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Tips For iOS Game Development

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Developing iOS Games: Proven Strategies & Tips for Success

There is not going to be a dearth in terms of iOS Game development techniques. Many games would eventually find their way into the app store. It should be noted that half of the entire downloads taking place in the App Store are of games. If you want to build your own iOS game, then it is going to be more competitive than ever. Gone are those days in the winds when games were meant for only kids and teens.

Over 55% of mobile gamers are found to be nearly 55 years old, while around 21% are between the age group of 25 and 34 years old. Some games like Subway Surfers and Angry Birds attain next-level popularity whereas other games disappear from the audience’s attention. In such a scenario, how would you be able to win the trust of iPad and iPhone owners?

There are quite a lot of tips for iOS Game Development and swift game development:

Game development- The story arc matters the most

This is the first and foremost tip for iOS game development and swift game development. Not just iOS, but for Android and Windows too. The baby step you are going to take up would be to tips for ios game developmentgo through your future app concept without blinking your eye. Then you are supposed to tell about the game machines from your game content. When you want to develop a platform, your game mechanics would include your character’s physics, controls, the behavior of your enemies and other kinds of stuff.

Your game content would be your different game levels. You are going to have more than 20 or 200 levels with your own textures, objects along with landscapes if you want to amuse your player. There is not going to be any change in the mechanics for different locations. When you want to model your game mechanics in a coding format, you should ensure that all other stuff is not in code files. If this is not going to happen, you might end up with more duplicate codes.

This is not going to help your development pursuit. Supporting the game would be harder. When you are going to make a small gameplay change, then you are supposed to face each and every file level. It might even exceed hundreds. If the game is quite complicated, then the best option would be to split it into different gameplay and resource files. The resource files are going to store various positions, game objects, and animations whereas gameplay files are going to hard-code your mechanics.

Integrating time-dependent actions using a core timer:

An update loop is a concept through which you can orchestrate all your gaming actions. This would give a realistic approach to the world. It is similar to a timer that would set how often you can render the game on the screen. More often, mobile games would get rendered over 60 frames per second. At times, your developer might prefer to set his or her own timers meant to deal with specific actions.

They often do not remember that global rendering speed is capable of slowing down your mobile games. This would take place when your game is more complex. This can also happen when you overload the iPhone. After this happens, your game actions are going to get out of sync. Your harmonious world would easily fall apart. When you want to get rid of this issue, make use of your game engine’s timer without depending on your own.

When you are in need of adding your own timed actions, you can integrate them using an internal timer. In this way, your rendering speed is going to drop down from 60 frames per second. With this, every time-dependent action is going to remain in sync. Your game would still look more smooth.

Memory consumption- The El dorado for the complete experience

Do not let the app treat the memory of your device like you can consume it at once. You should make sure to discover your memory usage. It might get restricted in various ways on yourtips for ios game development iPads and iPods. Hence you would not be capable of developing your game assuming that it would be able to occupy every available memory resource. If you want to decrease your memory consumption, then you need to avoid using your png loading function of Apple’s GLSprite Demo. It would still consume more cache images and memory.

That is going to slow down the game’s performance. You should not fail to think a step ahead while you design the sprites meant for an iOS game. You should crop the sprites more accurately and tightly when you draw them. It is quite common for the iOS system to be slower when you mix it if you are not taking care of it properly. By keeping a proper check on memory consumption, you are going to ensure faster processes.

It is going to lead the way to a smoother operation. Your system is not going to make cracking noise at any point in time if you take care of your memory consumption. Remember these foremost tips for iOS game development to work efficiently.

Third-party libraries- The destroyer:

Often developers would take the path of least resistance. They would simply prefer to build the games around different third-party libraries without looking at the solutions. Being an iOS developer, you would not be able to get away. Apple would not allow you to integrate any third-party apps into your game if you want to use them on iPhones and iPads.You are still free to feature your App on the App store.

Platform selection- The game decider:

When you can choose the right platform to develop your game, you are going to increase your workflow in a dramatic manner. That’s for sure. You can focus directly on our creative part instead of focusing on the routine. The choice would pertain to the animation, game genre as well as user input solutions. You need to pick the one which suits your game development pursuits well.

GameMaker is the most favored platform among Android and iOS game development. It would offer you all the required tools to deal with your end-to-end game building. It consists of a drag-and-drop interface as well as exporting different tools. The system holds its own built-in script language that looks more like JavaScript. GameMaker’s codebase would allow you to export the game directly to the iOS platform.

Using Stencyl, you can create more games without involving any coding skills. LiveCode is also a more powerful coding platform to create native games as well as apps. With different widgets, extensions, and libraries, you can hasten your development process.

Leverage the right tools

You need not depend on “All coding and more work” if you want to develop the best game ever. With a number of game frameworks, engines, and tools for making iOS game development simple, tips for ios game developmentyou need not depend on harder ways to develop your game. Game development tools such as Unity Mobile and Unreal Development Kit can help you build the best 2D and 3D games ever on Android and iOS platforms.

You can also opt for other tools such as Sparrow, Newton, and torque. They consist of a rich library with lightweight support. When you are going to use the right tools, you have all the things sorted. You need not stumble and mumble at any part of the time. All you need to do is acquaint yourself with your customer’s requirements and build games that would mark a sustainable place in the industry and among the hearts of your audience.

It is time for you to leverage the right set of tools and get the maximum benefits from them. Only then would you be able to build the game that gets your audience hooked to their seats? You should make it a priority to build memorable games with the best available tools. The best iOS Game development company can support you with this.

Why Pattem Digital for iOS Game development?

Pattem Digital is the best partner to alter your company’s operations when it comes to iOS game development. Our knowledgeable team is capable of producing outstanding games that enthrall and involve your target audience. You may create games that revolutionize the direction of the gaming industry by utilizing our knowledge.

As an iOS game development company, we are committed to providing thorough support throughout the whole development process, from conceptualization to maintenance. Let’s have a conversation about your needs and then set out on a quest to make unique, compelling iOS games. Pattem Digital is your go-to resource for unmatched competence in iOS game development.

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