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We help bridge the gap between companies and talents. As a product development company ourselves, we know it from first-hand experience how crucial it is for companies to hire the right resources at their time of need. We understand your requirements and bring you the best suitable contract, temporary, or even permanent hirees.

Why choose Pattem Digital as your staffing agency?

We have a structured in-depth recruitment process that ensures that you get top of the tier candidates that bring their unique expertise while you save extensive training costs. Here are a few of the numerous advantages that we offer compared to other staff augmentation companies:

Qualitative hiring

We cherish our relationships with people. It is why our database is filled with happy prospective employees who’re skilled and fit in your team in a cost-effective manner.

Skilled in IT

We are a product development company too. We know all about finding the best resource who will understand the tech better than the rest. We offer domain and skill-based staff augmentation services for all your requirements.

We are flexible

We offer you the flexibility to choose from one to a team of temporary and permanent employees. We meet your deadlines and cost constraints while bringing you talented new joinees.

We invest in relationships

It is not just the hugely efficient recruitment engine that we use but our people-focused culture makes us a preferred choice for job aspirants. Our candidate retention rate is well above the average in the industry.

Strong bench strength

We have a vast pool of resources for you to choose from. We can quickly deploy resources in your company with minimal transition time.

Contact us with your requirements

We are here to help you get access to world-class talent using a strict hiring process. Write to us at and we will gladly help you meet your manpower needs.


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