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User experience vs Customer experience which is most important?


Comparing and contrasting User Experience Vs Customer experiences

The shift that Customer experience vs User experience design has undergone in a matter of years gets me on my edge. Why? Because if you think of it as a “fluffy” area in tech, you will fall behind in cutting a space in your market. Yes, you heard me right! The Customer Experience Design and User Experience Design are inevitable aspects of business design and has now become an industry worth investing in. But one of the hardest things here is to keep track of these experience-led buzzwords which have almost overlapping definitions. They are not worlds apart, but they don’t mean the same thing either. There is a faint line between the two concepts that are almost invisible. Pretty confusing isn’t it? So, let’s cut the frills once and for all. Here is what you need to know about UX and CX and how they differ from each other.

What about going with the User Experience Design process, first?

User Experience Strategy- Narrowing down the lane

Beginning with the basics, we know how every user’s first interaction happens between them and the physical or digital products that they use. As providers of a service, if you can enhance the user’s productTop User experience design company in Bangalore usability through your application or website in such a way that their needs are fulfilled, you’ve done your part with a brilliant User Experience Design. Several parameters go into the making of a wholesome User Experience. Some of them are clarity, digestibility, familiarity, trust, delight, effectiveness, efficiency, emotional satisfaction, and the quality of the relationship with the organization that provides the product or service. It goes without saying that the user experience design process is inevitable as long as you want your users to come back to your app or website for more. In the tech world where securing loyal customers are extremely important, a good User Experience design will prove that you are worth their time. Let me show you an example of how a good UX should make the users feel. For instance, Maria decides to order her favorite dress from an online store. The store lets her navigate easy-breezy through the entire app, filtering her preferences, comparing the product prices, checking out her payment and also tracking the order. Before she knew it, she had her brand new dress delivered in a matter of clicks. This is how seamless an app should perform with an trendy UX design in place.

Customer Experience Strategy – The Umbrella Term

Every customer has unique needs, tastes and choices to cater to. Based on these subjective aspects customers expect their journey through your brand to be highly personalized. Due to this, you need to pay a keen eye to understand each customer’s journey and design touchpoints for them so that their interactions are made enjoyable. Now if you ask me what touchpoints are, i’ll tell you that they are every little interaction that happens between a user and a brand from their first engagement to the last, probably till the stage of retention during the complete product lifecycle.

On the whole, the success of your enterprise depends on how well you set up a touchpoint that either meets or exceeds your customer’s expectations. It should be a complete package of pleasant encounters with your business. More or less, it’s making your users comfortable with not just a product but your entire brand covering its social media channels, sales process, advertising and customer support. For a better understanding, I’ll recap the previous example, imagine Maria was sent a damaged dress and she immediately rings the customer support for a replacement. They take her into consideration and as an immediate response send their representatives to collect the product from her residence free of cost. Maria is impressed and so are we, isn’t it? That’s a positive Customer Experience that Maria was delivered with.

Is UX the subset of CX?

This question solves the long-standing debate of Customer Experience vs User experience. After reading the previous descriptions of both UX vs CX you must have asked the same question to yourself too. Not prolonging it further- the answer is YES! User experience strategy is the subset customer experience strategy. When UX design focuses on the experience of a particular interaction, CX design looks after the experience of the services as a whole. To put it in a nutshell, the customer experience is the result of multiple user experiences coming together in harmony.

Enhancing Customer experience vs User experience to New Levels

Although these two terms are used interchangeably, they are headed towards the same destination – to getting customers to stick around. Professionals working on both these designs constantly need to striveUX and CX to identify what are the roadblocks causing frustration in users, preventing them from reusing your app and generating negative opinions about your brand. After which these strategies are revamped to prevent customer drop-offs. You want customers to grow your name and not defame your brand. Customers have the power on their fingertips! Yes, it might take you several months to find a customer but only seconds to lose one. Hence, user and customer experience management are not just important but unavoidable simply because a poor Customer Experience Design can cause customers to abandon you halfway to choose your competitors with much better winning customer experiences. You do not want your customers to round off, but you want them to repeat coming back to you. So, a great CX can play a major role in setting your product or service apart from the vast majority of competing brands. And here’s a cherry to top the cake – customers are more willing to spend money on mobile apps and websites with unbeatable CX. Well, that’s a straight shot at boosting the sales and revenue of your organization.

The Rise of Trendy User and Customer Experiences

Let’s face this! Trends are to be taken for real and especially when it comes to UX design tools and customer experience management it lets you have an edge over others. What’s on-trend today might seem like an age-old haunting belief tomorrow. However, let’s sneak peek into the UX and CX design trends for 2020.

  • Subtle animations in web pages and apps that can lift otherwise dry subject matter making it lively.
  • Neomorphism – the use of design elements that closely resemble as they look in real life.
  • Large images and graphics with minimal designs that blankets the complete web page to grab the users attention
  • Variation within single fonts to give a dynamic look and feel
  • Hand-drawn illustrations and embellishments are taking websites much closer to humanity.

Decoding the Elements of Experience Design – UX and CX

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