual Media:

The automobile industry is all about the visual representation of your products. With AEM by your side, you can easily convert all your files into various formats when you want to engage with different audiences across several channels and platforms.

Efficient Video Management:

AEM will help you showcase all your products with videos on many screens. You can drive a lot of engagement, improve brand loyalty and leverage your customer experience. You can also understand your customer’s mindset and improve your brand value. You can use AEM to showcase your products using a variety of videos on multiple screens. This drives engagement, leverages the customer’s experiences, and improves brand loyalty.

Personalized Content:

AEM can offer you a platform where you can deliver proper media content that gels up with your brand’s voice and tone. Your customers will get tailor-made, customized experiences when they leverage the content.

Advertise your Automobile products like a professional with AEM

When using AEM, your users would not even need to visit the nearby showroom. They can get the same experience sitting in front of the screen. Marketing is not just about creating a Automobile products like a professional with AEMcustomer profile on various social media platforms. You should make decisions by observing all the analytics, creating campaigns that stick with your audience, and targeting the right set of people. When you can integrate it with different tools, you can make the maximum out of the platform. You can integrate your tool with AEM-Marketo Connectors and integrate it with third-party providers. AEM is a tool that people use for better third-party integrations. The most used AEM integration is Marketo. You would be able to integrate AEM Automotive with your Marketo platform, which will let you leverage many interesting features when you want to improve your website’s UX. AEM has been one of the best tools to use. Many developers and professionals have started leveraging its applications and versatile features. If you are using AEM, you must know its pros and cons. That is only going to help you out.

Why choose Pattem Digital for the Automobile Industry?

Get to work with one of the best Aem Development Companies. When working on your Automobile website project, you need the support of the best team. Pattem Digital is the one for you in that case. Being an AEM Developer in Bangalore, we have been able to carve a place for ourselves in the market. From documentation to maintenance, we are there to support you. Contact us if you have any requirements

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