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SAP Hybris Commerce: Charting the Journey to the heart of the Customer

SAP Hybris architecture has evolved over the years staying true to customer’s needs. There’s no wonder that it has made a global footprint in targeting and engaging customers across multiple channels with ease. By giving customer experience paramount importance, cutting down costs, saving time and simplifying tasks, SAP Hybris software suite alias SAP Hybris Commerce has become one of the market-leading digital commerce platforms in the world.

An impressive list of companies reap the benefits of SAP Hybris features to map them to their goals -Adobe, Nike, Epson US, Levi Strauss and Taco Bell to name a few. So, we’ll get into the gory details of SAP Hybris Commerce – specifically how it can turn into an effective marketing tool on social channels and the effect that rebranding to SAP CX has had on the former hybris.

Exploring SAP Hybris on Social Media Platforms with Seamless Integration

Will it surprise you if I told you that 90% of marketers see social media giving immense exposure to their company? And when this can be cost-effective you do not want to fall back at using this phenomenalSAP Hybris enterprise edition software development company marketing strategy. Many companies use social media to gain insights on customer behaviour to win a competitive edge. But it’s a long and tiring process to beat and meet the requirements of customers through various social media channels. Customers are pleased by immediate responses which require massive amounts of data to go under analysis. At the end of the day, you do not want to find yourself dead on your feet.

Well, you will not if you have SAP Hybris Marketing Social Media solution to pick you up from this mess. You can easily extract all the query results from different social media platforms and load them into this system. You customers data profiles will be enriched across all different sources, automated and real-time. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services establishes a bridge between the social media platform and hybris Marketing. Before the data is fed into the database it undergoes four processes. Namely, data harvesting, cleansing, validation and enrichment.

From SAP Hybris to SAP CX

The role of eCommerce in today’s competitive and convenient focussed society cannot be neglected. As for B2C scenarios, shopping experiences are evolving as people refuse to venture into a SAP Commerce Implementations to carry out in B2B and B2C scenarioshigh street to buy items, instead, shop from the comfort of their couch. Coming to B2B, dealers and distributors can easily track real-time pricing, stock availability, accounts & credits and order histories to clear the air of confusion in purchases. If you are still on the fence about launching your eCommerce store, or a manufacturer trying to set up a seamless B2B system, know that you can win your customers with a rock-solid SAP-integrated platform.

Or more specifically speaking, the SAP Hybris Commerce to support the growth of your business going forward. It’s an impeccable platform for addressing the high expectations of B2C and B2B activities. For B2B, SAP Hybris Commerce offers capabilities such as pricing models, quote generation using hybris B2B accelerator module and B2C capabilities include omnichannel, search functionality, responsive storefront to boost customer engagement. With the hybris commerce suite gaining momentum, SAP’s move to rebrand it to SAP Customer Experience (CX) came right out of the blue- with much confusion and conflicting opinions.

The Rebranding Impact

Before we discuss the impact, let’s get the fundamentals down to what this new transformation really does. Instead of having a standalone solution for marketing, sales and e-commerce, SAP CX will unify all these needs into a centralized user interface used to cover every step in the customer’s journey from the first contact to the close of the purchase. Hang on before you feel grateful! With the complete suite changing to SAP Customer Experience settled into the larger suite C/4 HANA, SAP hybris consultants seem to exercise restraint. With uncertainty about their future roles, freelancers and consultants come up with mixed responses to this transformation. Let’s see what they are:

The New Name Can be a Trouble-Maker

The change in name was not a welcome aspect of rebranding to most of the SAP Hybris consultants. Many of them attribute the new name with lesser catch and creativity than the previous hybris. They also believe that the new name is going to have serious implications on their certifications and job prospects for the future.

Since most of the SAP Hybris certifications hold the earlier name, unless they are updated it’s going to stand in the way of recognition and acceptance for newer projects. The term “Customer Experience” is also rather broad placing their roles outside the hybrid responsibilities.

A leap away from e-commerce: For or against?

Some consultants consider this transformation as departing from the eCommerce aspect of SAP Hybris software to a sophisticated tech suite. Even their ecommerce driven career seems to be uncertain with C/4 HANA’s emphasis on CRM. Yet others have highlighted the brighter side of this argument. They believe that the rebrand has taken SAP hybris platform in the right direction revealing that its more than just an ecommerce tool. They seem to stick to this opinion after the additions like Hybris BRIM and Billing giving them opportunities to expand their scope outside non-commerce projects.

Better Opportunities for SAP Hybris Consultants

Now that Hybris enjoys the complete benefits of the SAP family title, some of the consultants believe that their skill set will be highly valued. They are looking forward to experiencing a strong push up their career ladder. This is because customers who wouldn’t prefer purchasing hybris as an add-on now get SAP CX when buying the benefits of the C/4 HANA suite. Greater the purchase, greater the demand for hybris expertise in the SAP CX domain.

SAP calls it the CRM of the New Era!

While the discussion on the rebranding of SAP Hybris got bent out of shape, the SAP team has high hopes for the freshly minted SAP Customer Experience. They strongly believe that it should result in significant benefits even when SAP is accepting the status quo of a CRM for the first time. It was designed in the first place to give every part of the company a uniform view of the end customer.

The CMO of SAP Customer Experience, Kevin Cochrane put the rebranding as an effort to strike the iron when it’s hot. A new era welcoming the fourth generation of customers who will not think of business as B2B or B2C but as “Me2B”. These customers are drivers of the whole process and these are the same customers that SAP Customer Experience caters too. How else could you name a solution that combines the five solutions (Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Customer data Cloud) of customer experience under one roof?

Raise the bar with Pattem Digital’s SAP Hybris Solutions!

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