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AR – The technology leaves an indelible mark

Have you ever wondered how Augmented Reality can intrude into the lives of marketers and advertisers? Can they generate revenue through AR? Augmented reality has grown far and wide in the realms of advertising, marketing, entertainment, and similar fields. It has been a game-changer for people who want to experience an all-new effect while they are enjoying the game or spending their day with their loved ones. No other technology has received such an impact emotionally as AR. It has changed the course of action in the advertising sector.

The Impact of Augmented Reality on Transforming the Advertising Industry

With augmented reality, people have got a sense of how we can utilize technology to even alter reality. Imagine capturing a picture with a Rhinoceros or Dinosaur. That is possible with Augmented reality.  It has created a huge scope for itself in the field of advertising and marketing. Statista shows that the size of the AR market worldwide would soon increase from 3.5 billion in 2017 to above 198 billion in 2025. If you have been familiar with Pokemon Go, you can understand the capability of AR in the field of the gaming industry. AR for advertisement has the ability to make all your advertisements interactive, which would allow advertisers and marketers to reach out to many new customers in innovative ways. There are many companies allowing you to embrace all-new, cutting-edge technologies.  With interactive advertisements, you can reach out to your audience in a more personalized manner. During COVID-19, we cannot expect advertisers to conduct their shoots on the spot with all the equipment and tools. This is the right time to bring AR back from the closet. Advertisers should look for possible ways to innovate their campaigns with AR as the background. Every company should think of ways to creatively utilize Augmented Reality in their campaigns.

5 Powerful Augmented Reality Advertising Campaigns

Augmented Reality has captured the essence of advertisers. Yes, any advertiser would look forward to creating an environment that is user-friendly. They should look forward to building an extremely Augmented Reality Advertisinguser-friendly experience. Users should engage their audience in a better manner rather than going against what the audience prefers. Everything should be as per the standards and norms set by the industry. Your audience should be able to relate to it exactly the way you have wanted it to happen. They will be here to judge your brand value based on the advertisements you are going to put forth. To ensure all this happens accurately, Augmented Reality advertisements can come into play. Advertisements can seem the way you feel and realize it. You need the right team to set up your Augmented Reality for advertising campaigns. Nowadays, we have a chance to witness what wonders AR technology has created in recent days among advertisement viewers. You would no longer require to believe that AR shelves itself with just a few whimsical stunts. Its capabilities would be mind-blowing if you explore the outcome of the AR Ad campaigns carried on by the top players in the market. Let’s name and explore a few:

1. Pepsi

6 years back, Pepsi made the best use of AR technology. They went on to install AR technology in a London bus shelter. This gave away the impression that Londoners were going to soon experience miracles in the form of flying saucers, UFOs along with other objects their imagination can contain. Later on, the bus shelter’s video on AR technology got the attention of 6 million viewers on YouTube. This was Pepsi’s one of the topmost viewed campaigns.

2. Loreal

To be honest, the market for online makeup products hasn’t picked pace lately. You cannot exactly find out if you can find if the lip gloss would suit you well or if the eyeliner is of the right shade, without trying it directly in-store. To combat this inconvenience, L’Oreal, and Perfect Corp. have joined hands to launch a global partnership for integrating all the Group’s makeup products right into the YouCam AR app. Consumers can test millions of products then and there. They can also utilize the app’s point of sale along with Group stores for creating a more comprehensive customer experience with online and offline features.

3. Snapchat

With Snapchat debuting with Lenses, wearers can create AR experiences at whichever place they want to create them. These lenses would allow different brands to feature more animated objects like a getup of a movie character or a mask with polka dots. Snapchat has already partnered with King games and Taco Bell, garnering a huge response. These lenses have become the most powerful marketing tools available.

4. Disney’s AR Coloring Book

This has become a children’s favorite. Coloring books have always attracted the attention of the audience irrespective of their age group. To avoid being static, kids have started witnessing the coloring models through the AR apps. With this simple app, you can unlock a number of potentials. Everybody would have a delightful experience using it. Disney has a lot of potentials to bring color into the lives of children. AR has helped these fantasy landowners achieve their dreams in a succinct manner.

5. Pizza Hut’s AR Menu

The food industry, especially the restaurant chains hasn’t preferred to remain an exception in using Augmented reality. They have started utilizing a creative way for improving the menu via AR. By scanning a simple trigger image, the audience can play a trivia challenge game. This could also provide the audience with an opportunity to win an exclusive family day out. By using the app, you can browse through the extensive menu and place an order. The 3D representation of every model would let you crave more!

Augmented Reality in Revolutionizing Digital Advertising

Augmented reality can set your marketing campaigns rolling. With a multitude of reasons why advertisers need to shift over to AR-based marketing campaigns, we have shelled out a few vital reasons:

The emotional connection is more

Augmented Reality (AR) has the ability to emotionally connect with the audience. We, people, are emotional decision-makers. Since AR is immersive, it can lead to more emotional interaction between the audiences. People can also interact with their favorite brands just by a click or scanning through their apps.

Cut the costs

Even though traditional advertisements and print media are extremely costly, with AR, you can get the same or more advanced results soon, at a minimal cost. If you are a startup with a tight budget, AR could be the right choice.

Boost the sales

The main objective of any advertising or marketing campaign is to boost sales. AR can let that happen through its customized and personalized approach.

Make Better decisions

Are you looking for a movie date? Scan the QR code on the billboard to view the trailer of the movie. Want to choose a gown or a shirt? Use AR apps to check if that suits you. Wait, AR is not just about your personal life. It can also let you make the best business decisions by understanding the psychology of your audience or users through interactivity and personalization.

How augmented reality impacts the advertising industry?

The major objective of AR is projecting a virtual object into any physical environment. The video game industry has been able to adapt to it immediately. It is time for every marketer to think out-of-the-box toAugmented Reality Advertising bring AR into the picture for their marketing and advertising campaigns. With new businesses adopting innovative ways, AR would have a huge impact on the advertising industry. As of now, big brands were able to make a name for themselves through their AR campaigns. As time goes on, even small brands and startups should be able to make a place for themselves through AR. Augmented Reality is going to have an everlasting impact in the advertising industry in the form of interactive ads and emotional connectivity, augmented reality advertising 2020 is going to be a trend word soon. Companies looking for opportunities in augmented reality advertising in 2023 are going to make it big. The ar for advertising campaigns are all set to take the stage and let mundane advertisement methodologies take backstage. With Augmented reality, you can achieve way more than you have ever thought in the field of advertisement. You have the scope to get your project done within a short budget. You can then build apps that would define the way people interact with the product.

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