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Top 15 cutting-edge technologies in web-app development

In 2019, no technology could achieve cult status. Technology keeps changing daily. If you are not updated on the daily trends, you might be missing out on something vital. Hubspot states that 47% of online visitors would check your products or services page before moving on to any other pages. They also noted that 38% of people would never mind engaging with your website if the website layout or content is not up-to-the-mark.

Why should you choose the best ever web development tools?

The competition is off-beat! With the decrease in attention span of people, you have to go that extra mile to sustain your website or web app, visitors. For this, you need to employ state-of-the-art technologies available in the market. You should look into your business requirements and be choosy about the front-end tools for web development.

Take a look at the hot web development tools and web-app development tools that can help you sail across flawlessly.


Are you aware of the fact that 31.4% of top eCommerce websites have employed Magento owing to its open-source platform, functionality, on-premise deployment i.e. utilization of resources more effectively, 24/7 support and fuzz-free website management options.

  • With Magento on your side, you would not face misalignment of the customer and potential customer data, abandoned carts, ignored customer care requests or unnoticed orders.
  • It is the best platform if you are choosing an E-Commerce platform.
  • You get a variety of options to customize your website as per your taste and requirements.



With Magento, you get to experience the best. Your e-commerce website would be one of the top-notch web applications in the market.


Back in 2003, it was known as a normal blogging platform. Today, nearly 75 million websites trust WordPress. That’s a huge number! The main advantages are:

You need not hold a certification in any programming languages like HTML or CSS to operate it. You can be a chef or a doctor. You can be up and running with the confidence that you have an affordable and reliable web development tools in your kitty.

  • It is known for its scalability, secured features, easier installation, deployment, and auto-up-gradation process.
  • The setup and maintenance costs are also very much lower.
  • You can easily customize your website as per your choice flexibly.
  • An added goodie is you get access to over 1000+ plugins and themes.
  • Developers can leverage APIs to deliver kinds of stuff such as blog posts, products or customer reviews.

The reason behind the popularity of WordPress is its outreach to common audiences. If you are just starting on your business or solopreneur journey, then WordPress would be the best option to make a move.


Previously known as Personal Home page, it now holds on for Hypertext Preprocessor. This is one of those web development tools which you can use for web frameworks, web CMS and different web template systems. It is an open-source and free platform that is quite easy-to-learn compared to ASP, JSP, etc. The majority of the web hosting servers work in tandem with PHP.

Reasons to choose this platform:

  • It bridges the gap between newer trends and clients directly.
  • You can get all the in-built support needed to work in-hand with MySQL. They would suit well with any DBMS.
  • This cross-platform app would allow you to deploy on any number of OS such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS and so on.
  • They go well with any social media websites, blogs, eCommerce, CMS, and other encyclopedia related websites.
  • With PHP, you get to experiment on various web applications without much constraints. This platform would also allow you to move on with your web app development phase with no roadblocks and less maintenance.


Through these web development tools, you get access to more optimized content. You can build engaging pages in one or two clicks using drag-and-drop options. The review and approval process would be quite simple and time saving. In AEM, you have entire library tools to keep track of your external communications.

With the humanized translation tools, you get a far more consistent and flexible options. You will no more face that trouble of handling a language you are unfamiliar with.


This is an elite Customer Experience Management tool available in the market. They are preferred due to the following reasons:

  • More personalization
  • E-commerce oriented
  • Better tracking and analytics
  • Marketing campaign supportive
  • Easily optimizable
  • The best option for Single website page for customers,
  • Helps you in providing engaging content
  • Timely offers to hike up the conversion rates
  • Better social media reach
  • Simpler asset enrollment such as whitepapers, newsletters, and automation of customers and user’s tasks.

They might be a little expensive, but the compact and professional view they provide for your website or web application is worth the amount you pay initially!

Angular JS:

These open-source web development tools are efficient enough to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA). AngularJS also provides a bucket chance to create better client-side apps when supported by JavaScript.

What you can note here is it is quite interactive with the users.

  • This platform is a cross-browser compliant platform with the capability to run a single page Apps excellently.
  • It is powered by data binding capability with HTML providing users with a clean and responsive experience.
  • The code is unit-testable and also provides reusable components.
  • You get to experience more functionality with shorter codes.
  • The views are purely HTML oriented pages.

With AngularJS, you can run both single-page apps as well as complex apps. This multi-purpose usage is its key USP in the market.

Progressive Web Apps:

If you need a website that looks and feels like an app, go on to progressive web apps. With this, users would be able to access every information from scratch. You don’t need a mobile app while downloading it. Awed by 13 Reasons why on Netflix? You should be thanking Progressive Web Apps. Video streaming apps like Netflix and social media platforms like Facebook run on this platform. There is a talk that this is going to be the future of development, UX and UI.

Here is why you should choose this dynamic platform:

  • The offline mode availability with dynamic data and database access are the additional bonuses of going forward with this platform.
  • You also can update automatically when you relaunch the app.
  • A recent study by Recode suggests that traditional apps are outdated. This is a new age technology!
  • People expect web apps where they can interact with businesses. If you are expecting them, go on with this platform!

This platform is highly developer-friendly and optimizable, making it one of the sort after web apps in the arena of web development tools.


This is one of the most commonly used front-end tools for web development. This can also act as a Content management tool. As they have noted on their website, Drupal is known for its drive towards innovation, scalability, and speed.


  • They are innovating their platform continuously with top organizations such as and
  • They are enterprise-ready and quite faster with less to no bottlenecks.
  • They run the world’s fastest websites such as and the Olympics.
  • It does more than support high traffic websites, providing next-generation digital transformation.
  • CMS provides a roadway for customers to update and edit their website without any web developer.



This website provides excellent support through enterprise space tools such as multi-site management, user-friendly application, and built-in marketing tools. Aptera Inc, a regular user of Sitefinity, reports that in their 10+ years of journey with Sitefinity, they never faced a single threat or virus attack. The pros include:

  • Clean and minimal design. This would let content creators focus on their tasks without any distractions.
  • There are many additional features including HTTP headers with warning reports along with site protection.
  • The Website and Webapp would be quite manageable and simple to use. image9



With the help of Node.js, you are capable of writing both front-end and back-end web applications with JavaScript in the runtime environment. Some of the advantages include:

  • You don’t need any new server-side programming language.
  • You can ensure high performance with a highly active community of a large number of developers.
  • They contribute immensely towards the improvement and development of the platform to help you build better software and apps.
  • This platform is also highly customizable compared to its predecessors.
  • If you are involving high-end visualization at a faster pace, then this platform is your buddy among other website development tools!

Ruby on Rails:

This ready-made web app development solution could be used for time-consuming tasks. The main reason to choose Ruby on Rails would be its usage of Object-Oriented Programming language. This would let any developer create virtual objects while they are coding. Each object consists of its abilities and attributes.

  • They can easily interact with another group of objects to carry on with the task beforehand. This leads to more clear options.
  • You can get access to better tools to build an industry-applauded web application
  • They simplify complex websites, making them more manageable and easily maintainable
  • If you are an enterprise working on tedious projects, Ruby on Rails would be your savior.


This platform is known for its collaboration and trust. Lack of visibility is always a headache among developers. With DevOps, you can ensure clear communication and streamline all the processes handily.

Reasons why you should give this platform a try:

They are more agile in approach.
This helps teams to plan and schedule their unplanned tasks quite earlier.
Supported by automation, standard tools and processes, your development teams can easily improve their productivity level and release your products in a faster manner.
If you are using DevOps, then you would not need to keep rewriting your code again and again. As they have mentioned, you can learn it once and write it anywhere.


If you are looking for scalable web development tools, choose this platform if you are planning to work on high-end applications. You would get clearer insights on what is happening around your product.


You can use this application to develop mobile applications or single-page applications. Creating interactive UIs and effective update options allow your data to change synchronously. With declarative views, your code becomes more predictable. This leads to an easier debugging process.

The encapsulated components would allow you to manage your state. This can then let you create complex UIs. This platform is on rage nowadays owing to its exemplary features! These website development tools are among the best options for any professionals.

React Native;

This platform is known for its simplicity. If other platforms take 10 developers to build a product, React Native would require only 3 of them. You can build your basic applications using React Native.

If you have common programming knowledge, you are good to go! This web application platform is suitable for enterprises looking at launching their products newly in the market. This is one of the best web development tools dominating the market currently.


Blockchain technology;

When we say Blockchain technology, the first thing that would snap in our mind is security. The data which you send across would be completely encrypted. This will help you to keep your data intact and safe.

Top reasons to choose Blockchain technology:

If you are building any platforms that involve payment and accessing confidential customer information, then Blockchain technology would be the best choice you can ever make!

With Blockchain technology, you can lay back and relax without any feeling of insecurity.

We can promptly say that Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the world of Website development tools and web application development tools.

Before you choose any website development tools or web application development tools, make sure to research them thoroughly. Apart from your internal team, it is advisable to talk to professionals who can help you in making the right decision to build that cool product or website you have been dreaming of!

At Pattem digital, we ensure that your website and web application is of high quality. It would be built by the best technocrats in the market. We are glad to be at your service, at any point in time.

Let us know if you are looking to build that amazing web app or website that appeals to your audience!

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