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The Top Features Of Cognos You Must Know

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What’s the buzz behind IBM Cognos Analytics?

AI-fueled business intelligence platforms are growing in number. With Business intelligence, you can manage the entire set of architectures, processes and technologies. You would be able to convert your raw data entirely into meaningful information. This would drive incredible and money returning business actions. This is the best combination of software and services through which you can transform your data into more practical stuff. You can analyze, visualize and share all your actionable insights regarding your data with any people in the organization. That’s the top layer of the advantages. IBM Cognos Analytics would help you to make data-driven decisions you are not going to regret.

Benefits of Cognos Analytics

There are plenty of benefits of Cognos that you can involve in your business with the support of cognos dashboard development company: Visualize how your business performs: This is one of the best features of Cognos. If you want to know how well your business is performing, you can create dashing dashboards.Cognos involves many benefits like dashboard to support your business. Let Pattem Digital be a part of your Cognos dashboard development journey. AI recommendations would let you create smart reports in addition. AI can untangle those complex patterns your data hides: The features of Cognos Analytics are not just about bar charts. That’s just one of the benefits of cognos. It would let you interpret your data as well as present every insight in a simple language. Share insights: You get to share every critical insight with your different team members. You need to share your dashboards and reports with people in all your organization. Time-saving: Everything is going to be more time-saving. Don’t spend much time with automatic data preparation. Combine all your data sources within a few minutes using AI-assisted data preparation. Protect your data: Cognos has data protection at its core. Using robust governance rules to scale, it is easy to keep a check on the access to every sensitive information. Simple to deal with: Don’t start big, grow in real, within your budget. You would get access to compare and contrast capabilities meant for your users without bulging their pockets. You also need no minimum user count. Sales optimization simplified: You get a better optimization of sales performance. You can adapt and handle every challenge you face in the retail industry.

Acceleration of the supply chain

The supply chain is going to get completely optimized with Cognos Analytics.
“We wanted to take the emotion out of strategic decision-making and let data do the talking,” mentions IBM on their official website.

Increased fan engagement

With the help of more accurate and time focused statistics, you get the right insights to tell your story to the world.

Using Cognos to Its Full Potential: Advancing Data-Driven Decision Making

More advanced Dashboards:

IBM® Cognos® Analytics would offer you an improved dashboard. Using the stories it provides you for the purpose of communicating your analysis and insights, you can get the maximum out of this platform. You would also be able to assemble a number of views that would hold visualizations IBM® Cognos® Analytics can provide improved dashboard with stories and insights. Let Pattem Digital help you through plot, map, table, graph, chart, and many other visual data representations. You also get the opportunity to explore more powerful visualizations of the data you get to view in IBM Cognos Analytics. You have the privilege to discover a number of relationships and patterns to get the best impact on your business. You get to communicate whatever insights you have got with your peers. IBM Cognos Analytics would help you in integrating your reports, models, dashboards, events, analysis, dashboards and stories to understand the data of your organization. This will ensure that you make the best ever business decisions. While you are creating a dashboard, you can explore the data you possess. Creating more interactive, appealing dashboards with user-friendly reports is going to take place using a single tool. You can discover better visualization options meant for your data using what AI recommends. Overlaying your data on your physical world using geospatial capabilities is going to help you.

Uncover every pattern your data hides:

Using AI, you can interpret your every data with AI. Every business user would be required to ask a question in a simple language. You can also receive a more action-oriented answer. Analysts with the help of insights can dive in-depth into any data.

Collaboration with any people in your organization:

Cognos Analytics would connect directly to your data present on-premise or in the cloud. Hence your users would be able to access the exact data. Everybody would be able to get the exact answers. You can annotate, capture as well as share different visuals over Slack or your email.

Clean and combine every data in a few minutes:

You can import every data from CSV files, spreadsheets, on-premises or cloud databases. By leveraging machine learning, you can discover different information and data sources into a single data module and combine them into a single piece. Adding new columns to your data, performing calculations, reordering, splitting and hiding columns are going to be extremely easy.

Better ranking:

IBM Cognos would offer you a number of features to help you rank better. Cognos can also offer you a better option to export your report in PDF or XML format. This would let you develop every report in an XML format within a short span of time. Do you want improved dashboard with better ranking? Pattem Digital can support you with IBM Cognos analytics and Cognos dashboard development.Using IBM Cognos, you get to rank in SEO aspects faster. You are going to pave way for your audience to discover your website more quickly. Using Cognos will offer you clear insights on what you have got to do to optimize your website. This would also let you create a better roadmap for your website users. They are going to appreciate the way you have organized your website. Cognos can let you enjoy a number of benefits in terms of SEO and website optimization when you want to understand the current trends. When you involve data migration, you get the opportunity to explore better ranking options when you have Cognos by your side. This is to ensure that you are always nearer to the competition and not an inch farther. Enable Cognos if you want to experience the best website optimization experience. That is going to set you apart from your competitors and let your ranks soar higher.

Exploring Advanced Features and Benefits of Cognos

One of the best IBM Cognos features and benefits is that it would offer you more In-memory streaming analytics. You can get real-time alerts, events, and notifications. You are going to get a more intuitive and user appealing Web 2.0 interface. It would leave a way for more progressive and personalized interaction. You get drag-and-drop options with free-form assembly as well as search-assisted authoring features. You get access to wizard-driven external data with SAP BW queries. You get to enjoy features such as real-time monitoring, scenario modelling as well as predictive analytics. Every user would get to edit any existing data. You get to see a lot through drill-through capability with integration to drill-through capability. This is also platform-independent, reliable as well as scalable. You get more secure data with firewall protection.

Elevating your business with Cognos Analytics from Pattem Digital

Trust Pattem Digital for Cognos business intelligence solutions and even for Unparalleled Decision-Making Capabilities, ROI Growth, and Success when Developing Cognos Dashboards for Your Business. Get the maximum out of the benefits of Cognos. We are there to ensure that you leverage the platform in the best manner. From documentation to maintenance, we take care of everything for you. If you are up for a discussion on your requirements, feel free to let us know.

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