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Top 11 Prototyping Tools To Help You


Glorify your creativity with the best Prototyping tools

While speaking about those UX prototyping tools, designers need not look anywhere else. This is going to save a lot of time and effort in your design process. When you have the wrong tool in hand, it is not going to help you out. With a number of tools available in the market, you need to be sure on which platform you need to lay your hands on. We have cherry-picked the list of free prototyping tools that you can use confidently:

1. InVision

Prototyping tools

Belonging to the team of Agency for website prototype tools, Yes, this tops our list not just because it has been in use more commonly. The elegant features and friendly UI are a few among the reasons why we have chosen this tool at the nick of the ladder. Could it be for interactive Digital prototyping or defining the design workflow, you have the opportunity to communicate seamlessly, get more feedback along with moving your project to the next level. It has been used by brands such as Netflix. Andy Law, the Director of Product Design at Netflix quotes about the credibility of InVision as follows, “InVision allows you to collaborate, experiment, and test much more effectively efficiently.” It is not just about Netflix, many companies like WeWork, Lyft, and Eventbrite would be leveraging InVision. It has its own fan base from startups to MNCs. To create stellar prototypes, you absolutely need the support of the best tools available in the market. InVision is one of those tools that you can rely upon. It is going to provide your users with features that would set apart this platform from other platforms. Some of the reasons why you need to choose InVision are:

  • You can add a number of transitions and gestures to the prototypes and get it to look more convincing.
  • Make many transitions and gestures to the prototypes to get that finishing touch of your end product.
  • You get to share your prototype with different project shareholders. You would be able to allow them to experience different designs present in the native atmosphere.

2. Webflow

This prototyping tool has been the best tool among different big names such as DELL, Twitter, and Facebook. It is going to provide you with a stronger prototype that your designers can leverage anytime. These are the reasons why you can opt for Webflow:

  • You are all set to build any production-ready experience even if you are not into coding.
  • You are all set to provide a faster, more reliable, and stress-free hosting experience to level up your business. All this is going to happen with a single click.
  • You can create, iterate, and launch different marketing campaigns with no distractions from your product people.


Axure is one of the most professional UX prototyping tools meant for designers, be it beginners or experts. Your coding knowledge is not going to matter when you have an opportunity to design using Axure. These are the advantages of using Axure:

  • You start with finding solutions to problems that you are facing.
  • You get to support more powerful prototypes that would fit any of your projects.
  • You get to provide a beautiful mix of design and analysis.
  • Get to publish your RP files to Axure Cloud. You get to offer a perfect picture that includes prototypes, documentation along with visual design using code export and automated redlines.

3. Sketch

There are many prototyping tools meant for designers that would be supporting Mac OS alone. Sketch has found an indomitable place among them. This prototyping tool is going to provide youPrototyping tools with a number of plugins along with a number of possibilities for creating the best-ever prototypes. We are vouching for Sketch since it gives you that creative freedom to explore more options and readily available features. When you are using Sketch, you can make sure that you are using the right tool to match your requirements. Even though there are many UX prototyping tools, Sketch has been preferred for its varied features like the cloud. This tool is the best for anybody, from a new beginner to an expert with 10+ years of experience. It offers all the features you need to build an exemplary design. You will get the most compelling experience with this tool. Create the most awesome prototypes you would never want to miss out on with this user-friendly prototyping tool. These are the reasons why you need to leverage Sketch:

  • You get to use the powerful vector editor which is going to allow you when you are all set to flaunt your design talent.
  • The advanced interface is going to simplify your design phase.
  • Start making more interactive prototypes within a few minutes as well as preview them using the Cloud.
  • Make use of names, faces, places, and more from a huge range of real-time data sets meant specially for all your designs.

4. Framer

Framer is nothing but an extremely fast and more responsive design-oriented tool. This is going to offer you a simple workflow as well as wonderfully carved documentation when you want to start your design pursuits. This is why you need to think of this prototyping platform:

  • This has the reputation of being the simplest and most rapid prototyping tool. You get the opportunity to design links and scroll along with page interactions. You also have the option of adding a 3D effect when you need it.
  • You get the opportunity to pull more components right from the production. You can also choose to create your own code or design. You would be able to create more custom UI meant for different components as well as reuse them across a number of projects.
  • Find a number of media players, live maps with multi-purpose UI Kits, and much more.

5. Just in mind

This tool is known for its varied features especially meant for different designers. This app would serve you better when you are all set to create a prototype or wireframe. These are the reasons why we are adding this tool among the best prototyping tools:

  • You are all set to offer different website interactions along with mobile gestures when you can design better prototypes.
  • You would be able to create a number of wireframes for various websites as well as web apps with mobile and desktop compatibility.
  • You can work with a number of smart lists and forms without any additional coding knowledge.

6. Origami Studio

It has been founded by the designers at Facebook. Origami Studio is here to help you race up your prototype design process smoothly as well as work in a more effective manner. If you are opting for this tool,Prototyping tools remember that you would get a variety of options to take advantage of. You are not going to stop at a single point. You get to create different prototypes that are going to match up with the industry standards. Many experts are preferring this tool nowadays owing to its versatility and feature-rich options. This is also one of the best merging prototyping tools ever. Hence you would be all set to create the best prototypes you can take advantage of in the market. It’s time to make use of its advanced features to build one of the best prototypes in the industry. It is not going to be complicated as before. Considering Origami for building your prototype?  Look no further. This is the platform where you need to stop your search. You have got Origami. These are the advantages of using Origami Studio:

  • Make a number of prototypes using different masks, layers, and particle systems, along with live cameras.
  • Design in a faster manner using pre-made components. With this, you would be able to make your very own library.
  • Get a rush of creativity when you want to create different interactions and flows. You have no limitations when you are all set to accomplish that.

7. Balsamiq Mockups

When you are going to prefer any prototyping tools, especially for designers offering pre-built materials, then you need to consider Balsamiq Mockups. This is a very simple and easy-to-use prototyping tool.

  • This is quite simple to use even when you are a beginner.
  • You get a number of icons and UI tools.
  • You get to share them with different users present on your website in different interactive PDFs or images form.
  • You can create your own libraries consisting of various masters, templates,  as well as components.

9. Principle

The principle is known for its special user interface that is going to look similar to Sketch. It has been built especially for OS X. This comes along with an iOS app meant to mirror a number of live prototypes. You should already make a note that Principle is not going to support any collaboration feature. These are the reasons you can opt to choose Principle:

  • Make the best use of different timelines when you are all set to illustrate it easily with perfect pop and speed.
  • There should be any limitations pertaining to anything.
  • Ensure that you design a multi-purpose app and are all set to preview it.
  • You get to use magical animations and artboards with a perfect timeline.
  • The design would be supporting mobile apps, websites, and other platforms

Adobe XD or Adobe Experience Design

Adobe Experience Design is nothing but a powerful and special prototyping tool meant for every designer to leverage. You would be able to get the maximum of this tool to create the best ever wireframes, Prototyping toolsinteractive prototypes, screen layouts, and more. Adobe XD paves way for smoother communication between your team members. When you choose Adobe XD, you can be assured of the quality of the product. That same brand value would get reflected on to your prototype. You can expect the best quality prototypes that would be interactive in nature. Your designers are going to find it simple to use with elaborate features they would like to lay their hands on. You get the opportunity to collaborate with experts and get the maximum out of the platforms. Adobe XD is one of the platforms that you should check out if you are willing to build your own prototype within a short span of time. With Adobe XD, all your prototyping tasks are going to get simplified like never before. This is obviously one of the best prototyping tools available in the market owing to its brand value and credibility in the market.

  • Collaborate with your team members in real-time.
  • Create your own design system that is present inside the tool. Everybody in your team can take advantage of this tool along with the reused assets.
  • You get the opportunity to customize it as per your needs. You can easily edit more images using Adobe Photoshop, work on your favorite fonts as well as share all your designs in different apps such as Slack, Jira, and Zeplin.

10. Marvel

This tool is a marvel indeed! It holds everything you would need when you are creating more professional prototypes that are specially for digital products. Larger designer teams can make the maximum out of Marvel.

The best features that set this apart are:

  • You get a chance to create more aesthetically appealing mockups, wireframes, and app or website prototypes meant for any device starting from the browser.
  • Your audience would get more realistic interactions in the process.
  • You are all set to optimize the design-to-development process using this awesome tool.
  • Your design team along with different stakeholders is going to get complete visibility across different projects.
  • You get to create a number of folders as well as leave your design feedback with annotations and various comments.

Do you have the right prototyping tools for your designers?

If you are a designer working at a design agency for mobile app prototyping, you can make the best out of those prototyping tools out there! This articulated list is going to help you out in the future soon. Make sure to pick the right one. It is not going to stop at the prototyping tools you are going to use. Make sure that you have the best Graphic design team at your bay! They are going to help you like never before.

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