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Cassandra vs SAP HANA- Which fits the saddle?

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Cassandra vs SAP HANA: A Comprehensive Insight into the Data Powerhouse

Cassandra consists of the wide-column store on the basis of DynamoDB and BigTable. On the other hand, SAP HANA holds more column-related data, along with an in-memory data store that can go very well with the cloud service or appliance. The difference between Cassandra and SAP HANA is that the primary database model of SAP HANA is a wide column store whereas for Cassandra it is Relational DBMS. You need to be very clear on what platform you are going to choose.

Cassandra – The Casanova of Data Management

Apache Cassandra is nothing but an open-source and free, wide column, the distributed platform with  NoSQL database management system. It can handle a large quantity of data across a number of commodityCassandra vs SAP HANA servers without any point of failure. It is also a scalable, high-performing, scalable and distributed database with a more sophisticated and better design compared to its predecessors. It is a type of NoSQL database. Let us first understand what a NoSQL database does. You can manage a large amount of data without risking much. Apache Cassandra database is the best choice when you should build a more scalable and available product with no compromise over the performance. There are a number of benefits of apache Cassandra. Fault tolerance and linear scalability on various commodities of cloud infrastructure and hardware are important when you want to replicate across a number of data centres to provide more latent, first-class solutions to all your users. You would also be able to enjoy a great number of regional outages. NoSQL database is going to have the following factors. It could be Design simplicity, Availability control and Scaling horizontally. NoSql databases leverage more dissimilar data structures in comparison to all their other databases. It would make a few operations faster in terms of NoSQL. The suitability belonging to the provided NoSQL database depends directly on the problem it must be solving.

Proven Expertise In The Industry

Cassandra has been leveraged at various companies such as CERN, eBay, Constant Contact, Hulu, GoDaddy, Netflix and other 1500 companies with active and large data sets.


Cassandra has the ability to outperform any popular NoSQL alternatives with respect to real-time apps.  It has a lot of potential to perform in an exempleric manner.

Fault-Tolerant Processes

Data has been automatically replicated when there are a number of nodes to handle fault-tolerance. When you want to deal with a number of data centres, you can handle replication. You can replace your failed nodes without any downtime.

Decentralization Of Data

You do not have any single failure point. It does not have any kind of network bottlenecks. There are a number of identical nodes in every identical.

Scalability At Its Centre

Majority of the largest production deployments such as Apple consist of 75,000 nodes storing over data of 10 PB. Netflix consists of over 2500 nodes and 420 TB with more than 1 trillion requests made in a day. The famous Chinese search engine Easou with 270 nodes and more than 800 million requests in a day with eBay having nearly 100 nodes with 250 TB.

Durability At Its Base

You can use Cassandra to build apps that cannot let you lose your data. This happens even when the entire data centre is going to be down.

You Will Be In Control

When you are going to choose if you need asynchronous or synchronous replication meant for each update, you can go on for Read Repair or Hinted Handoff.

Elasticity At Its Centre

While you can read and write throughput, it can increase in a linear fashion with a number of new machines. You are not going to face any interruptions or downtime to your applications.

It Should Support You Professionally

Cassandra is going to support any kind of services and contracts that can be available from any of the third party services.

SAP HANA- The Super static data platform solution

When you want to run your business data platform meant for any intelligent enterprise, any cloud or on-promise when you are supposed to act on with live intelligence, handle agile modernization as well asCassandra vs SAP HANA enable cost-efficient scaling. It is time for you to harness the data power and accelerate any trusted outcome-driven innovation when you develop more live solutions to deal with real-world actions and decisions occurring upon a single data. It is time for you to leverage the full ability of data with more trusted and outcome-driven results when you develop more live and intelligent solutions. You can easily support next-gen transactions and analytical processes with a more wider set of advanced-level analytics. You can support a wide range of next-gen analytical and transactional data with the cloud, hybrid and multiple cloud environments. The primary reasons why cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployments. There are other security memory as well as future-ready memory platforms that your data consists of. There are more intelligent processes that could demand a lot of better data processes. You are going to make use of advanced analytics that is going to combine with OLTP and OLAP on a single data copy.

The Exemplary Strength of Apache Cassandra Database

Run anytime, anywhere

You can modernize any data centre with the aid of flexible solutions for SAP HANA deployment. This can go well with any private or public cloud. You get access to customize any data centre with more than 1000+ certified configuration of appliances from as many as 13 vendors.

Real-time results

You can get a better outcome for your SAP HANA. Get to know how many companies see a 575% increase in ROI for five-years. This can lead to increased innovation when you can decrease your costs of data management. Cassandra vs SAP HANASAP HANA is nothing but another business data platform which can process a number of analytics and transactions at a particular time while you are using any kind of data. This can go well with any kind of built-in analytics. The data processing with multi-model engines can be used when you are developing any kind of next-gen apps for your intelligent business. You should also focus on reducing complexity. It is time for you to simplify all your ONE platform to deal with trans-analytic apps. When we leverage SAP HANA, you can analyze live data that can support any real-time business. This would also reduce data redundancy, hardware, footprint along with IT operations. You have to develop Next-Generation Applications. Leverage analytical processing capabilities and hybrid transactional processes when you are supposed to build any next-generation applications. While transforming your Database Management, simplification of all your operations with the help of a single copy of enterprise data along with a secure modern data platform is possible.

Process Data In-Memory

Enable data visualization, integration, and replication to effectively process transactions and analytics data across diverse locations.

Leverage Advanced Analytics

Leverage advanced level of data processing engines to manage your text, business, graph, spatial along with series data.

Why Pattem Digital for Cassandra?

Choosing between Cassandra vs SAP HANA can be a challenging task, but Pattem Digital is here to guide you. We simplify your Cassandra requirements with our comprehensive solution, helping you understand the key differences between Cassandra and SAP HANA. As an apache cassandra development company, we provide full support, from documentation to maintenance, ensuring a seamless experience. Join our loyal customer base and rest assured that you’ll never be left empty-handed. Trust us to navigate the complexities and make informed decisions for your business.

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