Virtual Reality

What if you could see any of the world’s seven wonders without even leaving your drawing room? Or if you could step inside the world’s most expensive yachts without even spending a dime? Go visit the Colosseum in Rome or watch a tennis match in the Centre Court of Wimbledon at any time you feel like. Now, you can do all these and more using Virtual Reality (VR).

What is VR Technology?

Using latest hardware and software, you can create an immersive virtual environment. A head-mounted display, hand controller, audio inputs, etc. are the various hardware equipment that you need to interact with the Virtual Reality. This virtual environment is a 3D-generated space which reacts along with the user’s actions. With the latest advancements, VR can be used with our computers and mobile phones.

In the early days of its development, VR was exclusively used for R&D and aerospace training and explorations. Over the years, this technology has found its way to the masses. One of the many usage of VR is in the immersive gameplay for video gamers.

Various types of Virtual Reality

There are three types of Virtual Reality, namely:


Non-immersive VR: This form of VR is often synonymous with handheld controllers like Nintendo’s Wii. You can also use your hand gestures, keyboards, joysticks, etc. as the input in this form of virtual reality. The graphics for such types of interfaces is very simple and makes it quite affordable.

Semi-immersive: The semi-immersive world of virtual reality has much better graphics compared to the non-immersive one. It has a better display. It uses shutter glass and projectors Projector helps in creating a huge projection of the environment. Shutter glass helps the person perceive depth and interact with the 3D environment. Albeit, all of these upgrade come at a price premium.

Fully-immersive: This is the most popular form of VR out there and also the most affordable. You can use them with small head-mounted display devices called Head-Mounted Display (HMD). These displays have the capability to adjust focal length and depth perception. These devices are placed right in front of the eyes and offer stunning image quality.


There are so many popular VR gears in the market today. The most popular among these are Oculus Rift and Google Daydream. VR is destined to grow in the coming years. Despite all the technological advancements in VR, it is yet to become truly affordable for the masses. From education to tourism and military, the applications of VR are myriad. Expect the devices to grow a tad cheaper and better in the coming years for the world to truly lap it up.


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