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Top 11 Ideation Techniques to Know About


Ideation- The bubble burst of the mundane processes

Ideation, the third stage of Design thinking, is the most vital part. It is where your ideas get bloomed into a new shape, which impacts your product design. With a perfect product idea, you are set to disrupt the entire market. You get more creative bones energized with the brainstorming process. What would be the best strategy to brainstorm? You need to be aware of the basic rules to create an effective, stable, and meaningful process. You have a number of processes that can inspire you to be creative. Creativity is a boon that you need to utilize properly. The majority of UX Designers make use of the above ideation technique when they are handling single brainstorming and ideation sessions. This is to let your creativity flow while we are harmonizing a variety of styles, expressions, and thoughts.

Brainstorming Brilliance: Mastering the Essential Tactics

With reference to the project you are currently working on, you might need to start working on a number of ideation processes. This is going to be a great ride when you ensure that you are on the vergeideation techniques of creating a number of useful and creative ideas for your design strategy. When you depend on the ideation process, you should ensure that your ideas are as per the market demands. Thinking out of the box is great. But it should not be out of the boundary. You can start with a basic brainstorming process initially. You should always be ready to produce creative ideas that would appeal to the right team. It doesn’t really matter to your audience if your idea is not going to solve any of their daily problems. Brainstorming is NO martial arts. It is a simple process where you discipline your Yes, not any idea is a stupid idea. But it should add some value to your society. You should focus on developing your ideas to make it matter to the big picture. A basic brainstorming and ideation session might be a good place for you to start with. Brainstorming can be done effectively if you employ the right ideation tools and team effort. Things would take a mighty turn in your business if you can make the best use of your ideation techniques. You need to get your creative bones buzzing if you want more innovative ideas. You can start with these steps if you want to go about brainstorming new ideas:

  • Get your team involved when you want to address any issue, opportunity, or challenge
  • Give space for your team to generate a number of ideas as per their possibility. It might seem idiosyncratic but you need to pull it through with their ideas
  • Get a reviewer or review the ideas by yourself. You would get to understand the thinking pattern of your team members.
  • Make a selection of the ideas you find more interesting. Discuss how to improvise and combine them. Look for areas where you can implement them.

This process might seem theoretically simple for anyone willing to leverage the services of the ideation design consulting agency. But you should remember that ideas do not pop up out of nowhere. That is the reason why there are a plethora of inspirational and interesting ideation techniques out there.

Get deeper into Ideation and Brainstorming

While brainstorming is all about problem-solving, you can find it quite useful when you are analyzing your problem with a number of ideation tools. This can lead to more creative ideas and solutions. With analytic brainstorming, you can easily connect with more people since your ability to connect with more people can speak a lot about your idea generation skillset. Try to follow the ideation techniques:

Analytic Brainstorming:

While brainstorming puts full focus on your problem-solving skill set, you get to involve a creative approach towards the problem. It is quite easy to conduct analytic brainstorming since it can draw upon more idea-generation skills you have already invested in the workplace and school. You are not going to get embarrassed when someone asks to analyze your situation when you know the logic. BABOK states that multiple project stages can get benefit through brainstorming, right from the identification of all your stakeholders to the process of eliciting your requirements right to the enterprise analysis.

Mind Mapping:

Mind Mapping is nothing but the usage of a visual tool to enhance your brainstorming process. This is the area where you get to build a bridge between different ideas and relationships. ideation techniquesYou can start with writing down what goals and challenges you have and request your participants to brainstorm any pertaining issues. You can start on by jotting down your challenges or goals. You get to ask your participant to think about any issues at present. It is quite easy to find any mind-mapping software on an online platform. You can get to do your mind mapping techniques with that. The possibilities are endless even if you have no ideation tools but paper and pencil in hand. With mind mapping, you are going to get a lot of scopes to brainstorm your ideas and present them in an innovative manner. You get to present your ideas in a diagrammatic or visual format. Wouldn’t it be great if your folks can correlate with your idea? Mindmapping techniques aim solely to that point During your ideation session, you should be able to pitch your ideas effectively. With the best ideation tools for mind mapping, you are all set to involve the right ideation techniques and get the maximum innovation out of the session. According to the official website of Mindmapping, these are the five characteristics of Mind Mapping that you need to know about:

  • The main subject, idea or central focus that you can crystallize with a central image
  • The primary themes radiating from your central image that is called ‘branches
  • Your branches would consist of a key image or word that you can draw or print on an associated line
  • Topics offering less importance would be represented as ‘twigs’ of any relevant branch
  • The branches would form a well-structured and connected nodal structure

Gap Filling:

You get to start with the most fundamental statement, “where are you currently?” Then chalk out a statement on where you would like to see yourself. You would get to listen to many answers from your audience. Make a collection of all of them, and then involve in organizing them when you want to develop any vision and mission.

Reverse Brainstorming:

If you are talking about ordinary brainstorming, then you should know how you can go about asking your participants to solve any problems at present. Begin with the problem statement. Shoot the question “How can we go about this?” Once you are ready with a huge list to create a number of problems, then you can start solving them straight away. The best example would be solving your customer needs by putting yourself in their shoes.

Drivers Analysis:

You should be working with your team when you want to analyze the problems addressed by you. What is bringing down client loyalty? What has driven the competition so far? What has been the cause of lower productivity? When you get to uncover all this stuff, you are all set to get a glimpse of any available solutions. With driver analysis, you get to understand the vitality of a number of predictor variables while predicting your outcome variable. You get to cover a number of processes when it comes to driver analysis.

The Five Whys:

There is another tool that we use outside the brainstorming and ideation session. This is also known as the Five Whys. You get to mold your thought process in a better way when you are set to move forward. All you need to do is start with the problem that you have been addressing and make the question, “why is this happening?” Once you are ready with your answers, you need to deep-dive into it and need to find a solution to the problem you are addressing.

SWOT Analysis:

This technique offers you an advantage to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With SWOT Analysis, you can identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats ideation techniquesinvolving your organization. We usually use it when we need to decide if we can take up any potential venture or project. In the case of brainstorming, you use it for the purpose of stimulating collaborative analysis. You get to analyze what your real strengths are or if you have any weaknesses. You can come across new ideas with this assured technique. When you are involving SWOT Analysis, you should know that you get to analyze what you are good at and where you need to improve. This would allow you to thrive globally and create a name for yourself amidst a number of old and new competitors alike. You are all set to explore the perspectives. This would allow you to keep track of all the operations and functionalities without giving up on your best strategies. You are all set to build your brand eloquently by involving the best-ever strategies. To make this happen, you need to involve the best processes. It is going to make you a star in the market if you are all set to do it the right way!


With this, you should be creating a six-pointed star. The center of the star should consist of the primary challenge that has been withholding you for so long. Write what, who, when, where, how, and why at your star’s each point. Make use of these words when you want to generate more questions. Answer questions like:

  • How many prospects have we got so far?
  • What do we get to hear from our clients?
  • Who are the best ever clients?

Make use of these questions when you want to start discussing them.


When your new project idea has been accepted, you need to know how you can proceed with it. You would go on creating a brainstorming session with your team members. When this is set to happen, you need not go about setting up an expensive location to make this happen. This ideation technique is where you brainstorm on the Internet. This is going to require your folks to set up a new system where any individuals would be able to share their ideas in a private manner. They can then collaborate together in public. Many software companies like Google Docs and Slack can make this happen. Once you generate your ideas, you should know that online idea discussion and generation is going to happen by themselves. This approach is extremely useful for any remote teams. Any team would be able to leverage it.

Slip Writing:

This technique was popularized in German during the 1970s. Brainwriting or Slip writing is a process that would involve each participant writing their ideas anonymously on different index cards. You can share ideas randomly with different participants when they want to critique your ideas. We call this approach “Crawford Slip Writing” since the master brain behind the basic concept is professor Crawford in the 1920s.

Collaborative Brainwriting:

When you can write down any concern or question you have on a sheet of paper, you get to publish it in a public space. Over there, you can ask any of your team members to write down their own ideas and post them over a week’s course. With your team involved, collate all the ideas.

Strengthen Your Creativity with a Proficient Idea Team

When you are going to involve ideation processes like Mind mapping and SWOT Analysis, you get to glitter the stage with various new ideas with the aid of the best ideation design consulting agency. This is going to improve your design thinking strategies. You are all set to explore the bigger picture when you start ideating it. The best way to set an example for yourself is to create the best ideation strategies involving a team of creative and innovative thinkers. Better ideators are those who have a better plan and strategy. They would be able to create strategies that can set a winning strategy for themselves in the market. With these strategies, you are all set to take up the market by yourself!

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