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Pattem Digital is at the heart of automation innovation. We are amongst the best automation companies in India. We can help you boost your productivity and output using improved operational efficiency.

We can create and implement complex programming software to insert logic into your every operation. From equipment manufacturing plants to drug manufacturers, we can implement automation technology for any company across any industry.

We have made our reputation as the pioneer in automation and have our name among the top automation companies. Our area of expertise includes industrial sensors, PLCs, HMIs, and motion controllers. We bring you real-time product development built using the platform of your choice, such as Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded Compact, etc.

Please choose from our various automation consulting services

We can expertly create embedded software, board support packages, computer software, etc., for a broad range of product lines.

  • Device drivers and updates
  • Industrial board support packages
  • Analog I/Os
  • Digital I/Os
  • Application debug tool suite
  • Image processing software
  • Design processing algos
  • Communication interfaces
  • Cross-platform applications
  • Power meter analysis applications
  • Sensor control applications that work remotely
  • PLC
  • Design and development of motion control software
  • Automated communication protocols

Boost your sales

AI can help your sales techniques be so innovative that it automatically fills the data entries and does the number crunching for you. You can use AI to ask for any data, report it to your need, and have it in front of you in no time.

Use AI for market innovation

Attract customers with more thoughtful and innovative solutions using the information at your disposal. You can use AI to offer personalized recommendations, predict buying behavior, and send automated emails.

Use AI for customer service and retention

AI can help you capture the sentiments of your users, and you can offer proactive measures to boost their satisfaction.

AI for Fashion

AI can offer customized recommendations and an immersive shopping experience for your visitors. You can segregate the buyers based on the likely ones to buy and provide a personal shopping assistant.

Let’s work together!

We can help you build cost-efficient applications tailored to your needs. It is no wonder why we are the first choice among industrial automation companies. Contact us at for a detailed analysis.