There is an unconstructed bridge between the design and development teams which stops them from working together. With the new barrage of technological advancements, it is now becoming imperative for designers and developers to extend a helping hand to each other.

Designers and developers alike are now familiar with the Agile methodology. The question that remains is how do these cross-functional teams work in unison in companies? Read on as we find the answer for this perennial issue faced by all major product companies.

Meet the futuristic world of tomorrow you thought would be a lifetime away. Amazon has recently opened its first state of the art physical grocery store in Seattle.

How is it different from your regular “Kirana” stores? The Amazon store will not have a security guard cross-checking and punching your bills against your purchases. Guess what, it won’t even have a checkout counter. Yes, the concept of “pick and go” in supermarkets which was akin to shoplifting is now a legal way to checkout from the store. Walk-in, pick anything you like and be on your way.

Of course, there is a lot of technology working in the background to ensure that you pay for your shopping but without it obstructing your shopping experience. Just download the Amazon app to see how your grocery shopping will never be the same again.

The cashier-less “Amazon Go” stores is your doorway to a simply magical shopping experience. Because, it lets you shop without getting in queues and you don’t get the dirty looks from people behind you in the line wondering what will you do with all that junk in your cart.

Download the app to get tin the store, grab the items you like and go! But if you think that you will miss out on the human interaction when you need some help, you will sstill have Amazon staff at your disposal inside the stores. This staff will help you in the aisles and check your IDs for the legal drinking age. Win-win for both the technology and human involved in delivering a better shopping experience.

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