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Why Upgrade to Sitecore 9: Most Primary Reasons

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Sitecore 9’s Latest Innovations: The Driving Force Behind Its Growing Popularity

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) is here to help you accelerate your digital marketing strategies to heights. This would reduce your implementation and total ownership costs considerably. It would suggest the important points you need to remember to build your website. Using these pointers, you can build the best website soon. With Sitecore 9 upgrade, you are going to build a dashing website. Sitecore Commerce comes from Microsoft Commerce Server. We can reconstruct this iteration and take complete advantage of  Sitecore’s personalization features. By using your automation and testing features, you can try a data-driven personalized shopping experience. You can handle your cross-selling, product catalog, up-selling, storefront, and inventory models. That would go on to popular fulfillment engines, PIMs with payment providers. When you want to streamline all your e-commerce operations, you can enjoy the end-to-end experience of being served by a single platform.

Unleashing the Energising Reasons to Upgrade to Sitecore 9

Sitecore 9 is an amazing platform that can let you build the best-ever websites in the industry. Although it might seem expensive, if you are looking for high-quality websites, Sitecore is the best option to go.Sitecore 9 is the best ever platform if you want to build extraordinary, high-quality websites in the industry. Pattem Digital is the best place to start your journey. With the publicity being caused around the latest release of Sitecore version 9, there have been vital advancements in areas such as marketing, automation, data, and customer experience management. Many organizations would find it hard to justify why they should be upgrading. This would be a common phenomenon when they are currently in a stable state. The new updates added jewels to the crown of the already efficient platform. You have endless features to leverage when you are making use of Sitecore. You need not worry much about efficiency since it is an in-built characteristic of Sitecore. Your developers may hesitate to upgrade when everything is going well with their Sitecore version. There are a number of reasons you might want to consider before going on to Sitecore development. You might need to consider using this platform to build applications that would matter to the world. Consider these reasons you need to know before making the final call.

Sitecore 9’s Game-Changing Features: Essential Features That Mandate Your Attention

It improvises the cloud strategy

With the help of Sitecore Cloud, you would get better efficiency when you scale and deploy the on-demand infrastructure. This would also reduce your costs on-premise. When you are using any native Azure services, you can simplify every IT operation.

When you are using Sitecore 9 features, you would be able to on-premise as well as Iaas models in data centers or while using Azure. This is the best starting point for re-evaluating the overall infrastructure with the recommended IT costs. When we consider the maturity level of your Azure platform with other available services, you can see that it is far better.

You can optimize your data strategy in a better manner with Sitecore 9. When an organization is going to use an efficient data strategy, you can stay sure that Sitecore has upgraded its tools and connectivity. This is the most needed requirement to play a better role.

Sitecore has introduced xConnect, a web-based API service layer. This would make it easy to handle your xDB data to every channel with another external business platform. This happens in a more structured way.

You can enrich your experience and personalization with your CRM with this new version of Sitecore. Sitecore 9 offers amazing built-in, assured support meant for GDPR legislation. It is a well-known fact that Sitecore 9 is known to offer better mechanisms to make work easier for teams. This would help personally identifiable information (PII) flags on Contact fields. With built-in functions like “Right to be Forgotten”, it would make a contact anonymous.

With Sitecore 9, you can embed your machine-learning logic. This can happen directly in Cortex. This is also the data scientist you can trust inside your Sitecore.

With Machine learning, you can improve your marketing activities to the next level. This is one of the reasons why to upgrade to Sitecore 9.

  • Automate every human judgment by using pattern recognition or prediction.
  • Discover new and innovative patterns as well as segments
  • The Sitecore ML has been used in different versions. Cortex’s framework is more powerful and simple when you want to embed ML models within content authorship and marketing workflows.

If you want to drive more business value while using your xDB data, you can experiment with different ML models.

Your Commerce Strategy

With Sitecore Commerce Version 9, you can go with “one connected platform”. You can tag, measure, optimize, and track the entire journey. This would add to the value proposition directly. Different organizations are struggling to build separate platforms and serve their customer journey. This would make it hard to get accurate details on customer behavior and more scope for improvement.

This would be more compelling and considered worthy. There are many apps that have gone through a complete changeover. Two of them are the Automation Module and Forms Module. They both are shipping when they are a part of the core product. There are also instinctive drag-and-drop interfaces with more developed functions. Marketers can leverage tools to automate lead generation as well as integrate with CRM. They can understand or optimize the performance of their form with Abandon Rate.

It offers various important features for all your developers that they cannot avoid.

Your developers can enable end-to-end security features and enable encryption, especially for every data.
Your developer would get to enjoy dynamic placeholders, the most awaited feature in Sitecore.

There is quite a few goodies that have made DevOps tasks quite easier and faster to work on. You can also broaden the solutions that you need to design. Some of these include:

Sitecore Javascript Services (JSS) allow for headless solution design. You can decouple all the presentation layers from the underlying platform. This SDK would allow every developer to build their presentation layer with the aid of well-known Javascript UI frameworks such as React or Angular when you preserve it with many valuable features for Sitecore such as Experience Editor, personalization, testing, as well as analytics.

Developers would be able to automate and build Powershell-driven deployment or installation when it is based on preset configurations. They can choose all the practices they would be happy to use when it is the case for DevOps and solution architecture.

Partnering with Pattem Digital for Sitecore 9 Implementation and Beyond

With Pattem Digital on your side, you can confidently upgrade to Sitecore 9. We provide a comprehensive array of services under one roof, simplifying all elements of your Sitecore 9 requirements, from paperwork to maintenance. Our proactive approach guarantees that your business activities run smoothly, allowing you to focus on what is really important. Pattem Digital provides the simplicity of having all of your Sitecore requirements met under one roof. Our committed team is only a click away, ready to deliver outstanding service and support. Contact us today to embark on a journey of digital excellence with us and witness the revolutionary potential of Sitecore 9.

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