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Using our competitive intelligence, we can help you outperform your competition in Google search results. We thoroughly and meticulously check the SEO issues affecting your website. We will bring you closer to your goals with a quick turnaround time.

Check out the various competitive analysis services we offer:

To be successful, you need to know what your competitors are planning. You and your competitors are vying for the attention of the same pool of users. Our competitor research and analysis can help you do the following:

Competition benchmarking

Know who your actual competitors are and what impact they have on the market. In this global age, your competition could be anywhere in the world. Market analysis companies like Pattem Digital can help you find your direct and indirect competitors. Compare the price structure, target audience, product/budget limitations, etc., as you set about winning the turf from your competitors with our competitor analysis services.

Gauge their user experience

Our industry analysis can help you understand the overall user experience offered by your competitors. Know how effectively their website conveys their offerings and what’s their state of affairs for user experience. We can help you compare the effectiveness of their CTAs on the website. Each CTA should bring the visitor one step closer to their goal.


Beat the competition with more visibility in the search rankings using our market analysis. Compare the number of pages on your website and the total amount of content footprint vis-à-vis your competition. Did you know that Google crawls everything on a website, from the metadata to the image tags? Yes, SEO optimization is the need of the hour for you to achieve a better search ranking.

Content comparison

Our competitor research brings helpful insights to your disposal. How far behind is your competition in new content creation? Do they have a dedicated blog that is updated regularly? What are the engagement levels of these posts? How many shares, comments, and likes to their post get on average? Do they encourage interaction on their posts in the form of user comments? We have all the answers for you.

Lead Generation

We will also compare the placements of the CTAs and other lead-generation tactics employed by your competition.

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