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8 Best CMS Platforms To Start A New Website

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An Extravagant Exploration of the Finest CMS Platforms for Your Website Enchantment

It’s essential to create a top-notch website in order to establish a strong online presence and keep your competitive edge. You risk falling behind the leaders of your sector if you lag in this area. The phrase “Content Management System” refers to a number of platforms that appear yearly. It is therefore vital to choose the best CMS platform that suits your requirements. To meet your needs, whether you’re creating a blog or looking for an appealing eCommerce website, you need CMS tools. It is crucial to comprehend why you require the ideal CMS platform for your website. The top 8 content management systems, or CMS platforms, are listed below for your familiarization:


WordPress is one of the most popular website development and management tools. It is built with PHP and tops the CMS platforms. It is also the most powerful website content management and blogging system.What are the best CMS platforms? Choose the best CMS for website with the help of Pattem Digital. It holds a market share of 60.6%. If you look for product forecasting, blogging, and e-commerce websites with the best quality, security, and support. If this is going to take some time, then it is time for you need to switch over to the WordPress CMS platform. There are plenty of WordPress features you need to know about. WordPress 5.2 CMS platform offers more robust tools which can help you identify and solve more configuration-related issues. If you are going to manage a website, then the tools are going to help you more. You get more new updates when it comes to PHP error protection and Site Health Check features. When you are going to use WordPress websites, you are going to offer your audience something marvelous. It depends on your team work and the spirit of your designers, content writers, and developers to create that awe-inducing WordPress website. Your WordPress blog would also look simply superb with the combined effort of your outsourced product development company.


Joomla is one of the most celebrated CMS platforms or website development platforms. It is quite easy to install. You can set it up easily even when you are not known to be an advanced user. Many Web hosting services are not going to let you install at a single click. You can get the website done within a short span of time. With an automated system to request and track user consent based on a website’s terms and conditions. You get a new workflow meant to access removal requests and information updates. You get a new extension capabilities screen for helping users to understand the type or amount of data through extensions. If you are planning to develop a better, content-ori


This platform is known to be more than a content management software tool. This platform would be on top of your content management software requirements. When you use the HubSpot marketing platform, you can be assured that it would go well for forms, email lists, and database management platforms. When you want to know how many website visitors have been on your blogs, you can use Hubspot’s content management software and CRM to know that. You can get it done easily. This would score well on the design aspects. It would offer a more pre-designed template with a development platform. There would be more partners who own certification in content management software. With plenty of out-of-the-box features, developers and designers can get all the benefits of content creation. Similar to the ability to host different videos, you can also add new forms along with call-to-action in the video with the help of a native editor. You can also use it with YouTube analytics integration and video analytics. You can also partition your content to enable easier team access. You would also be able to publish more content behind different passwords as well as personalize content. There would also be a high-quality and secure platform to help you work with confidence.


Magento, the e-commerce platform, is built using open-source technology. It would provide every online merchant using a flexible shopping cart system. We consider it to be Which is the best eCommerce development company in Bangalore? Pattem Digital can help you with the best CMS platforms.the best CMS for E-commerce industry. Magento would offer you paramount marketing, catalog management, and search engine optimization tools. Magento holds a 6% market share among every eCommerce management platform. These are among the latest Magento features for CMS development- Nearly 200 functional fixes to every core product. Merchant tool enhancements would include new updates in the Inventory management feature. You get a more improvised developer experience by integrating it with Progressive Web Apps studio (PWA Studio). If you want to build an e-store with better-advanced payment systems and faster loading options, then Magento 2.3.1 would be the right option.


Squarespace would offer you more aesthetically appealing out-of-the-box designs along with a number of customization options. It is possible for you to download any number of themes and also change a number of fonts, colors, and other designs easily. This would be geared more toward different content management software tools. You can get unlimited storage and bandwidth with this. This would not happen much if you buy your own hosting. You also have direct access to your support and maintenance team. You do not need to keep calling your developer for each and every issue.


Wix would be offering you a number of templates. It also offers you a free plan that would give you access to a number of pages. If all you need is to establish your online presence, then Wix is the perfect place. They also offer paid plans with the ability to add more forms, calendars, and VIP Support. Wix might be a little harder to customize. They also do not offer access to CSS platforms. You would also be able to take control of your website’s functionality using Wix Code API and JavaScript. It could also be a little challenging to insert any third-party code such as tracking code. Hence when your business is growing, you might need to customize more.


If you are using a Content Management System, you cannot miss Drupal. It is one of the top CMS platforms you use for website development. You can write it even as a PHP programming language. Drupal can support newsletters, podcasts, content management tools, image galleries and file uploads. Let Pattem Digital explain further.The software is going to support more newsletters, podcasts, content management tools, image galleries and file uploads. There are many important features involved in Drupal 8.1 that you need to be aware of. While using the latest version of the open-source CMS platform, each and every developer would need to configure everything under version control, track changes, and much more. The developer would need to expose all data in the form of XML with JSON. They would be able to use advanced web services. Developers can use as many libraries as they can like Zend Feed Component, PHPUnit, Guzzle, Composer and so many others things. When looking for a normal website, Drupal 8.1 is going to be the right website development tool. If you look for a simple website, then Drupal 8.1 would be the best-ever website development tool with less investment.


Umbraco would provide every user with the freedom to customize and create content on a website according to their requirements. The entire platform is on the basis of Microsoft’s ASP. Net framework. Apart from other PHP-based CMS platforms, the .Net environment is safer and more secure. You need to hire more Umbraco developers if you are opting for a platform that is more prone to malware attacks. You do not need to frequently update it as you do for WordPress or Drupal. You get a new built-in feature meant for language variations. Hence if you need to add and update content on your website for various languages, you can go on with language variations. Developers get the benefit to build more content-related apps. The content editors can use it for different purposes. With the new infinity editing feature, the content editors would be able to update more content without any navigation between different sections and also lose focus.

As you can note, you can determine the CMS platform that would suit you for your separate web development requirements. Every web development platform would have its own pros and cons. If you need the right reason to choose the best CMS for your website platform, then you can go on for UMBRACO.

Pattem Digital and Content Management System- The best combo

If you are planning to collaborate with outsourced developers for web developers to work on the best CMS for a website, then Pattem Digital would be one of the best places to start your journey. When you are looking for cms development services that are more optimized, secure, and quality-oriented web applications, then we are here to guide you on what you need to do.

We are an award-winning team with a zeal for perfection and excellence. We are here to guide you through all your needs and necessities.

We can help you through everything from documentation to maintenance. Feel free to talk to us about your content management system requirements.

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