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What’s the buzz behind Pattem Digital Recruitment?

Here’s a little intro about me and what makes me qualified to write this article. I’ve rigored through the industry for more than the past decade. That’s a light year when you have been part of the ever-changing dynamics of the IT industry. Over the course of my tenure as a faithful employee, I hired 50+ teammates and interviewed 500+ potential friends for job vacancies.

I’ve now built a startup that is looking to reimagine the startup dynamics of product development and Outsource Product Companies in India. And yes, we are hiring!

Building a world-class team needs world-class resources

I’ve been privileged to have interviewed project managers, designers, developers, writers, and sales professionals, and consultants. Meeting all of them taught me a valuable lesson. That right talent can be found anywhere if you are looking for it. All you need to do is create a great portfolio and seize the moment when you get the chance to showcase your stories.

Let’s start with the portfolio.

The portfolio

During Pattem Digital recruitment, portfolios are taken seriously. We wear our critic hat when looking at the portfolio. We have seen so many unique portfolios that are etched in our minds. Similarly, we have seen our fair share of uninspiring portfolios too. A good portfolio shows the ambition, drive, and attention-to-detail of creator. Portfolio shows intricate designs, processes, ideations, executions, workarounds, and final products.

Yeah, showing off a great variety of work will help your case but we are also looking for good user experience. Show us how you solved a problem for the user, how you stepped in their shoes and exhibited great usability in your design.

Go online. It helps if you have a portfolio-based website. We like seeing works that show your storytelling prowess, vision, and creativity. You can show us your Dribble or Behance profile too but ensure that they speak for you. Put some more effort in framing that case study which you want us to see.

Ace The interview

Now that you have piqued our interest with your portfolio, it is time for you to ace the interview. Here’s what you can do with Pattem Digital recruitment.

Be positive

Bring your best smile to the interview. We are not here to recruit you against your wishes. We are not taskmasters. We are ordinary people, friends, and family you will soon get to spend the most of your days with. Show us what inspires you. Tell us your journey. Yes, we have questions for you. Show us you are the right fit for the work by being the best version of you.

How empathetic are you?

We build products and solutions for a varied set of users. We pride ourselves in understanding our users. We wofor our clients but we are focussed on our users. We want to see how you can relate to the user journey and how empathetic you are in your approach. Never be short-sighted and cut corners to retain or gain the user’s attention at the cost of a good user experience. Our team is all set to wow the customers by providing incredible services that would amaze you to the core! If a  team of expert is looking forward to building their brand through quality products, then they should definitely give our team a try. We prefer to put our team on the front.

Shape the work culture

We want you to fit in. We are a small team and each of us treats the others as their family member. We can promise you that your opinions will be valued. We want you to respect the values, cultures and opinions of your team members too. The work culture would impact a lot on your performance. We are aware of this and provide you with sufficient opportunities. Do you fancy a career change? Pattem Digital is recruiting ninjas who would join us soon. We know that building a world-class team needs world-class resources.

Do more than necessary

At Pattem Digital recruitment, you have a chance to do much more than you set out to do. Go beyond the realm of your job description and take on different mantles at work. Your enthusiasm, willingness to learn and initiative-taking skills will get you bonus points in your interview.

Skills over Education

We don’t care if you have an ivy league education or not. We just care if you make the cut on the points listed above.

We would love to meet you if you think that you tick all the checkboxes listed above. Pass our contacts to any of your other friends too if you think they will be a great fit at Pattem Digital recruitment.

Good luck!

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