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Job Referral Program


Job Referral Program and earn rewards now!

Pattem Digital is all about its people. People from all walks of life call it home and make it a wonderful place

of excellence. Want to know more about our design referral program? Read more.

We are hiring talented individuals through our design referral program who are looking out for the next exciting challenge in their careers. And you can help. Apply for a suitable vacancy or refer your friends and stand a chance to earn up to Rs 20,000 in referral bonus.

Refer your family, friends, colleagues, ex-colleagues, alumni, acquaintances, or anyone you know who will be the right fit at Pattem Digital through our design referral program. We have a plethora of exciting job opportunities to choose from through our design jobs referral program.

How can you submit your referrals for a job referral program?

Step I: Watch the video –

Step II: Think of people you can refer to your network through this design referral program.

Add social media icons of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype

Step III: Choose the vacancy, share details and attach a resume of your job referral program to refer a friend to earn a bonus in this design jobs referral program.

Step IV: Refer all your contacts one by one in the development jobs referral program.

When will you be eligible for the job referral program bonus?

You will be eligible to receive the rewards after your job referral program has completed 3 months in our company.

You can refer more friends to this job referral program and enjoy the maximum referral bonus we have for you. Find your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, company portals, and phonebook, and start referring to them today. It is time for you to refer a friend to earn a bonus through a development jobs referral program.

Contact – for more information.

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