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WordPress: The Majestic Monarch of the CMS Realm

WordPress has played a phenomenal role in helping small businesses build their dream website since the time of their first version release in 2003. The community has grown at a considerable rate without any trace of slowing down at any point. WordPress has played a dominant role in the CMS market in recent days. When we are looking forward to staying a step ahead of the competition with the present market condition, WordPress would be the right choice to focus on. The impact that WordPress posed on the internet would be unimaginable. The latest WordPress Statistics for 2020 states that it is one of the topmost platforms in the era.

WordPress did not occupy this space all of a sudden when it entered the market. It was able to build this prominent position owing to its credibility and stunning features.

As per Open Hub’s Project Cost Calculator, WordPress has taken an estimated time of nearly 112 in-person years. It was written with a total of 423,759 code lines with a $6 million project funding.

Why WordPress Claims the Throne as the Ultimate CMS?

Many companies like Builtwith and W3Tech are known to provide useful internet report usage with the aid of Big data. The numbers might not be accurate but with that, you are going to get a Hosting tribunal states that WordPress has 61.8% market share in the CMS world. Let's understand more about it with Pattem Digital.perfect glimpse about what is trending recently. As per Hosting tribunal, WordPress holds up to 61.8% of the market share in the CMS arena.

This is more than the combination of all its predecessors like Joomla and Drupal. 35% leverages WordPress for their professional and personal uses. There is a survey by Netcraft stating that there are more than 1.3 billion active websites in the world. With the number of websites increasing on a regular pattern, it has become extremely important to choose the best CMS platform to build the right application. You need to choose it carefully as per your requirements.

This would help you to build the best websites in the near future. When you involve the best developers to get your task done, they are going to put the maximum effort into building the CMS platform you prefer. When you involve the best CMS platforms, you can surely build the best websites in the world without any further hurdles.

Unraveling the Currents of WordPress Trends

WordPress has become an immovable trend. Facts and Statistics about WordPress also show the same. You can get all the requirements of people handled without any chaos.

WordPress doesn’t demand your treasury

With WordPress being free software, you have the freedom to install, download, modify and use it as per your needs and requirements. With WordPress, you would be capable of creating any sort of website. When the WordPress software is totally free of cost, you might require a domain name as well as web-hosting when you are going to install it. With hosts like Bluehost trending in the zone in 2020, there are a number of large hosting companies along with an official WordPress hosting provider. The Best wordpress plugins and themes 2020 would be more user-friendly.

Customize the Plugins and Themes with WordPress

With a number of free website templates, 2020 saw an hike in how people leveraged free services and templates that WordPress offered them with. Majority of the folks with no prior design or coding Why is WordPress still ruling the regime of CMS platforms? Read Pattem Digital's latest blog to know that.experience are using WordPress this year. Do you want to create a blogging site on health tips or an e-commerce website on your home delivery services?

WordPress has got your back! It offers you with the necessary plugins and templates for every requirement. The latest Facts and Statistics about WordPress 2020 also states that it would include the best trends in this manner. You can customize every plugin and theme easily with WordPress. This is what the latest WordPress Statistics for 2020 also states. It portrays the efficiency of plugins and themes in the long run. This is going to make it extremely smoother for all the users.

You cna get your task done easily without any further ado. With WordPress, everything is going to be smoother. You can even build the best ever website for free if you are a beginner. With the right WordPress developers, you can get all the things you need done in a simpler manner regarding all your websites.

Create perfect permalinks

The next WordPress hack would be the ability to create clean permalinks. Permalinks are nothing but the permanent links which you see when you go about accessing your website. While you create pages and posts on WordPress, you would notice a box in the editing page’s top section. You would be able to input your permalink to the new post or page.

Leverage SSL certification

Another way through which you can increase your WordPress trustability is through the SSL certification. If you have ever browsed any page and came across a green padlock on the page URL’s front side, note it. That’s the SSL certificate. When you have an SSL certificate, you can note that your website would have a secure connection. In 2020, website owners have started giving priority to this feature since they do not want the red warning sign in the place of the green padlock. That would petrify the website users and in turn, increase the website bounce rate.

Don’t forget Backlinks

Backlinks have always been a favorite of SEO analysts. Eventhough Google algorithm made plenty of changes in Google algorithm, in 2020, they are of high-end importance. Backlinks would build up your website and page authroity. When you link an authoritative and well-ranking website to your website, Google gets intimated that your page has high value. Backlinking is a time-consuming process. With blog commenting, guest blogging and email outreach, you can successfully build your website’s backlink. Equally important process would be to build your internal links through blogs and other strategies.

Optimize the website speed

Google shows that if your website is going to take more than 3 seconds to load, your website browsers would leave the page. It is the same for website users who are browsing your website’s desktop version. It is extremely important to optimize your website’s speed through the lightweight theme, reducing the redirects, improving server response times, choosing a responsive theme and optimizing images for your website.

Get your website rolling for Voice Search

Nowadays, the trend is using voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. As of 2020, this trend is in upward projection. When you want to stay on top of the game, then you have to optimize your website for voice search. You can also use plugins to get it done.

WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types

Gone are those days when media types were limited to writing text. You get to work with a built-in media uploader when you are willing to handle your audio, images and video files. WordPress also Nowadays, you can work with a built-in media uploader with WordPress. Pattem Digital is here to guide you on that.supports formed supported websites to embed your YouTube videos, tweets, Instagram photos as well as Soundcloud audio through URL pasting in your WordPress post editor.

With WordPress, you can get all your media requirements done without any further hurdles. WordPress has the capability to let you build the best ever applications with all the kinds of app requirements. Why do companies like Pattem Digital put the maximum effort into getting their user requirements done? It is to build a website that would stand in the minds of the audience in the long run.

While you are building the best ever application, media files matter the most. Hence you need to involve the right pattern to get your requirements covered. WordPress can also support all kinds of user tasks. It would let you develop the best websites with user preference. You need not depend on any other external applications to get your media types sorted out. Your WordPress website can easily do that for you.

Illuminating the Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Business

WordPress has the ability to let your business build solutions that would cater to the demands of all the audience, irrespective of their nationality, profession and native language. It can let you build the best websites that can carry forward your business legacy to the next level. To choose wordpress for your business all you need is the support of the right WordPress website developer to build the best websites in the near future. The Best wordpress plugins and themes would include the right font, color and text styles.

Pattem Digital: Your Trusted Guide in Navigating the World of WordPress Solutions

As a leading WordPress development company, we take pride in our team of experts who are passionate about crafting your website with utmost precision. Whether it’s building your WordPress website from scratch or providing ongoing maintenance and updates, we have you covered. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and skills to handle every aspect of WordPress development, ensuring that your website is tailored to your specific requirements. We are here to listen and understand your needs, so please let us know how we can assist you in achieving your goals with our exceptional WordPress development services.

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