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Ultimate Guide to Types of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Exploring the meaning and concept of “Virtual Reality”

Virtual reality is quickly becoming a new reality that has the potential to transform various sectors and alter how we perceive the world. Are you curious about how it functions and what it can do?
Virtual reality is the mixture of many technologies together. Want to know more about the types of virtual reality? Contact Pattem Digital.Our expectations have been exceeded by the development of virtual reality, which now affects more than just the entertainment industry. Virtual reality is inspiring a surge of excitement with its novel uses in education, healthcare, and architecture as well as immersive gaming. Prepare to be enthralled by the revolutionary potential and the seemingly endless possibilities this technology has as it continues to progress. This world is going gaga over how YouTube allows you to switch to VR mode while you enjoy the cinematic viewing experience. At present, there are ‘n’ number of such impeccable VR applications.  Generally, Virtual Reality (VR) is considered as the ability to create 3D, computer-generated or simulated environment. It is different from normal interfaces where you get to view only the 2D side of the game or the movie. In VR, you get to experience a 360-degree simulation experience.  This is the definition of Virtual Reality in Wikipedia:  Virtual reality (VR) is nothing but a simulated experience that is known to be entirely different from your real world perspectives. It can hold many Applications such as entertainment, gaming along with educational purposes including military or medical training.

Your Virtual experience might not be the same as real-time experience. It may vary altogether. Depending on how does virtual reality work, each experience might vary.

Differences between 2D video, 360-degree video, and VR

With 2D video, you flatly represent a topic, place, object or an event on a 2D screen. It could be in the form of an instructional video, animation series or a movie. A 360-degree video would be more realistic in representation. Anybody who is wearing any VR headset (say Google Cardboard) or watching a movie on a 2D screen through Why depend on virtual reality? How does virtual reality work? Pattem Digital can explain very well.YouTube or Vimeo can experience the best 2D effect.  VR experiences leverage computer graphics or 360-degree videos or both of them. You can incorporate 360-degree video effects to get access to an immersive video game. With 360-degree video, you get to visit places that are actually present elsewhere in the world. A 360-degree video would feel more real. It involves emotions and deep connection to every character. Participants would get to interact with every character and become co-creators in the process. There are many schools, colleges and companies successfully leveraging 360-degree video to train their students and employees. Research shows that simulations would offer more effective learning or teaching tools to develop the psychomotor domain to allow participants to learn by doing. A research study proves that nursing students in Sweden took part in an interactive 360-degree learning experience to understand the level of trauma a patient has undergone. Another scenario showed that students learnt climbing effectively by learning it virtually. This helped them to improve their skills invariably. How does Virtual Reality work?

Basically, there are four major types of Virtual Reality: Fully immersive, non-immersive, collaborative and web-based.

What is a fully immersive virtual reality?

There are different types of Virtual reality development you should know about. Fully immersive virtual reality is one of them. Various technologies connected together form VR. People’s central nervous system gets connected to the VR system. After that, they are made to forget their physical self and their surrounding environment. The interaction with the world happens through all our senses. With a completely virtual world, you get to interact through your different senses. You can reproduce all the senses and get awesome feelings for which you would have never hesitated to pay more bucks. There are endless opportunities with VR.


Non-immersive VR is one of the basic types of virtual reality. would be providing you with a computer-generated environment. This would give you an out of the world feel. With non-immersive VR, users can easily control the physical surroundings.What are the best VR Development companies in India? Pattem is the name you should remember. They also get the awareness of what’s happening all around them. They get to experience the sound and visuals clearly. Non-immersive virtual reality development systems would rely on a video game console or a computer system for display. You can give the input through mice, keyboards and controllers. This is opposite to semi-immersive VR in which you use pedals, racing wheels and much more. This is with the notion to offer more broader gaming experience. With different input devices, users can directly interact with digital content put forth on the display. Your VR system might change according to your industry requirements. With the aid of 3-dimensional VR-oriented user interface meant for telnet management, you can get too close with the observation and architecture of different complex topics related to the subject. You can also identify the pitfalls and loopholes in it and clarify it with your team. Building a Non-immersive VR platform would require the support of your team members as well.

Collaborative VR

People get to work with the same foal and objective with collaborative VR. They can discuss in the virtual environment that would improve their teamwork, save cost and increase productivity. Teams would be capable of collaborating on different designs. Every team member can see that the changes they make get reflected in real-time. Every stakeholder can collaborate on different projects, play out various planning scenarios and collect more feedback. Collaborative virtual environments would allow training in rural areas too. Specialists would be able to offer remote coaching to employees living in distant places. You need not travel across the world, avoiding any communication disturbances on the way. These are just a few of the benefits involved in collaborative VR.

What experience would I get with WebVR?

This is an open specification to allow you to experience VR in your browser. You get to experience the best VR experiences with any device you use. In order to experience WebVR, you might need two of these items: a compatible browser and a headset. You can get access to the most basic headset such as Google Cardboard. Using advanced headsets such as Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR, you can get the best experience. To get the best features with more features, using a VR headset that is connected to the computer such as HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift is the right idea. This will ensure that you have higher resolutions with framerates. This can also allow you to walk around the VR world.

With the best Virtual Reality development, some websites would allow you to use a phone or computer without the need to use your headset. You would not be able to see it in 3D or interact directly with your VR worlds. Yet, it is possible to experience everything in 360 degrees.

The thin line between fully immersive and non-immersive VR is that in the second case, you can only feel the visual effect. You would not be able to experience the sensory kinds of stuff such as smell, taste and sense.

The growth of virtual reality development has been fast and furious in recent days. 2018 saw the dawn of Neurable, which introduced an advanced brain-scanning headband built with the help of electrodes.

This application offers hands-free control of the Virtual world. We are yet to witness even more new ideas in this field, especially in game development and entertainment industry.

Let’s get deeper into what separates Virtual Reality from regular interfaces we use daily.

Identifying the Unique Elements in the Development of Virtual Reality:


Can you imagine scuba diving, landing on the moon or visiting Antarctica with your friends while sitting at your office? Enjoy all these unimaginable, highly expensive and surreal experiences in real-time. The entertainment industry is going to welcome more such experiences with warm hands soon. Stay tuned!


There is a principle behind interactivity in VR Technology- What you see can respond to you. Similarly, you can respond to what you see. As you swiftly turn your head, the virtual world will adjust itself to your perspective. How can anyone not mention Pokemon Go while speaking about interactive VR experience? In that game, everything that existed in the virtual world already existed in real life. It was a simulated world with a reality induced experience, by fusing ‘virtual’ into ‘reality’.

Deeper probe:

You cannot explore the 2D pictures, games, movies and videos when you merely watch it. With virtual reality, you can explore every part of your virtually simulated world. Are you going to visit that particular street in your virtual game city? You can get the satisfaction of fighting those supervillains over there!


Your virtual world is capable of immersing you completely with sound, sense, taste and even smell. While you are playing a game with your VR headset on, you can experience that thrilling effect when a dragon stares right into your eyes!


The simulated world is not far away from reality. You can simulate the entire experience from scratch. It is not as simple as that. It requires the effort and planning of a large team! The best example at present would be the online gaming platform ‘Second World’. You get to interact and collaborate with real people on a simulated, 3D world.

Can the best doctors from all over the world collaborate on a virtual platform to perform a surgery? Yes, it would be a widely used application in a few years. With that motive, scientists introduced the DaVinci surgical robot in 2009. There are 1000s of robots in usage now across many hospitals in the world.

We are going to get a glimpse of many such game-changing VR applications in the near future.

Virtual reality is set to disrupt various industries in the most unpredictable manner. Let’s wait and watch how things unfold! Get ready to submerge yourself in the world of Virtual Reality!

Pioneering the VR Revolution with Pattem Digital

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