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All You Need To Know About Latest Version Of PHP 7

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How can PHP 7 benefit your website?

In most cases, people have the tendency to put off any kind of upgrading to all the latest versions of the PHP software they would be currently using since they are unaware that a new version is available. They would have otherwise not recognized how much of an improvement they would have needed to invest if not. That’s the reason why so many users are still not running along PHP 7 features, even though it has a lot of tangible benefits. Although this is merely a small sample of Composer installs, it is still intriguing to observe the alterations that have taken place.

The doom of PHP 5.6, 7.0, and 7.1

As per the stats belonging to the official WordPress Stats page, around 35% of WordPress users are still using PHP 5.6 or other lower versions. If you are going to combine all this with PHP 7.0 as well as 7.1, PHP 7 features abound. Why shift to it from PHP 5.6? Pattem Digital can convince you with the best are going to get a whopping number of 64% of users who would be using PHP versions that would no longer be supported as of December 2019. All these versions would no longer possess security support. They also could be exposed to any kind of security vulnerabilities. Here is the timeline for PHP versions when they reached the end of life: December 1st, 2019-> PHP 7.1 December 3rd, 2018-> PHP 7.0 December 31st, 2018-> PHP 5.6. If you are going to take a view at the stats apart from the WordPress community, you can understand a lot. According to W3Techs, it is important to note that approximately 55.8% of PHP-powered websites are still using PHP 5. What’s more concerning is that currently, 64% of WordPress users are not utilizing the latest supported PHP versions. This not only poses security risks but also hinders the potential for performance improvements offered by PHP 7. It is crucial for WordPress sites to upgrade to newer PHP versions to ensure both enhanced security and optimized performance.

Why PHP 7 over PHP 6?

PHP 6 is widely different from PHP 7. As of now, PHP 7 latest version is going to be the official recommended latest version of PHP for all your WordPress websites. If you are concerned that while installing PHP 7 latest version that it would break your website, then we are here to support. There would always be some kind of risk in your upgrade process in this way. There are also ways through which you can carry out your processes like an expert.

What are the PHP 7 new features?

PHP 7 features is here to offer everyone with some massive upgrades meant for their end users. These are the things you need to know about php7. You should be able to witness an overall 50% performance increase Many WordPress users have been in favor of PHP 5.6 even after the release of PHP 7. Why? Pattem Digital is here to let you know.when the switch is made. PHP 7 would be offering everyone with a huge performance boost which is worthy of the upgrade. It has the ability to support an overall 64-bit Windows system. Majority of the people would be using Linux for all their servers. If at all you’re a Windows user, you are going to appreciate the new support meant for 64-bit operating systems. These are the major reasons why you would not have faster adoption for all your newer versions. Majority of the versions would fall under categories where you might be lacking in performance and a few features. This would not be an excuse while you want to run all your PHP versions that are going to be out of date. If it is not at all supported, then it could be slowing your WordPress site down. There are also a few progressions that are made along with PHP 7. Jordi Boggiano, co-founder of Private Packagist, puts together a report each year on PHP usage statistics.

Exploring the Marvels of PHP 7’s Revolutionary Features

Upgrading to a newer version of PHP is highly recommended by experts for several compelling reasons. Latest version of PHP offers better compatibility with modern frameworks, libraries, and CMS platforms, enabling developers to leverage the latest technologies and optimize their coding practices. By upgrading to PHP, you can future-proof your website and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

This adds on for High-end Performance

The top reason why we need to go for PHP 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 are the huge performance factors that come along with it. Performance should be the most preferred priority if you want to carry out smaller optimizations in the meantime. With smaller optimizations, you can explore the other side of WordPress! All this would lead on to better iterations and performance improvements as time goes on. PHP 7 would allow you to bring back more innovations in place. With performance improvements, you can easily customize your PHP powered website to suit the time and era in terms of performance,

High-end Security is the next part

One of the major reasons why we go on to update PHP is for ensuring that you would run on a version with full support. PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5 have not been patched ever since 2015. You have to note that a few operating system vendors would require you to update all the PHP older versions. If you are concerned about the security issues of your website, then PHP 7 is the right choice for you to move forward. It is going to lead you on to a whole new level of user experience and security factors.

New Features with Developers in mind

Every Developer would always look forward to exciting PHP features because that boosts them to go ahead with their journey. Majority of the WordPress developers are always preferring the notion that they are supposed to be working on newer PHP versions. That was simply owing to the fact that many new features would add on between PHP 5.2 and PHP 7.4. Many developers are still struggling to work with a large variety of versions.

Indomitable community support

You should be knowing that support has been a primary reason for shifting over to use all the supported and latest PHP versions in the picture. Many developers oriented themes and plugins can only go on to support the older versions. Many of this is due to the time constraints. In such crucial cases, you can bring in the team to work on a variety of new ideas. This might take some time but it is all going to be worth it at the end. We should always note that teamwork brings the best potential out of us.

Make Sure Your Host Supports the Latest PHP Versions

Even Though it has consumed it very sweet time, the official requirements of is now of the recommendation that a host is needed to run PHP 7.3 or other versions. Even top companies like Yoast SEO are considering the upgrade seriously. They want us to work on the website update more consciously. You need the best PHP development company to get along with your requirements in a pitch-perfect manner.

Pattem Digital: The Supreme Choice as Your PHP Development Company

At Pattem Digital, we specialize in simplifying all your PHP requirements with utmost precision. Our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive support, ranging from documentation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring a seamless experience for you. As a leading PHP development company, we take pride in understanding and catering to your unique needs and expectations. Whether you require custom PHP development, PHP website optimization, or PHP integration services, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll be thrilled to assist you in achieving your PHP development goals.

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