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Sitecore Version 9 – Features You Need to Know

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Sitecore Version 9: Emancipating Businesses with Next-Level CMS Capabilities

Sitecore version 9 is one of the topmost digital marketing and experience software recognized by top global organizations as one of the top tools for professionals. It is best suited for every business looking forward to creating more personalized, customized, and seamless digital experiences. This integrated platform CMS behind its screen. It can offer you all the features that any powerful digital marketing tool can offer. The key product of Sitecore is its Sitecore Experience Platform (XP). It is a combination of the most powerful content management system (CMS) with the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) and Sitecore Experience Manager. With each and every update, the evolution and growth of Sitecore are obvious. There are more innovative tools added during every update. With SitecoreExperience Commerce, the cloud-first Digital Experience platform would offer the most preferred shopping experience. In a nutshell, the capabilities of Sitecore extend from being a digital marketing tool to a CMS platform.

Grasp the advantages of sitecore 9 for attuned customer experiences

Even though Sitecore along with other CMS platforms is quite popular, Sitecore is known to be a well-known enterprise-level CMS extensively known for its versatility. It has been received well by the community. What are the best Sitecore features? What are the advantages of it? Let's explain in-depth with the aid of Pattem Digital.The content structure is on the basis of the tree consisting of nodes with parent-children relationships. Sitecore is found to be a leader in the content management platform. The major reason is how it offers more unique and personalized solutions for its people. There are many reasons why you should choose Sitecore. First and foremost, it is quite robust and goes on to offer an in-depth API with more flexible options. You get support when it comes to your enterprise-level needs. You can also use it on high-traffic websites. Content marketers can get the best out of its realms since it comes along with amazing features meant for all developers. You get to spend less time managing your documents and content. Your non-technical staff would be able to manage your documents directly. We prefer Sitecore owing to its marketing automation abilities. It is one of the topmost omnichannel solutions available in the market. With content personalization features, your customers get what they desire.

What are the top features of Sitecore 9?

With Sitecore 9 holding a number of advanced features, it has gone on to become a leading platform in the market. Organizations leveraging Sitecore should utilize it to ladder up their digital marketing strategies. These are the reasons why digital marketers can get the maximum out of Sitecore:

Explore the New forms module

The Web Forms marketers were familiar with have aged out. The UI is getting more outdated in comparison to Sitecore development.  With the new-age drag-and-drop UI, you can get the support you Sitecore can support you when you want to build the best websites and web apps in the world. Join hands with Pattem Digital to build it.expected from the multiple-page forms. Similar to WFFM, you can extend the module through a few customized actions. Along with that, you can leverage many useful default actions which come out of the box. With the new forms module, you can get everything done without much fuss. All your form-related queries would come to an end with this new feature. You get to make it extremely complex-free with the advent of the best-ever industry features. It is time for you to make the best out of this New forms feature when you go about Sitecore 9. There are a number of Sitecore features that you should remember. This is one of the best-ever Sitecore features you should add to the list. Sitecore development has a lot of amazing features to provide your team with. This one has gained momentum among every marketer in society since it has made form creation extremely simple, fuss-free, and uncomplicated for everyone out there.

Sitecore 9 Marketing Automation

Are you planning for automating your marketing requirements with Sitecore? Sitecore Marketing Automation has got your back. With Sitecore 9, you would go on to replace your engagement plans with all the marketing automation stuff. This is a new feature similar to the forms module. With an extremely simple drag-and-drop UI, you can implement the best plans ever. You can directly access the data from your dashboard instead of hiding it in the Marketing Control Center. You need not enroll any user in a plan at your specific state through code or a wffm save action with Sitecore Marketing Automation.


XCONNECT has been making a lot of noise in the industry since it was introduced by SItecore. We have got to use a multitude of sub-features with this amazing feature. It has a number of uses for current-time marketers. With this new service layer sitting between your client and xDB, you can expect it to be a device, CMS, or any other custom server-side process needed to write or read xDB data. With xConnect as your Service layer, no other system would have direct access to the search indexes or collection databases.  Any system with the idea of accessing your data would go through xConnect supporting new innovations like GDPR. We generally install xConnect separately from Sitecore. Hence Sitecore would not have any other dependencies on the Sitecore Kernel. While you install Sitecore in a local manner, you can see two new IIS entries. One of them is for Sitecore whereas the other is for xConnect. We can communicate with xConnect through RESTful API over HTTPS. Integration with it is extremely casual. xConnect allows you to scale more systems than depending on the CMS alone. Hence it is time for you to leverage this facility to the maximum.

Sitecore Installation Framework

When you are into Sitecore development, Sitecore Installation is crucial. You would have noticed that the installation of Sitecore 9 is quite different in comparison to all other versions. You need not copy any web root and restore a few dbs. With a new-age framework on the basis of PowerShell scripts, you can carry out your installation process. Even Though it can be time-consuming, you can sort it out easily. All your DevOps tasks would get improved vastly. You also get to put your installation scripts in your deployment pipelines. With this feature, Sitecore installation becomes extremely simple. You get to leverage the maximum out of this framework if you utilize it wisely.

Federated Authentication

Sitecore 9 features are here to offer you the needed support to delegate all the user authentication requirements into your Sitecore CMS through an external authentication provider known as Sitecore Open Web Interface for .Net (OWIN). With this enabler, you can handle every external provider as well as their miscellaneous configs. In earlier versions, permissions were synchronized with the Sitecore membership database. They are also managed locally with Sitecore. This can create more permission errors as well as problems. Sitecore 9 offers authentication against its OWIN middleware such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and OAuth.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator

There are many Web development teams who utilize Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) for fastening their website production and reusing layouts, components, and templates across a number of sites. SXA is here to separate your structure from your design. Hence it is the best choice for teamwork. With Sitecore Experience Accelerator, you get everything done without much fuss. With Sitecore Experience Accelerator, as its name suggests, you can experience what you have always dreamt of.

Sitecore Headless and JSS

In a nutshell, JSS comprises a series of services and APIs. JSS is responsible for extending Sitecore’s component-based, dynamic layout model to your front end. Hence Sitecore Headless and JSS is the best combo when using any kind of service supporting your hosting with Node.js applications. This is also a prime feature in Sitecore 9.

Why is Pattem Digital the finest worldwide Sitecore development company?

Pattem Digital has firmly established itself in the domain of Sitecore development, winning recognition as one of the world’s top Sitecore development services, as attested to by our respected customers. Accept the transformational power of Sitecore 9 with our avant-garde services, as we stand ready to provide unflinching support and assistance at your beck and call.

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