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UX Research

Understanding UX Research: Methods for Knowledge-Based Design Decisions

UX research and UX design process are known to be an extremely vast and broad field. It has a lot of definitions but one of the most widely accepted definition is:

UX research and Design research are the systematic ways through which we investigate all our users as well as their requirements when we look forward to adding insight and context into the process involved in ux design services and UX Design and Development Services.

There are plenty of methods involved in the UX Research method and UX Design process. But at its core lies the user and the way they are going to think. Any UX Research would get it done through task analysis, observation and feedback methods. With UX research and Design research, you can get a lot of tasks accomplished in a better way with ux design services.

Utilizing the Strength of User Interviews and Surveys for Data Analysis

UX research mainly consists of two types. They are quantitative involving the statistical data as well as qualitative involving the insights which you can observe and not compute. We can get it done via observation techniques as well as task analysis. Every UX research process would usually depend on your site, app or system type. The best ux design services company can handle this. It can depend on the type of the app, timeline, as well as the environment.Surveys for Data Analysis It holds majorly 2 main types: quantitative (involving statistics) as well as qualitative (involving insights). Many users consider user research similar to cleaning up their garage. They are aware that it is going to be one of the best ever things. They would have an idea that it is going to bring a lot of good things in the picture with regards to ux experience design. Many others consider the right UX research method at the beginning of a new project. There are many who conduct user research at any time. We can note that a few methods in ux experience design would be better in comparison to none of them. If you are eager to create an amazing product to satisfy all your users’ needs and goals, then you can deliver an extremely fantastic user experience on an overall basis. This would act as a paramount reason for UX Research success. The right ux design company can support your cause. User research is here to help everyone understand how every person has taken it among themselves to perform all the tasks. It is extremely important for them to achieve their goals. This would provide us with a better perspective and context. This can also let us respond to all the simplified, useful and productive solutions in the design.

It would also let us identify all the unarticulated needs. This can let us fill any required gaps in user knowledge regarding all the challenges.  Our strategy and product can align well with the core values of the businesses. This is the UX Research quote which you should not forget at any point in time:

You are not your user.

Even though there are a plethora of user research techniques, the most common one among them would be to spend time with all your users. When you conduct user research activities, you can address and identify all the business misconceptions and biases. This might otherwise end up being detrimental to your product success with regards to user adoption. It is one of the most critical measures to plan for a user research study. It should match well with all the research questions that your user may lay upon you. You can get everything in a proper way by involving the best user research methods. This would let you make the difference in the market with the right UX Research team. They are here to ensure that all your user research studies which you have undertaken would go on to follow all the best practices while you target the right user profiles. This would be more adept when you start to analyze all the research data. This can also lead you to draw your key insights.

How not to do user research (Dilbert, by Scott Adams)

Your User research should align well with the user requirements. It should not confuse any of your users. You should be in a position to build a better culture where you put all your user experience above anything else. Any user research team would be able to measure everything well and systematically observe what is happening. They can also measure the gap between technology and humans, The aim of the user research should be to benefit every user. Every user has a tendency to dive in deeply with their proposed solution before carrying out their user research. The user research team should NOT stop with this. They should explore this in detail and get broader context of the product.

Top 10 Best UX Research Process in Practice

There are plenty of UX Research process which we need to know about. Take a look at the top UX Research process in practice: Usability-Lab Studies: Every participant gets into the lab and moves Best UX Research Process in Practiceon with a one-on-one interview with their researcher. A set of proper scenarios would be given. This can go about leading to particular tasks. This would also lead on to a specific interest in the service or product with UX research service providers. Ethnographic Field Studies: Every researcher would take a keen interest in studying every participant with regards to their natural environment, This is where they might encounter a number of products or services in questions. Participatory Design: Every participant would be provided with the right number of design elements along with creative materials. This is with the notion to construct the best experience with regards to a more concrete way which would go on to express what really matters to the audience the most. The reason behind this is also noted. Focus Groups: Groups of 3–12 participants are lead through a discussion about a set of topics, giving verbal and written feedback through discussion and exercises.


Interviews: A researcher meets with participants one-on-one to discuss in-depth what the participant thinks about the topic in question. Eyetracking: An eye-tracking device is configured to preciseInterviews form the core of UX Research process. measure where participants look as they perform tasks or interact naturally with websites, applications, physical products, or environments. Usability Benchmarking: With the help of scripted usability studies, we can perform it on various participants, with the aid of precise as well as predetermined performance measures. Moderated Remote Usability Studies: With usability studies that are being conducted in a remote manner, you can use many tools like screen-sharing software as well as remote control capabilities. Unmoderated Remote Panel Studies: With a panel consisting of many trained participants and with a tendency to handle video recording as well as data collection software, you can get it installed on your own personal devices. This also includes the think-aloud methodology. You can record it for immediate playback as well. Concept Testing: Any UX researcher who goes about sharing a product or service approximation should be able to capture all the key essence, which also equals the value proposition. This can also involve a new concept of the product or design. You can also check if it works well with the product with a UX research service provider.

Detailed Research Methodology: Supporting Data-Driven Design Choices

Are you looking forward to UX Design and Development Services? UX Research has done a great job for all the top product companies. With Pattem Digital, a UX research company you can also get it done for you. Contact us if you have any requirements regarding UX Research. We are here to help you out with ux design services.

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