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Forget about the innumerable technologies scattered behind the shelf to build your Windows App. You need to choose the tools that would fit your requirements like never before. Building your Windows App requires expertise. Windows Mobile platform is often considered to be a compact version of your Windows Operating System. You need to be aware of the pros and cons of using each tool, why you should choose the specific tool and much more. Only then would you be able to choose the right Windows App development tool. Apart from Android and iOS Apps, Windows App has found a household name owing to its simple procedures.

Which are all the Windows App development tools you should be familiar with?

Windows App development is not going to consume your time and space, if you are employing the right tools for Windows App Development. If not, it is going to keep dragging your workload. To develop Windows 8.x Store apps or improve the existing Windows 8.x apps, you can go for these set of tools to develop windows app:

Visual Studio 2012 / 2013:

Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the best ever Windows app development tools if you are going to develop apps for Windows 8.x. Developing Windows 8.x apps using C#, VB.NET and JavaScript is easier. Visual studio | Windows App development company in IndiaThis would offer you plenty of templates for whichever programming languages you are going to leverage. You get XAML code to control everything you have on the page. Designing, writing and testing your apps would happen at a single destination. You would also be able to download your free Express editions with limited options. When you want to install Visual Studio, you might require .NET Framework 4.7.2. You can install it when you are handling the setup. This is one of the major properties of Visual Studio that you need to take note of. You have to be aware that the Visual Studio 2013 Community edition is of the free version. You can easily use it for many commercial purposes when you are in need to meet all your license requirements. However, you should note that the Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise edition, etc. requires you to pay. Visual Studio comes with a number of benefits for your Windows applications.

Ignite UI:

This was previously known as NetAdvantage. Remaining true to its name, it offers developers with the ability to create striking desktop and mobile experiences which are browser and touch-based. Ignite UI is nothing but a set of jQuery UI, jquery Core and jQuery Mobile JavaScript libraries you can leverage along with HTML 5 on client-side or your ASP.NET on your server-side apps. You can control all your data chart, data grid, tree, HTML Editor, Video Player and data picker. You can create stunning mobile apps with this application.


AllJoyn is an open-source platform that would provide you with a universal software framework. AllJoyn would offer your developers a chance to create a new proximal network consisting of interconnected PCs, car devices as well as mobile devices. AllJoyn allows every developer to communicate right away with the devices through a single program. When you connect everything, you can obtain any information. You can find information about AllJoyn SDK and its documentation for Windows 8.x in various resources.


ZipApp is a quite simple utility to use when you want to unarchive different set of files in .rar, .zip, .bz2, .gz, .7z, .tar, and different similar formats with the help of iPod touch and iPad. Windows ZipApp | Windows app development company in BangaloreMicrosoft and Nokia support ZipApp to easily create simple-to-use online Windows Store apps. It holds many application resources and templates to create a Windows Store app in a fun and frolic manner. All you need to do is register your app with a name and design its features. It would take only two minute to complete it. You can download the app using Visual Studio or upload it in the Windows Store directly. The newer module in Zipapp released in Python 3.5 aims at making a particular standalone more executable using a package from numerous Python files. Python is known to already possess an ability to handle this when they call the interpreter on an archive or directory like zip containing a file. Hence it is always great to use ZipApp if you want better formatting options. It would also save you more time and enable better processes meanwhile. If you want to get the maximum out of ZipApp, it’s always good to start now!

DevExpress Windows 8 XAML Controls:

DevExpress is nothing new in the arena of Windows App development tools. It has been doing rounds for quite some time. Users are quite familiar with this platform. By using Windows 8.x solutions, you can deliver what your end-user expects.

DevExpress would provide superior performance controls. You can engage the ultimate Windows 8.x capabilities to concentrate on your business logic.


FastCV, that employs Computer Vision from QualComm would focus on turning your device’s camera into an entirely new device. FastCV would let you add more features such as text recognition, face detection, gesture recognition, tracking and augmented reality. This is one among the Windows app development tools that can stand by you to create a stunning Windows App.

PayPal Windows 8 Checkout:

PayPal has carved a name for itself in the app development market. It can help you integrate your PayPal functionality into the Windows 8.x Store apps. You can add as many features you need into it.

Parse Windows 8 SDK:

Parse is nothing but a new age mobile app development platform. It has been designed with the intention to create more Android, iOS, Web and Windows applications. The fundamental behind Parse is “Backend as a service” (Baas) model. Parse Windows 8 | Windows app development company in chennaiIt also holds available SDK meant for every platform. The major purpose behind using Parse is for enabling the backend without needing to build any backend. You can easily build any number of applications faster when you use file and object storage, push notifications, user authentication, dashboard and many other unique features. It is always a good thing to use the most popular Windows App development tools in the market to sustain and thrive. It has a wide number of features to support your development team. Your developer would face the heat of securing their data. It is not going to be simple. To enter Parse SDK meant for Windows 8.x, you should ensure that you store your data safely and manage your users using .NET (intertwined along with LINQ) code that is available in the SDK. You can use the query to structure your data, photos and geolocations. It is always good to use Parse 8 when you want to build the best Windows App applications.


PhoneGap is an open-source framework used to create apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It was previously called Apache Cordova. PhoneGap is currently one among the biggest market players to develop apps for mobile, desktop and the web. It is completely free and thanks to the large community, it would grow in its size after each release.

Sencha Touch:

Sencha Touch Bundle is nothing but an HTML5 product which would allow your developers through the cycle of design to deployment from mobile to desktop using one integrated environment. The bundle would include Charting controls and Grid controls. These are quite popular for every development suite apart from Visual Studio. This can let you build the best Windows App Development Tools.

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