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Best Google Cardboard Apps For the Best VR experience

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Why do you need to use your Google cardboard app For VR?

It was June 2014! The whole crowd was waiting about the VR headset Google is going to introduce. When Sundar Pichai spoke to the crowd in the Google I/O developer conference, he mentioned that everyone would get access to a “Cardboard.” People were quite surprised and muddled. They did not know if they had to take his words seriously. But when the Google Cardboard apps was given away to every attendee, they were taken aback by what they visualized through the VR. It has been more than 5 years since Google Cardboard was introduced. Google released the Cardboard software development kit (SDK), especially for Android as well as iOS operating systems. The VR View involving the SDK would allow your developers to embed the VR content directly on the website. Not just the web, but also the mobile apps. You should familiarize yourself with the famous VR apps that support Google Cardboard in the market.

Why is Google Cardboard trending in high time?

When you are dealing with Google Cardboard, you need to ensure that your system is all set to deal with providing the best experience for the users. It should be your ultimate aim. Majority of the biggest tech firms are highly investing in VR technologies. Facebook has spent nearly $2 billion in order to Google cardboard has been trending in real time for its app development features. Let Pattem Digital explain everything clearly on it.acquire Oculus Rift. Disney has invested $65 million into Jaunt, a fast growing VR company. Microsoft has also introduced HoloLens over this year. It is into selling the entire device to different developers for $3000. Apple has spent nearly $32 million to get hold of the engineers at Metaio. It has also invested over $345 million for acquiring PrimeSense. There is also a strong consumer interest developing for virtual reality cardboard. Google Cardboard for VR Technology makes the technology more accessible even to hobbyists. You can also go a step further and make VR Technology more user-friendly. You will get access to 360° vacation images and educational videos with which you can enjoy to the core. Have a look at the currently trending apps in the market. If you are planning to start using any of these apps, do research about them well before you start leveraging them. Based on your expectations, make the right choice. You would be surprised of their ability when you start using them:

vTime XR

Want to make the best out of Google cardboard for VR? This Google Cardboard app is basically a virtual reality social network specially meant for Google Cardboard. The tagline is quite self-explanatory in itself. You get to meet people, not just through voice or text or videos, but “almost” in real life. By downloading vTime XR, you can meet new friends, chat with them and share all your photos. The best thing about this is it’s cross-platform. When you are into Cardboard, Samsung VR or Oculus Go, you can connect with everyone across the globe. As of February 2019, vTime became the first-ever cross reality (XR) social network after the addition of AR mode. This update allows every user to meet and greet other users in the VR, AR or 2D Magic Window mode. This is more suitable for people with a liking for cross reality experience. It is indeed a delight for them to use virtual reality cardboard.

InMind 2 VR

InMind 2 VR is nothing but an adventure game that emphasizes human emotional chemistry. It takes its inspiration from the Disney movie “Inside Out”. It also finds its roots in Lövheim’s theory of emotions.What to know about inMind 2 VR? Pattem Digital has everything you need to know. Based on the gameplay, we take our best experiences to create a more innovative and visually appealing VR experience. In this adventurous game, you are going to follow the journey of John, who turns into an adult. You are going to shape his adult life, let him romance and form new interests. Are you ready to build the future of John? This game is a tester for your decision-making skills. You can make John’s life your own with InMind 2 VR app! When you are hiring Virtual reality development services, you should ensure that your team is on the verge of succeeding. With InMind 2 VR game, you can see the team effort where they would have succeeded in every aspect. You should understand that you are always on the right track when you are involving your team productively and dedicatedly. This game’s team would be a classic example where they would have used the right tools and efforts to build a masterpiece. This would guide you when your team is involved to build a VR app.

Inception VR

This app is known to fetch you new content each and every week such as FashionTV, Time Out, Associated Press and Pitchfork. You can visit London or New York, it’s up to you. You can visit the shrines or Taj Mahal. You can have complete fun. Would you like to travel in the woods with The Economist? How about a song with the cuckoos? Anything is possible with this super-powered VR app. Get this Google cardboard app if you are looking forward to creating a whole new experience. This will offer you a better VR travel experience in the future. That is going to put you in the right mode to get,set and go!

These VR app makers make sure that we always bring more immersive counterparts into the life of everyone. These folks are known to build an entirely new reality meant for the entertainment industry. They deliver premium quality VR and 360 degrees content to every consumer across the world. You get to delve into the VR experience in bigger times. When you are going to use Inception VR, you are going to get a whole new VR travel experience. That would add value to your money and time inherently. It’s time you think about installing this VR app.

YouTube VR

YouTube VR can take care of a lot of your video related tasks. It can manage everything from your VR requirements to video watching experience. This is not actually a new app. Yet it has a huge capability to scale across space. This has a huge ability to browse through different videos in their library. This way, you can find the content that suits you well. Right from music to memory games, you have a variety of options across this platform. This app is definitely the best choice. This app is designed in such a way that users are not going to uninstall this app as soon as they install it. This app provides you with the experience you have been waiting for! With YouTube VR, you are going to experience all the YouTube VR in real life. It is not a tough task to download this app and watch it. It is going to be a lifetime experience using this app.

Kingspray Graffiti VR

Have you ever wanted to be a street artist? We don’t mean you painting yourself in tricolour and standing before a huge crowd. This amazing VR app, Kingsta, allows you to carry out with your spray paint fantasies across five different digital walls. It can be anything from rooftops to laboratories. The effect is extremely realistic with drip and spray effects. Your experience is more complete with caps, pressures and cans with which you can customize your entire masterpiece. You would be able to load up more images, project them on different paint surfaces thus allowing that to act as different stencils, save your 360-degree screen captures and collaborate with a few online friends and paint. You can even throw bricks and pieces on your virtual friends, in the virtual world. If you are a graffiti lover, this VR app is a must-have for you. You would get to experience the best graffiti across the globe.

Netflix VR

Some people might not agree with this, but there is a separate section for kid’s shows and documentaries on Netflix. Netflix reaches out to more people, making it more accessibleWhat to know about virtual reality cardboard services? Get to know from Pattem Digital. to people across the world. Netflix, in recent days, has launched its own VR version to watch different movies, series and much more. Even though the app needs perfection, it is worth giving a try! You can get a more thrilling experience with Netflix VR. This would allow you to get the best ever VR experience within a short span of time. Netflix was among the earliest to adopt VR, that went on to launch in 2015 with Samsung’s Gear VR headset. This is the backbone of Google’s Daydream View in 2016. There are two kinds of modes available: living room mode and Void mode. The living room would provide you with a more cosy space. You use it when you sit back and relax with your family. You are going to enjoy everything when you are playing this game. Your overall experience would be worth it while you spend time playing this amusing game. It would be the best ever experience while you play this game with your family members or kids.


How about converting your Instagram page into a virtual museum? This is another app from the team of Sketchfab. Instamuseum would allow you to turn your entire Instagram feed into a complete walk-in museum. You would need to set up your Instagram account to public view, use all your login details and within a short time, you would be able to see standard white wall gallery, Wall and Cube and The Louvre. This app would allow you to get that museum to feel within a few minutes while you are rounding in it. With a few clicks, you would be able to convert your entire Instagram feed into an instant museum. Then it’s your turn to welcome your audience with an autograph or two. What’s more? You are the proud owner of your own museum with Instamuseum!

Google Expeditions

It is an open secret that the Google Cardboard app “Google Expeditions” was originally a classroom app. But soon after its introduction, it started being a classroom favourite. The app has been a part of the VR scene for a while. It is no more concern if you are in your school or not. You can travel to various places, visit the seven wonders of the world and travel underwater to get a glimpse of coral reef and mermaids (Maybe!). All you need to do is enable minimal setup to get the best engagement. Your students would get a lifetime adventure with AR or VR. You get to explore the history, arts, science along with the natural world. If it is roaming with the dinosaurs or looking back at the Renaissance sculptures, Google expeditions can offer you a magical experience. This would inspire the creativity, enthusiasm and imagination of every student.

Star Wars VR

It’s time for you to take on space combat by donning the role of a rebel fighter in Star Wars Battlefront VR mission. Star Wars VR is taking over our lives in ways unimaginable by us. Virtual Reality would be allowing you to play the role of a Resistance agent on Jakku. You would be playing the role in a desert atmosphere, loosely based on “The Force Awakens”. After you finish scanning the special poster, the app would introduce you to augmented reality (AR). Even if you don’t currently use Google cardboard app, then also you can use Star Wars-theme headsets. The virtual reality experience is going to bring out more media, news, social updates, special events along with interactive features that relate to the series. You would be able to get all the latest updates on the sounds and animations, 3D characters and much more. Experts recommend you to use Android 4.1 with high-end headphones along with the gyroscope.

New-York Times VR

With our virtual reality development services, you get access to award-winning journalism here with the help of 360-degree videos. This is available in both Android and iOS. The VR experience is above the par over here. The New York Times provides everything in the form of VR. You get to see the news you read on live-action. This Google Cardboard app is available for free. You get access to more exclusive 360-degree videos. It can either be for smartphone-only mode or Google Cardboard. You can get different push notifications about the launch of a new film, downloading or streaming movies, Daydream enable option along with spatial audio. By getting the new NY Times app, you can get all the latest news stories.

Choosing Pattem Digital for Unparalleled VR App Development

Pattem Digital stands out as the top option for VR app development because of its significant expertise working with specialists in the field. Our elite Virtual reality development company is committed to providing the greatest VR effects in the business. As a multi-award-winning development team, we take great pride in producing products of the highest caliber. By selecting Pattem Digital, you can make sure that you’re making the best choices for your VR app. We strive for perfection in all we do, and we’re always here to help you with your virtual reality development needs. Make contact with us right away and allow us to exceed your expectations by offering you first-rate VR app development services.

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